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Mr Law Wei Ming, Kelvin
HOD Craft & Technology
Design & Technology
Mr Faizal Bin Abdul Aziz 
Subject Head, Art

03/ Ms Aishah Lidon
Nutrition & Food Science

Mr Nar Soon Keong
Design & Technology
Computer Applications
Ms Nadirah Binte Yusnaini Wahid
Nutrition & Food Science

Ms Angelene Ho
Mr Mohammad Azri Bin Kasmanni
Contract Adjunct Teacher
Computer Applications
Mr Faizal Bohari
Nutrition & Food Science
Food & Consumer Education



Subjects Offered

General Art Programme
      • Visual Arts @ Lower Secondary 
      • ‘NT’ Level Art @ Upper Secondary

Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) 
      • A JWSS Distinctive Programme ‘O’ Level Art @ Upper Secondary 

Art Talent Development Programme (TDP)
      • Lower Secondary


Art is important for students’ holistic development as Art

      • fosters students’ sense of identity, culture and place in society;
      • builds students’ capacity to critically discern and process visual information, and communicate effectively in the 21st Century; and
      • expands imagination and creativity.

Drawing from the value of art in education, the aims and objectives of the Lower Secondary Art are:


Art Education in our schools aims to enable every child to 
      • enjoy art,
      • communicate visually, and
      • make meaning through connecting with society and culture.


To develop active artists and informed audience who are imaginative, critically discerned, confident, curious, innovative, has a lifelong enjoyment for art; and respect art as part of their understanding of themselves, their cultural heritage and the world.

At the end of their 2-year Lower Secondary Art Curriculum, students will be able to do the following:

DomainsLearning Outcomes
From observing to inquiring
  • Identify qualities in and interpret what they see and experience
  • Record and present their observations using different ways
  • Generate questions and ideas from visual 
From creating to innovating
  • Express experiences and ideas in art making
  • Experiment with different materials, tools, and media to create new visual possibilities
From connecting to responding
  • Reflect and share views on their own and others’ art making
  • Relate to examples of Singapore and international art and their ideas and processes
  • Work with others to make art, present art, and solve visual and other problems

T & L Framework:
For Interaction (4I) Integrated Learning and Thinking Approach

Design & Technology 


Subject Offered
      • Design & Technology


Lower Secondary Programme:

Design & Technology (D&T) is part of a holistic broad-based education. It is a compulsory project-based subject in the lower secondary school curriculum. D&T anchors on design action and the application of knowledge and process skills.

Students are to engage in design-and-make activities and experience a basic process of design adapted to their abilities, interest and design context.

The lower secondary D&T syllabus aims to enable students to: 
      • develop an awareness of design in the made-world; 
      • develop an appreciation of function;
      • aesthetics and technology in design; 
      • develop basic design thinking and communication skills; 
      • experience the process of realising design through making; and 
      • think and intervene creatively to become autonomous decision makers. 

Upper Secondary Programme:

Our upper secondary programme prepares students for their GCE O/N levels in Secondary 4/5. It is a comprehensive programme to familiarise students with coursework requirements.

Students will also acquire basic knowledge and understanding related to Structures, Mechanisms and Electronics for designing and making controlled systems. They will need to apply the knowledge in one or more technological areas appropriate to the context of their Coursework Projects. The three technological areas can be summarised as follows:
      • Structures – supporting systems designed for minimal movement
      • Mechanisms – movement systems designed to transfer and control physical movement and forces from one point/direction to another
      • Electronics – control systems designed to sense, process and control via electrical signals.

T & L Framework:


Nutrition and Food Science


Subjects Offered

      • Food & Consumer Education (FCE) @ Lower Secondary 
      • Food & Nutrition (FN) @ Upper Secondary


Lower Secondary Programme:

Food and Consumer Education (FCE) is taken by all lower secondary students in JWSS.

The FCE syllabus is designed to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; enabling them to better manage their lives for the present and the future. The focus is on how individuals and families optimise their resources of food, finance and time to meet the physical mental, social and economic needs.

