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School Facilities

Upgraded School Facilities (2016-2020)

The school has renovated several important facilities over the past year to accommodate the teaching and learning needs of both our students and staff. With a more conducive environment, our students will be able to enhance their JW Experience and our staff will have a more positive environment to work in. Some of the newly renovated areas are

Complab1.JPGNew floor tiles for our Computer Rooms
Complab2.JPGNew floor tiles for our Computer Rooms
hall1.jpgResurfacing of the courts in the school hall
hall2.jpgNew door panels in the school hall
New curtains for school hall stage
ISH1.jpgNew ceiling fans for Indoor Sports Hall

The Discovery Lab (4th Quarter 2019)

The Discovery Lab; a place for learning of Science which is enhanced by the conducive environment for collaborative learning on top of the ICT tools available to support ICT based inquiry learning.

We would like our students to find joy in learning, grow and develop in the area of Science in a setting where working together is the norm and Science is the vehicle that spurs thinking.

 DSC08477-2.jpgDiscovery Lab 4.jpeg 
Discovery Lab 5.jpeg

Discovery Lab 2.jpeg

The Learning Hive (Seminar Room) (2nd Quarter 2019)

A new space for learning was made available and this gave birth to The Learning Hive. A conducive place for students and teachers alike to engage in discussions where innovative ideas flow freely. 

Learning Hive 1.jpgLearning Hive 2.jpg

The Loft (Student Lounge) (1st Quarter 2019)

To further provide a conducive and safe environment for our students to develop and nurture in, the school transformed a room on the fourth level into a students' lounge, complete with amenities such as air-conditioning, sofas, TV and games.

student lounge 01.png
student lounge 02.png
Loft1.jpg Loft2.jpg 

Book Room

The library has undergone a beautiful transformation and is now known as ‘The Book Room’. Many rich resources, reference materials, educational games keep our students purposefully occupied in between lessons and after school. 



Located within ‘The Book Room’, our Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Hub is well stocked with up-to-date higher education reference materials to inform our students with a wide scope about their future paths beyond graduation from our school. 

Counselling Room

The Counselling Room offers a warm and inviting environment for students to have private conversations with our trained school counsellors for advice.


Study and discussion areas have been setup around the school to provide convenient meeting places for academic consultations with our staff, and spaces for quiet revision.


Newspaper Stands

Several newspaper stands have been erected around the common gathering areas in our school so our students and staff would not miss the opportunity to be kept informed of the current affairs, and cultivate a love for reading to build up their general knowledge. 


Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)

The ISH will always provide a safe and sheltered environment for our students to train under any kind of weather conditions. It has been used to host important zonal games for Basketball, Netball and Volleyball, as well as many exciting inter-class activities and mass exercises for our school cohort.



The Gym welcomes both sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts to workout in a safe environment under the guidance of their PE teachers. Informative charts aid our students and staff to focus their training effective together with the use of our well-maintained equipment.