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School Crest

JWSS School Crest.png

The eagle represents strength of character with outspread wings looking west, guarding the virtues of the school embodied within the school crest. The contoured shape and design of the crest is reminiscent of the badges of the guardians of the civilian society signifying discipline. Above its head and outspread wings, the initials of the school take position and precedence.

The school's virtues are symbolised by the four designs in the two halves of the crest. 

  • Two clasped hands form the shape of a heart symbolising the school's aspiration to create individuals who will serve the needs of the community as a leader. 
  • The atomic symbol represents the need to be technologically oriented as mankind explores the realms of the digital age and cyber space.
  • An unconventional square bulb symbolises innovative thinking to help nurture creative and innovative minds. 
  • A flaming torch representing the passion for life-long learning is placed over a scroll signifying academic excellence, the former taking precedence over the latter. 

And finally, displayed at the base of the crest, is the school motto reinforcing the courage of the eagle.