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      • Exercise and Sports Science


In 2018, JWSS will be offering Exercise & Sports Science (ESS) to selected students in Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic classes. ESS is an interdisciplinary subject where students will be grounded in the sub-disciplines of sports science with an understanding of sociology in relation to sports. 

The aims of the syllabus are for students to: 
      • Acquire and apply the knowledge in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports psychology to analyse, evaluate and improve practical performances in physical exercises and sports; 
      • Develop the movement concepts and motor skills needed to be proficient in the performance of a team and an individual / dual1 sport; 
      • Understand the benefits and risks associated with physical exercise and sports to manage personal participation in physical activities; and 
      • Examine issues related to sports and participation in physical activities from socio-cultural and global perspectives.     

The subject consists of two components:    
      1. Theory Component (40%) 
      2. Practical Component (60%)    

Students will be expected to complete 2 practical activities consisting of:    
      1. One Individual/ Dual Sport such as track & field, cross country running or badminton (singles/doubles) AND 
      2. One Team Sport such as Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball