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Physical Education

Teaching Staff

01/Mr Lee Kah Onn
HOD Physical Education & Co-Curricular Activities
Physical Education
02/Mr Yeo Chin Hwei 
Senior Teacher, Physical Education
Physical Education

Mr Syaifudean Selamat
PE/CCA Coordinator
Physical Education
04/Mr P Vinoth
Level Coordinator (Sec 3)
Physical Education

05/Mr Yip Kwan Guan
Physical Education

Mr Lim Wee
Physical Education


Subjects Offered

      • Physical Education (Secondary 1 to 5)
      • Exercise and Sports Science (GCE O-Level Elective Subject)


'Healthy Body healthy Mind'

Goals of Physical Education

The purpose of physical education (PE) is to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active healthy living. There are 6 goals of PE which interact with others goals in a well-planned programme that addresses the knowledge, skills and values desired for every student. Physical education seeks to develop in each student the ability to:

Goal 1: Acquire a range of movement skills to participate in a variety of physical activities.

Goal 2: Understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in a range of physical activities.

Goal 3: Demonstrate safe practices during physical and daily activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment.

Goal 4: Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.

Goal 5: Acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities.

Goal 6: Enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life.

Curriculum Outline (Secondary 1 to 5)

Secondary 1:
    • Games component: Gymnastics and badminton
    • Track and Field: Sprinting
    • Outdoor Education: Orienteering and map reading
Secondary 2:
    • Games component: Frisbee and Modified Netball
    • Track and Field: Long jump
    • Outdoor Education: Rope skills
    • NAPFA Test
Secondary 3:
    • Games component: Netball and Tchoukball
    • Track and Field: Javelin
    • PHF: Strength and Conditioning, Running, SBJ and Pull Up
Secondary 4:
    • Games component: Softball and Netball
    • Track and Field: Hurdles
    • NAPFA Test
Secondary 5:
    • Games component: Softball
    • Track and Field: High jump

Exercise and Sports Science Curriculum Outline  

The Exercise and Sports Science (ESS) O-Level Elective subject will be offered to Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic Students. The objectives of ESS are as follow:

1) Acquire and apply knowledge in exercise physiology, biomechanics and sports psychology

2) Develop movement concepts and motor skills to be proficient in the performance of a team and individual sport

3) Understand the benefits and risks associated with physical exercise

4) Examine issues related to sports from sociocultural perspectives 

The subject consists of a Theory component and a Practical component as shown below



PE Curriculum Framework

Exercise and Sports Science


Subjects Offered

    • Physical Education (Secondary 1 to 5)
    • Exercise and Sports Science (GCE O-Level Elective Subject)


JWSS will be offering Exercise & Sports Science (ESS) to selected students in Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic classes. ESS is an interdisciplinary subject where students will be grounded in the sub-disciplines of sports science with an understanding of sociology in relation to sports.

The aims of the syllabus are for students to: 
  • Acquire and apply the knowledge in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and sports psychology to analyse, evaluate and improve practical performances in physical exercises and sports; 
  • Develop the movement concepts and motor skills needed to be proficient in the performance of a team and an individual / dual1 sport; 
  • Understand the benefits and risks associated with physical exercise and sports to manage personal participation in physical activities; and 
  • Examine issues related to sports and participation in physical activities from socio-cultural and global perspectives.

The subject consists of two components:    
  1. Theory Component (40%) comprising 5 Areas of Study
  2. Practical Component (60%) comprising 2 practical activities 

Students will be expected to perform 2 practical activities consisting of:
  1. One Individual/ Dual Sport such as Track & Field, Cross Country Running, Swimming or badminton (singles/doubles) AND 
  2. One Team Sport such as Basketball, Floorball, Hockey, Netball, Volleyball

ESS Scheme of Assessment



JWSS Annual Sports Day 2022

The 2022 edition of the JWSS Annual Sports Day was held in April to provide an opportunity for students to take part in sports and games within a competitive setting. Students competed against their peers during the races and sports to create a lively atmosphere at the school field. Form Teachers and other school staff joined in with the classes to cheer the participants in modified track and field events such as the 60m dash, hurdles wall ball toss. This year’s rendition of sports day also included the 2 versus 2 Inter-Class Games in Badminton, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball. 

Participants of the 60m Dash racing to the finish line.

Secondary 3 students using recycled materials to dress up their Class Mascots.

Students representing their form classes in the 2v2 basketball competition.

04.pngA fast and furious game of 2v2 Netball .

A calm and composed playing style was required for 2v2 modified volleyball.

