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Alumni Achievements

Congratulations to Nur Rehana Binte Abdul Hamed from class 4T1 of 2020!

Rehana was awarded The Lee Kuan Yew Award For Outstanding Normal Course Students (LKY-ONC).

First presented in 2004, the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students recognises students in the Normal courses for their academic achievements and positive personal attributes. This year, 10 students received the Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students-5 from the Normal Academic course and 5 from the Normal Technical course.

Rehana LKY Award.jpeg

We are pleased to bring you good news from our Alumnus, Quah Hong Lin from class 4N2 of 2017. 

 Hong Lin was selected for this year’s Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship (Engineering). This award recognizes students with excellent academic achievements, outstanding leadership qualities and significant accomplishments in co-curricular activities.


It brings the school great pleasure to share the good news of Meng Lingyan's stellar performance at the 2020 GCE A-Level Examinations with 4 distinction. We are proud that he persevered and did very well, despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19. 

Ling Yan A Level 01.jpg

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Farzana for her outstanding achievements in the 2020 GCE 'A' Level Examinations with at least 4 distinctions.


We are proud to announce that our valedictorian for 2017, Hor Si Ying, Gladius has completed her studies with Saint Andrew's Junior College, and has distinguished herself with a stellar performance at the GCE "A" Levels, achieving a perfect score with 6 Distinctions!

Well done Gladius!

gladiushor.PNGHor Si Ying, Gladius
JWSS Valedictorian 2017


The school would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding achievements in the 2018 (4E1, 2018) GCE 'O' Level Examinations:

Cai Xubin (9 Distinctions)
President of Dance Club
Meng Lingyan (8 Distinctions)
Vice President of Science Club

They are presently pursuing their GCE 'A' Levels in Raffles Institution.   
We are delighted to share the excellent performance of our former student at his 2018 GCE 'A' Levels Examinations at ACJC.

Name : Tai Jun Jie (5 Distinctions)

We are confident that the holistic education that he has received in ACJC and his excellent 'A' Level results will stand him in good stead as he pursues his tertiary education in a course of his choice.


Our Alumni have once again made us proud with their good performance. They have graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) this year with the following academic achievements:

Name : Rozario Adrian Reyes 
Course : Diploma in Information Technology |
Awards : Diploma with Merit 
                ISentia Brandtology Prize 

Name : Siam Jia Hao 
Course : Diploma in Accountancy
Award : Diploma with Merit 

Name : Lim Bing Hong
Course : Diploma in Banking & Financial Services
Award : Diploma with Merit 

Name : Nur Sabrina Bte Muhayat
Course : Diploma in Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering
Award : Singapore Structural Steel Society Prize

KELLY 2015.jpg
Course :  Diploma in Accounting
Award :   Module Prize

ABEL 2014.jpg
WONG LI CHIN 2014.jpg
WONG LI CHIN (4E1, 2014)
Course : Diploma in Mass Communication
Award :   Module Prize
Course :  Diploma in Mass Communication
Award :  Module Prize and  Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship

KENRIC 2014.jpg
SANGEETHA 2014.jpg
 (4E1, 2014)
Course :  Diploma in Materials Science 
Award :   Diploma with Merit
Course :  Diploma in Materials Science 
Award :   Diploma with Merit and Diploma Plus Certificate in International Business

KEITH YEO JIN EE (5N1, 2014) REGIN 2014.jpg
Course :  Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Award :   Diploma with Merit  
Course :  Diploma in Materials Science 
Award :  Module Prize

nyp.png  Our alumni did us proud again!

Chee Wei Xin (4E4, 2014) has graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with the following award:

WEI XIN 2018.jpg

Award : Microsoft Silver Medal

rplogo.jpg Congratulations to Alumni Pranjal Vats (4E5, 2013) for his outstanding performance in his diploma studies!

Course : Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management
Award : Nexxis Systems Gold Medal Award, Diploma with Merit & Module Prize

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-21 at 7.47.06 AM.jpeg

 sp-logo.png Our alumni, Dean Lok Jia Hao (4E1, 2014) has made us proud!

Course : Diploma in Human Resource Management with Psychology
Award : Diploma with Merit and Silver Medalist
Director Rolls of Honour 2016-2017
Good news once again from our Alumni! 
This time it is Siti Nur Khalisah Bte Sarif (4E1, 2014)  who will be graduating from Millenia Institute. 

She will be receiving the Institute's Good Performance award. This award is awarded to students who have scored at least As or Bs in all their H2 subjects in the GCE A-Level Examination.  
Kenneth 2.jpg Kenneth 1.jpg
PM Lee.jpg

Top Left: Kenneth Sng, alumnus of JWSS and PSC scholar, delivering the opening remarks.

Top Right: A screenshot of a post put up by our Prime Minister, praising Kenneth for doing Singapore proud.

Bottom Left: Kenneth with invited guest, actor Joshua Tan, host of the panel discussion, Ms Julya Chan and our Principal, Mr Michael, posing with our students. 

We are proud to have a member of our alumni, Kenneth Sng , from Class of 2008, deliver the opening remarks at the second US presidential debate on October 9. In his speech, he spoke fervently about the nature of democracy and the US electoral process, not forgetting to mention Singapore, the country he calls his home.

Despite having a whole list of accolades under his belt, which included being top in cohort in both JWSS and JJC , and being awarded the Public Service Commission scholarship , Kenneth, who is presently a fourth-year economics and  mathematics major at the Washington University, and Student Union president, is still very much grounded and appreciative of his roots and the education he has received in Singapore – a testimony to the values he holds dear.

While back on a recent summer break, Kenneth returned to Jurong West Secondary to share with students about the importance of reading and how having good reading habits helped him become more confident in the use of the language.



Low Zheng Hua (4E2, 2008) graduated from NTU with First Class Honors.

JWSS Class of 2008

O-Level – L1R4: 12, L1R5: 16
CCA: NCC and held the appoint of Company Sergeant Major
Continued to serve for another 2-3 years as C/LTA after graduation.

Singapore Polytechnic

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with Merit (GPA:3.95/4.0) Diploma-Plus Certificate in Mathematics for Engineering

Achievements in Polytechnic:

Director’s Honors Roll for 3 consecutive years Model Student Award 2012
Outstanding Class Leader Award 2012

National Service

90/13 Officer Cadet Course (Infantry)
Current Rank: LTA (NS)
Appointment: Assistant Staff Officer @ HQ 2PDF

Nanyang Technological University

Awarded Singapore Industry Scholarship in 2012 for undergraduate studies. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with First Class Honors

What spurred me?
s the time. If not now, then when?" 

Parting words for juniors:

"Spend more time developing relevant skills for the future and cherish your time in JWSS. The school has provided me with a wonderful platform to develop holistically and I am sure the teachers are doing even more now. Seize every opportunity to learn and make mistakes now . Carpe Diem!" 

Vance Sim (4N2, 2014) was a recipient of SCDF's Public Spiritedness Award in October 2016.

He shared on SGSecure to our school previously . You can find read the following articles to find out more about what he has done to receive this award.

Suzana Bte Slemat (4E2, 2013) was featured on Berita yesterday. 

The brief translation is as follows:

For Suzana Slemat a graduate of NP, the knowledge that she gained from her classes were used to develop her social enterprise endeavours.

Café ‘Puzzles’ is a new establishment that specially provides employment to those with hearing impairment.

Her experiences with youths and friends with hearing loss opened her eyes to the acceptance of the public to such individuals. Her drive to contribute back to the community coupled with her aspirations to start a business, made her start the café.

“They are a bit shy to use sign language when people look at us. I think it’s important to do something to spread the awareness. My objective is to provide opportunities, accessibility and awareness to the community.” Said Suzana.

Although she desires to pursue a business degree in university, Suzana’s current focus is to strengthen and develop ‘Puzzles’ to be available in other polytechnics and ITEs.
Kishen Ashok Kumar (4E1, 2014)  received the Jacob Ballas Bronze Award (H1 Geography) and the Jacob Ballas Scholars' Award (For Four Distinctions) in SAJC

His testimonial from SAJC is as follows:

Kishen Ashok Kumar (15S09) was the Captain of the Hockey Team where he displayed great tenacity and passion as a player. His leadership and determination contributed to his team’s performance the 2015 National Inter-Schools “A” Division competition where they achieved a hard-won Second-Runner Up position for the College. For his contributions to the Hockey Team where he embodied values of a servant leader, Kishen was awarded the Colours Award and the Servant Leader Scholarship in 2016. 

A highly motivated student who enjoyed the challenge of his course of study, he was a self-directed learner and was on the Honour Roll for many College examinations. His positive disposition and genuine care for those around him also saw him awarded the Exemplary Character Award in 2016. 

Kishen achieved outstanding results in Physics (A), Chemistry (A) and Mathematics (A) at H2, and General Paper (B), Project Work (B) and Geography (A) at H1. 

Ng Pui Shang.jpeg
Jordon Pui Shang
 Revina.JPG  Li Shun.JPG
 Revina Li Shun 
Four of our alumni members have graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) this year (2017) with the following academic achievements:  

Chiong Hao Zu, Jordon 
Course : Diploma in Banking & Financial Services 
Awarded with POSB Silver Medal & Prize  Diploma with Merit  

Ng Pui Shang 
Course : Diploma in Accountancy
Awarded with Diploma with Merit  PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize  

Course : Diploma in Business Studies
Awarded with Diploma with Merit  

Toh Li Shun
Course : Diploma in Automation & Mechatronic Systems
Awarded with Diploma with Merit 

Loh Hui Lin (4E3, 2016) has been awarded the Tan Chay Bing Entry Scholarship (Diploma) .

The ‘Tan Chay Bing Entry Scholarship (Diploma)’ is a prestigious award given to students with excellent academic performance and track records in the arts. 