The syllabus aims to enable students to 
      • understand the importance of nutrition for long-term health;
      • apply basic principles of consumer education;
      • apply basic financial principles for everyday decision making and planning;
      • appreciate and develop an understanding of food, nutrition and trans-cultural awareness in the global context;
      • nurture and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity, a spirit of enterprise, innovation and aesthetic awareness; to make informed and discerning food and consumer-related decision;
      • develop positive attitudes and values for the well-being of the community (families and society); and
      • demonstrate effective and responsible use of resources for the individuals and the community.

The FCE syllabus is designed to prepare students for the 21st Century. Hence, the 21st Century Competencies (21CC) has been integrated into the content, learning process and assessment. FCE is a relevant subject that provides students a foresight to prepare them for the evolving world. 

Upper Secondary Programme:

Our upper secondary programme prepares students for their GCE O/N levels in Secondary 4. It is a comprehensive programme to familiarise students with coursework requirements.

The syllabus aims to:
      • develop candidates’ understanding of the concepts of nutrition and meal planning;
      • develop candidates’ understanding of the link between diet and health;
      • develop candidates’ understanding of the principles of food science; and
      • equip candidates with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions concerning food and nutrition.

Structure of Syllabus:

Core areas of study
1. Food studies
2. Consumer studies
Elective module1. Nutrition & Food Science
2. Food Entrepreneurship
3. FCE & The Community 



 Japan International High School Arts FestParticipation2019
D&T Awards 2019Creative Innovation Award2019
 Feed My Trashemon 1st Place2021

Quick Links to the other Activities
Design & Technology Nutrition and Food Science

Art Activities (2021)

JWSS students took part in the ‘Feed My Trashemon” nation-wide art competition.  Organized in 2021 by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) in collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE), the competition aims to inspire our youth to be custodians of our environment. The competition was intense with high standard of entries submitted. We are very proud to see our students facing up to the challenges, applying what they have learn in Visual Art, and eventually came up tops.  The entry by Gan Jing Wen of 1 Passion (2021) achieved first place! 
Jin Wen’s entry for the competition
Jin Wen and her winning entry – In physical form!

On 24 April 2022, Jin Wen’s winning design was realised in a physical form and unveiled at the Keep Clean, Singapore! 2022 event organised by PHC.  Jing Wen also received her prize from the Guest-of-Honour Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, during the event.  Together with the other winning entries, her design would be exhibited at various satellite events around Singapore and will eventually settle in JWSS by July 2022.  Well done, Jin Wen and all JWSS students who have submitted!

Jin Wen receiving her prize from Ms Grace Fu.Jin Wen with the other winning entries.
Trashemon School Competition (publichygienecouncil.sg)

Art Activities (2020)

Arts Conversation
On 24 February 2020, we had the privilege of inviting Ms Adelene Stanley who is a dancer, choreographer, teacher & movement director. Ms Stanley shared about her vision, passion and valuable experience as a dancer in Singapore. Students were able to have a deep conversation about other important aspects such as healthy living, entrepreneurship and joy of learning for the students!

Arts Conversation 01.pngMs Adelene Stanley sharing her dance experiences on the international stage

Jack & Rai: Storytellers Through Song
As part of the end-of-year post-examination activities, we invited popular local duo, Jack & Rai, to share with the Secondary Three cohort, their musical journey and songwriting tips. The students were entertained with original songs performed by the duo through a YouTube live streaming session. After learning more about the basic structure of a song and, students were able to express their creativity by incorporating the theme of chicken rice in Dick Lee’s iconic song, ‘Home’. 

Jack & Rai Storytellers Through Song 01.jpgJack & Rai engaged the audience through a YouTube Live Stream

Jack & Rai Storytellers Through Song 02.jpgStudents were actively involved in the workshop and posed questions via a Google Form

Art Activities (2019)

Gallery Learning Experience @ Dragon Kiln
As part of our Art Talent Development Programme, our secondary two students were engaged in a Gallery Learning Experience @ Dragon Kiln where they learn more about ceramics and interact with clay making at one of two dragon kilns remaining in Singapore.

