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School Safety SOP

 JWSS School Safety Vision

A safe and secure environment where teaching and learning takes place.

JWSS School Safety Mission

To support schools in developing a safety culture where all staff exercise care and vigilance in the planning and conduct of all lessons and school activities.

JWSS School Safety Policy

We ensure that the school is a safe and secure place where all staff exercise care and vigilance in the planning and conduct of lessons and school activities. All members of the school community are also alert to safety considerations at all times.

JWSS School Safety Guiding Principles

To have a School Safety Committee headed by School Leaders to ensure the safety of staff and students.

To adopt reasonably practicable measures to prevent all foreseeable incidents in schools.

To take a whole-school approach to ensure every individual takes personal responsibility for her/his own safety and to look out for the safety of others.

To build staff capacity in safety-related competencies.

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To work with students and stakeholders (e,g, parents and the community) on correct road safety behavior to be observed by all.

To provide road safety education as part of the school’s effort in ensuring the safety of students.

To ensure every effort is made to communicate the school’s road safety rules to parents and stakeholders.


As part of ensuring the safety of school staff and students in school, JWSS consistently applies and reviews the traffic management plan on its premises.  The plan is developed according to the following principles:

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. The school will partner stakeholders (e.g. parents and the community) and educate students to develop road safety practices within and around school.

Road safety rules and practices are regularly communicated to students and stakeholders to inculcate sound road safety practices.

Regular and timely review of traffic management plan will ensure the effectiveness and validity of road safety processes for students and stakeholders within and around school.       


a.     Operating Hours of School Gates

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i.     Weekdays – The Main Gate and Gate A will be opened from 0630h to 1830h. Gate D will be opened from 0700h to 0720h.  It will be closed throughout the day but will only be opened after dismissal time at 1500h daily and during rainy days. In the event of inclement weather, Main Gate will remain open to allow staff and students to be dropped off at the sheltered school porch.

ii.     Weekends and Public Holidays - The school is closed.

iii.    Delivery vehicles are not permitted to enter the school compound from 0730h to 1100h.

b.     Safe Routes for Vehicles 

i.         Staff driving to school are to park their vehicles at any of the two different parking lots within the school, marked in red colour. They are to display the JWSS car label on the windscreen at all times, within the school premises.

ii.         Visitors driving into the school are to park their vehicles at the visitor parking lots marked in white colour, near the security guard post.

iii.        Buses are to park at the bus bays located at the back of the school.

iv.        Students coming to school in vehicles will have to be dropped off outside the school near the Main Gate

c.       Safe Routes for Pedestrians 

         i.         Pedestrians entering the school should enter via the pedestrian gates.

         ii.        Pedestrians entering the school via:  

·     Gate D - to use the sheltered walkway.

·     Gate B - to watch out for incoming and outgoing traffic and cross diagonally across the carpark if they are heading to the parade square. Cross the school driveway and to the school foyer if they are proceeding to Block A.

·     Gate A - to follow the instructions given by the security officers who will facilitate the crossing in front of the Main Gate. They will then watch out for incoming traffic and cross diagonally across the carpark if they are heading to the parade square. Cross the school driveway and to the school foyer if they are proceeding to Block A.

d.       Safe Routes for Cyclists 

Cyclists will only enter the school via Gate A.  They will

                i.    Dismount their bicycles before entering the gate.

               ii.    Push their bicycles to the bicycle stand.

              iii.    Park their bicycles at the bicycle stand only. 

             iv.     Return to the front pedestrian gate and follow the rest of the pedestrians.

LTA handbrake requirements for bicycles_web 1-1.jpg

Deployment of Staff in Traffic Marshal Duties for Vehicles, Pedestrians and Cyclists 

a.       The security officers will act as traffic marshals. They will man the Main Gate and the pedestrian gates from 0630h to 0730h on weekdays, during school term.

b.       The security officers manning the gates will also ensure that pedestrians observe road safety rules when crossing the driveway and control vehicle movements outside and within the school.

c.       The Operations Manager will oversee the entire operation.


By the JWSS School Safety Committee (SSC)