Goh Boon Siong, JWSS Class of 2015

SP Engineering Scholar
Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Ang Xin Yi Cindy, JWSS Class of 2012

Outstanding NYP graduate from Graduation 2016 attaining Diploma with Merit
Diploma in Biomedical Engineeering with Merit
BD Medical Bronze Medal


Outstanding SP graduate from Graduation 2015 attaining Diploma with Merit
Diploma in Business information Technology (DBIT) with Merit
Chia Li Hui
JWSS Class of 2011

Jeryl Sik, father, principal.jpg
Outstanding A Levels Examination in 2014

Wong Sze Rui and Jeryl Sik (4E1, 2012)
Wong Sze Rui and Jeryl Sik are two of our alumni who proceeded on to Jurong Junior College and performed well in their A Levels Examination in 2014.
Sze Rui attained the following grades:




General Paper



Project Work















Jeryl Sik attained the following grades:




General Paper



Project Work















Jeryl was awarded the 'Best all round Performance, Class of 2014' in Jurong Junior College in recognition of his outstanding achievements in academic and active CCA participation. He g raduated from OCS as an SAF Officer and was promoted to Lieutenant and he will start school in Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine in August 2017.

Travis Chan (4E2, 2011)

Achievements in Ngee Ann Polytechnic: Outstanding Achievement Award

Mediacorp Gold Medal & Prize

Diploma with Merit (top 10% of graduates in cohort)

Bateys Ads Prize

"I was fortunate enough to have been guided by some of the best teachers and peers in JWSS. My teachers were a driving force in getting me to excel in my studies; I will always be grateful for that turning point in my life. Through CCAs, I also forged lifelong friendships that made the four years in JWSS an enjoyable journey. The experiences I had definitely moulded me into the self-driven person I am today."

Scholarship and Award Recipients of Republic Polytechnic Awards 2015

Cheong Si Hui
Loh Yu Jin Shanice

Scholarship and Award Recipients of Republic Polytechnic Awards 2015

Teo Beng Ngee
Nuruljannah Binte Hassan
Nurudin B Juraimi

Outstanding RP graduates from Graduation 2015 attaining Diploma with Merit

Ong Sze Hui Meyrick
Wee Jin Xing
Ho Hong Yue
Liang Shanying 

Scholarship and Award Recipients of Republic Polytechnic Awards 2014

Wee Jin Xing
David Loh Shun Hao

Scholarship and Award Recipients of Republic Polytechnic Awards 2014
Tan Yi Hong
Teo Beng Ngee
Lee Jung Wei

Fong Wei Xian  

Achievement in Singapore Polytechnic: 

Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (Silver Medalist)

Diploma with Merit

CEI Contract Manufacturing Silver Medal




Sim Xin Wei (4E3)

Achievements in Singapore Polytechnic:

National Youth Achievements Award (NYAA Gold Awardee)

Excellence Award, Singapore Polytechnic

Champion for Kenjutsu Martial Art Competition

“I am grateful to the teachers in JWSS who have guided me to where I am today. They trusted me and groomed me holistically – academic and values. My CCA, The Boys’ Brigade, impacted me the most in my character. I am transformed and my CCA teachers and officers constantly challenge my limits. Leadership skills that I had gained have always been practiced wherever I am.” 


Chia Li Qing Jaelin (4E3)

Achievements in Singapore Polytechnic:

Outstanding Leader Award; Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship

OCBC Local Scholarship for undergraduate studies

Diploma in Business Information Technology(Gold Medalist)

Current student in National University of Singapore, Bachelor of Computing in Information Systems.

“The four years spent in JWSS had been enriching and fruitful. The teachers made a huge difference. Through my CCA, I had learnt important values like teamwork, respect and leadership. I would not be where I am without all the teachers’ hard work. Their guidance has made a difference in my perspective and attitude in life. Also, the friends that I had made in JWSS are irreplaceable. They are the ones who have been going through thick and thin all these years.” 


Lau Jun Kiat (4E3)

Achievements in Ngee Ann Polytechnic:

Polytechnics Student Research Programme (PSRP) 2013  - Winning Team

Ngee Ann Polytechnics (Electronic & Computer Engineering) project exhibition 2013 – Silver

Rohde & Schwarz Prize Winner 2013

“JWSS has always been providing holistic education that allows students to find their purpose in life. Also, the encouragement from the team of caring teachers has motivated students to excel in their studies. JWSS nurtures my peers and I in our soft skills such as critical thinking as well as social skills that brought us to greater heights.” 

Jeremy Lau (4N2)

Achievements in ITE College West: Lee Kuan Yew STEP Award

Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal

Lee Hsien Loong Outstanding Achievement Award

Aerospace Technology Course Medal

Aerospace Technology Course Gold medal

Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Book Prize (SHOAS book prize)

Student Council President; ITE Top Graduate

“With the constant and proper guidance given by JWSS teachers, I am clear of what I want for my future and they always put in their best effort to help me achieve my aims in both academic and CCA. ”