(A) Our S2 Art TDP students at Dragon Kiln learning about how traditional kiln works.JPG

Peer-Led Guide Training @ Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

As part of our Art Talent Development Programme, our secondary two students attended the Peer-Led Guide Training @ SAM where they were equipped with contemporary art knowledge and public speaking skills. This programme will not only assist in enhancing students’ self-confidence and communication skills, but also give them practice in answering questions from the guided group; peers or students from other schools.
(B) Our S2 Art TDP students at SAM applying the skills as Peer-Led Guide.JPG

Gallery Learning Experience @ Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)

Our secondary two students from the Art Talent Development Programme were engaged in a Gallery Learning Experience @ STPI, where the experience heightens their visual arts appreciation through Guided Tour and Special Hands-on Exhibition Workshop on Mono Print & Stencil Screen Print.

(C) Our S2 Art TDP students at DI-SG with their 1st Runner Up trophies.JPG

Destination Imagination National Tournament 2019

On 1 April, a team of 7 Secondary two students from the Art Talent Development Programme participated in the Destination Imagination National Tournament which provides opportunities for participants to think creatively, take risks and work together to solve common problems.

We are pleased to announce that the team achieved the 1st Runner Up for Middle Level in the Fine Arts Challenges titled “Vanished!” for this tournament.

(D) Our S2 Art TDP students at STPI exploring Mono Printing.JPG

Design & Technology Activities (2022)

An Inquiry-based Learning Journey to IKEA (7 April 2022)
On 7th April 2022, our Sec 3 D&T students were at IKEA Alexandra for an inquiry-based learning journey. Students evaluated the home products through research and groupwork, analysing how the product designs are affected by the User, Environment and Function.

Students experiencing how the design of mattresses will influence user’s choice.
Experiencing how the consideration of materials and dimensions is important in a product’s design.

Learning about product features through the product label.

Design & Technology Activities (2019)

D&T Inquiry Learning Activity

On the 16 May 2019, our D&T students went on an Inquiry Learning Activity @ Ikea Tampines. The objective is in line with our school’s JWSS Pedagogy of “Arousing Curiousity, Facilitating Discovery and Enabling Insight”. 

During this activity, our students were guided on a first-hand experience in analysing actual products based on the clients’ needs. Through such experience, the students were able to develop empathy in their design projects, critical in any successful product design.

20190516_103816 (2).jpg20190516_110146 (2).jpg
20190516_104504 (2).jpg


D&T Awards 2019

The annual D&T Awards is organised by the Design & Technology Educators Society (DTES) and given out annually to student designers for their outstanding design work. This year, it attracted over 341 entries from 45 schools, of which 56 entries from 24 schools were shortlisted for final evaluation by the panel. Zin Lin Htet from 4E1’18 was recognized and awarded the D&T Awards 2019 under the Creative Innovation category

20190530_113736 (2).jpg
Shapable Photo Frame is a product that allows user to use it as a multi-shape mobile photo frame or props for photo taking. The form of the product was inspired by attractive shapes in nature i.e. flowers.

20190530_120641 (2).jpg
20190530_111826 (2).jpg

Nutrition and Food Science Activities (2019)
W3 Cluster Culinary Competition

6 F&N students recently participated in this year’s W3 Cluster Culinary Competition held at Westwood Secondary School on 19 October 2019. The theme was “Local Dish with a Twist.” 

The competition aims to promote the joy of learning in an out of classroom environment by inspiring students to innovate and use their creativity in creating and presenting dishes based on the theme.

Through their perseverance and ingenuity, our JWSS students did the school proud with some accolades:

- Baylene Pang and Chloe Goh (3E4) – Bronze Award (Sticky Mango Dumpling) 

- Arman and Muhaimin (3N3) - 1st Consolation Award (Saffron Infused Roti Jala with Meatball in Bonesteak Sauce) 

- Nadiah and Iffah (3E4) – Paricipated (Chilli Crab Croquette)

IMG-20191019-WA0014 (2).jpgIMG-20191019-WA0013.jpg