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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

In Jurong West Secondary School (JWSS), we place a premium on the holistic development of our students. This is anchored in our strong belief that both academic excellence and character development are pillars of a holistic education. These two pillars are not mutually exclusive - as we develop our students’ character, we nurture in them the values and dispositions necessary for excellence in their academic pursuits. Whilst we equip our students with knowledge and skills in the academic subjects, we also nurture in them the competencies and attitudes to navigate the future.  

The holistic educational experience we provide in JWSS whilst catering to students’ strengths, passion and interests, aims to nurture our students to be passionate learners, innovative thinkers and caring leaders centred on sound values, thus making them forward looking and future ready.

The Jurong West (JW) Experience, is one that is grounded in Student-Centricity. Student choice is viewed as an important factor in the selection of academic subjects, CCAs as well as CCE programmes in the school. This is premised in our belief that when students have an interest and find enjoyment in what they do, they will excel and be motivated to pursue their interests well beyond school. It is this belief that guides us in our teaching and learning where we aim to stimulate curiosity and promote the joy of learning. It is also in this spirit that the school allows students to come together to initiate Values in Action (VIA) Projects or CCAs when a number of students share the passion for a particular sport, activity or cause. Beyond being followers, we nurture our students to become leaders and advocates for worthy causes that would make the school, the nation and the world an even better place.

Our Overseas Student Exchange Programmes in countries like China and Japan expose our students to the world whilst developing global awareness and equipping them with cross cultural skills and sensitives as well as deepening their rootedness to Singapore. As a future-oriented and forward looking school, our distinctive programmes such as the Applied Learning Programme, Learning for Life Programme, Talent Development Programme, Enhanced Art Programme and Student Work Attachment Programme, which make JWSS unique, are designed to allow students to pursue their passion and further develop their strengths. These programmes also equip students with the skills, values and attitudes that are critical for the future. These programmes, far from being stand-alone, are extensions of the curriculum students experience in the classroom, thus offering students an integrative and immersive educational experience in school.

The school’s value added academic results over the years, strong CCA achievements, particularly in the Uniformed Groups and Sports as well as the high percentage of students being eligible for post-secondary institutions are testimony to the school’s commitment to enable each student to reach his or her full potential. As a relatively young school with a 16-year history, the school has several achievements it can be very proud of and credit goes to every staff who has contributed to the school’s and the students’ successes.

Professional Development of our teachers and staff is a cornerstone in our goal to develop well rounded students who are passionate lifelong learners with sound values, ready for work and for life. As such, the school sets aside dedicated time for teachers to come together as a fraternity of educators in the school to hone their pedagogical and facilitation skills as well as explore new pedagogies and technologies to enhance teaching and programmes for students.

With the school’s educational philosophy and commitment of staff as well as the strong support of the School Advisory Committee, Parent Support Group, the Alumni Association and sustained partnerships with stakeholders as well as the community, we are confident that when our students walk out of the JWSS gates as graduates, they are in good stead to take on the future, regardless of the types of opportunities and challenges the future may bring.

Mr Michael Muhunthan





                                                                                  About the Principal  

Mr Michael started his journey in the education service as a teacher in a secondary school. He has taught students from Secondary One – Five in the Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) courses in his years as a teacher and went on to become a Head of Department. He was awarded the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship and completed his Masters Degree in the National University of Singapore (NUS). He then served in MOE HQ after which he joined Pioneer Junior College as a Vice Principal. Upon completion of the Leaders in Education Programme (LEP), he joined Jurong West Secondary School and took over as the Principal of the school on 1 st  January 2015.