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Academic Subjects

Academic Subjects

One of the most important considerations in choosing a secondary school would be the subjects available to students at the upper secondary level given that secondary education is a 4-5 year journey. 

At the end of Secondary Two, in addition to compulsory subjects such as English Language and Elementary Mathematics amongst others, students would have to choose certain subjects they would like to offer at the upper secondary level leading to the GCE O Level Examinations or GCE N Level Examinations. 

As a school with a focus on student centricity, in JWSS we offer a wide variety of subjects at the upper secondary level to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students so as to develop them to their full potential thus enabling them to fulfill their aspirations. 

These subjects, as shown below, include MOE Applied subjects such as Physical Education and Computing at GCE O Levels which are subjects only offered in selected schools.
Subjects 1.png

Subjects 2.png

For more information on the list of schools offering Computing and Exercise and Sports Science as GCE O-Level Subjects, click on the subject links below: