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Teaching & Learning at JWSS

Our Philosophy

In JWSS, we believe that quality teaching and learning instills the joy of learning in our students and nurtures them to be passionate and lifelong learners who are equipped with 21st Century Competencies and sound values, ready for the future.

We believe that Joy of Learning is not just about engaging the students cognitively but also emotionally as enjoyment of learning will be a natural result when cognition and emotion come together for the students in a positive way. 

The above philosophy about teaching and learning underpins the way JWSS teachers design and deliver engaging lessons for students. 

Using the seven Principles advocated in the book “Never Work Harder Than Your Students” by Robyn Jackson, which focuses not just on how much one teaches, but really on how one teaches, JWSS teachers conceptualise lesson objectives and strategies for the various teaching processes as well as the learning culture in the classroom. 

Lessons are then designed to arouse curiosity, facilitate discovery and enable insights using the JWSS pedagogy, D(IR)² - Learning by Doing, Learning through Inquiry, Learning by Interacting, Learning by Reflecting and Learning by relating to Real world contexts.

T&L Framework.PNGJWSS Pedagogy high resolution.png

The JWSS Teaching & Learning framework adopted by our teachers across all subjects to guide them to design and deliver engaging lessons for our students

It is our belief that well designed and well delivered lessons will not just enable students to discover knowledge and apply the skills learnt but also enjoy that discovery and application process – where cognition and emotion come together. Our students will then be empowered to become self-directed learners who can realise their full potential in the various subjects. 

The school recognises that teachers are the key to the realisation of quality teaching and learning. The school sets aside dedicated time for teachers to come together as a community of educators to be engaged in conversations to discuss innovative ways to deliver the curriculum and enhance student engagement. These conversations go beyond exploring a variety of effective teaching approaches including the use of ICT and also focus on exploring differentiated strategies to motivate students as well as building good rapport with students which are all part and parcel of quality teaching and learning.

Some of the Activities that reflect our Teaching & Learning Framework


TNL 4.png

Teachers engaging in reflective conversations on how to make subjects come alive in the classroom thus igniting the passion and Joy of Learning in the students


Inter-departmental sharing by teachers on pedagogies which make the discovery and learning process meaningful and enjoyable.


innovate.pngTeachers sharing strategies on how to make use of various platforms to engage students.