Secondary One Childhood Games (October 2021)
In October 2021, the Secondary 1 cohort partook in a series of five childhood games as part of their Post-Examination Activities. The series of games included Eraser Flip, Table Tic-Tac-Toe, Pickup Sticks, modified Marble game and a Hopscotch race. The games were conducted in a tournament elimination style where players who won each game advanced to the next round. This gave the students an opportunity to practice their strategic thinking in a competitive setting, while allowing them to revisit games that they have played when they were younger.

Photo N.jpgA blast from the past: Students enjoying a classic Eraser Flip game
Photo O.jpgStudents trying to knock other players’ floorballs away in the modified Marbles game

JWSS Annual Cross Country 2021 (Virtual Steps Challenge) (July 2021)
The PE Department organized its first ever JWSS Annual Cross Country (Virtual Steps Challenge) from 2nd to 8th August 2021. Throughout the week, staff and students used a mobile phone application to track their number of steps taken individually for the whole duration of the challenge. The aim for each participant was to complete 60,000 steps which was equivalent to around 40km or the distance from JWSS to Coney Island. At the end of the challenge, the total number of steps recorded by all JWSS students and staff was 47,062,716, which is equivalent to a total distance of 31,373km!

Photo L.JPG2E1 girls with their Finishers’ Medals
Photo M.jpgSavraj Singh from 3N1 receiving his Finisher’s Medal

Secondary Four & Five Inter-Class Sports Challenge(March 2021)
The Inter-Class Games for the Secondary 4 and 5 students was held in March to provide students an opportunity to showcase their sporting skills in a variety of sporting challenges. The boys participated in the Basketball and Football challenges while the girls took part in Netball and Frisbee challenges. 

Photo J.jpgSecondary 4 student trying to beat the high score in the Soccer Accuracy 
Photo K.jpgStudents attempting the Netball Shooting challenge

JWSS Fitness Olympiad 2021(March 2021)
The JWSS Fitness Olympiad was held in March to provide an opportunity for students to take part in sporting competitions in school. A lively atmosphere was created at multiple venues as Form Teachers joined their classes to set new records in the games such as the Weighted Backpack throw, CrossFit Challenge and Softball Batting Challenge. The JWSS Spartan Race also made a return this year to test our students’ athletic abilities.

Photo H.jpgStudent flipping the stack of foam boxes as part of the CrossFit Challenge
Photo I.jpgForm Teacher attempting the weighted backpack throw during the CrossFit Challenge

Secondary Three MOE-OBS Challenge Programme( 22 Mar – 26 Mar 2021)
The Secondary 3 cohort participated in the 2-Day MOE-OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) Challenge Programme held at Pulau Ubin. During the Day Camp, our students took part in a series of fun and exciting activities such as kayaking, trekking, land and sea expeditions. These activities gave our students an opportunity to build develop self-confidence and resilience as they stepped outside their comfort zone.

Photo F.jpg
Students taking part in kayaking during the Sec 3 OBS Camp

Photo G.jpeg
Students hiking through the forests of Pulau Ubin during the Sec 3 OBS Camp

Secondary Two Adventure Day Camp(6 Jan – 8 Jan 2021)
The Secondary 3 cohort participated in the 2-Day MOE-OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) Challenge Programme held at Pulau Ubin. During the Day Camp, our students took part in a series of fun and exciting activities such as kayaking, trekking, land and sea expeditions. These activities gave our students an opportunity to build develop self-confidence and resilience as they stepped outside their comfort zone.

Photo A.jpgStudent aiming at the archery target during the Sec 2 Camp
Photo B.jpgStudents attempting to climb the Rock Wall during the Sec 2 Camp
Photo C.jpgAdrenaline fueled zip-line jump during the Sec 2 Camp
Photo D.jpgStudents going through the Intermediate Rope Course during the Sec 2 Camp
Photo E.jpg
Students cooking lunch for themselves during the Sec 2 Camp

Level Wide Engagement Games 2020
JWSS students from Secondary One to Three participated in a variety of engagement activities organised for their form classes. Secondary One students put their skills to test against each other in a fun and exciting game of Archery Tag. Secondary Two students participated in a series of challenge game stations. The Secondary Three students experienced an afternoon Virtual Reality Gaming. 

D.jpgSec one student aiming for the archery tag target E.jpgSec Two students battling it out in the Balloon Blaster
F.jpgStudents figuring out how to score in Archery Hoverball G.jpg
Having a go at the challenging treadmill VR station

Secondary Two Adventure Camp

Secondary Two students took part in the 3 Days/2 Nights Adventure Camp held at the Sarimbun Scout Camp from 6th to 8th January 2020. Form Teachers and their respective form classes bonded together over character building and adventurous outdoor activities. The students participated in a host of activities such as bridge building, water rafting, zip-line, outdoor cooking amazing race and more.


H.pngStudents cooking lunch for themselves
I.jpgAdrenaline fueled zip-lining activities
J.pngRiver crossing across a log K.jpgBeautiful Campfire on campfire night

JWSS Inter-Class Games 2019 (Mar - Oct 2019)

Every year the PE Department organizes the Inter-Class Games to promote participation and sportsmanship within the school. Each level will play a different game according to the sport that they learn at their respective level. At secondary 1 they will be playing Badminton Doubles, secondary 2 does Frisbee and secondary 3 will be doing Netball. The secondary 4 & 5 gets to pick which sport they want to compete for their inter-class games and every year it’s a favorite for the boys to be playing Soccer and the girls to play Netball. Below are the winners for each level

2019 Inter-Class games Results
Secondary 4 & 5
Boys (Soccer)
Girls (Netball)
 4E4 4E2 
 Secondary 3 
 Boys Girls 
 3E5 3E5 & 3T1 
 Secondary 2 
 Boys Girls 
 2E2 2E2 
 Secondary  1 

A.jpegSecondary 4 girls battling it out at Netball

B.jpegSecondary 4 boys trying to get a goal for their class

C.jpegWinner of the Secondary 3 inter class games for girls D.jpegWinner of the Secondary 2 inter class games for boys
E.jpegSecondary 1 badminton champions - 1E1

JWSS Annual Cross Country 2019

The 9th JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet was held for the first time in the newly opened Jurong Lake Gardens on 23 July 2019. This year the students of JWSS get to experience the natural landscapes of swamp forests and wetlands while attempting their run. The distance for the boys is 4.4 km while the girls is 3.3 km. The teachers and PSG also participated in this event by joining the Teacher’s Fun Run. A range of activities was organised by the Sports JeWel students for the school to prepare the students for the Cross Country Meet as well as keeping their spirits high for the event.  We were also fortunate to have Team SG marathoner, Ms Jasmine Goh to give us some words of encouragement before the event.  The list below shows the winner of JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet 2019:

Lower Secondary Boys

Lower Secondary Girls

Lower Secondary Challenge Shield

Nandakumar Mithun



Ng Hui Ying




Upper Sec Boys

Upper Sec Girls

Upper Secondary Challenge Shield

Satishwaran S/O Lingam Kumar



Hinata Raza




A.JPG Team SG Marathoner Jasmine Goh motivating students of JWSS for a good run.

B.JPG Mr Huzaini motivating his form class in the Relay Race, one of the lead up event before the 9th JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet
C.JPG Teachers off to a good start for the day!

E.JPG Our Upper Secondary students having their last attempt to break the school record!

D.JPG The Lower Secondary Challenge Shield goes to 2E3!

JWSS Annual Sports Day 2019

The JWSS Annual Sports Day 2019 was held on 12 April 2019 at the Clementi Stadium. The much anticipated event provided an opportunity for the school to come together to celebrate sporting excellence as well as school spirit. Apart from the individual and team track events, students also took part in the Obstacle Course and Physical Challenge activities. Our JWSS teachers and Parent Support Group members also demonstrated their athletic abilities in the Teachers’ Relay Race.

students attempting to complete the obstacle course.jpg Students attempting to complete the obstacles students attempting to complete the obstacle course 2.jpg Students attempting to complete the obstacles
sec 2 students starting their 100m race.jpg Secondary 2 students starting their 100m race

sec 45 100m boys winners with PSG president mdm Gena Chen.jpg Secondary 4/5 100m boys winners with PSG president Mdm Gena Chen
sec 45 4by100m relay winners with mr michael.jpg Secondary 4/5 4X100m relay winners with Mr Michael winners of the teachers race.jpg Winners of the teachers' race

Secondary 2 Adventure Camp (27 Mar - 29 Mar 2019)

The 2019 Secondary Two Adventure Camp was conducted at Sarimbun Scouts Camp from 27 – 29 March 2019. The camp’s objectives were to build students’ resilience, ruggedness and independence among students, equip them with outdoor skills and knowledge, facilitate bonding and deepen friendships within the class. Throughout the 3 days 2 nights, students took part in activities like Zip-lining, abseiling, outdoor cooking and camp craft skills. The Camp ended on a high note with entertaining performances and exuberant cheers from all the Secondary Two classes on campfire night. 
A.jpeg Secondary Two Cohort start their camp by pitching up their tents
B.jpeg Aspiring Master Chefs in the making figuring out their menu for Outdoor Cooking 
F.JPG They must have confidence in themselves to cross the bridge they built

D.JPG Our students showing their entrepreneurial skills, convincing the facilitator the special traits of their pioneering project
G.jpg Service above self, students take turn to serve each other meals during the camp

I.jpeg Braving new heights was one of the activities our Secondary Two cohort has to overcome using their abseiling techniques
H.JPG Bring me to safety with the Tarzan Swing!
C.JPG What other way to end a camp other than a Campfire Night!