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Student Achievements


Tan Kah Kee Foundation Young Inventors’ Award (TKKYIA) 2022

Picture 1.jpg
TKKYIA encourages young students to be curious and apply scientific principles to create innovative solutions in inventions. Kotian Gurupreeth Purandara (3E1) and Saravanan Harirajan (3E2) received the Judges Award, which is a special award recommended by Judges beyond the usual judging criteria. 

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Competitions 2022

National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition
Zhu Liyu(2RE) represent the school in this year’s National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition which held in Apr 2022 and attained the 1st prize for the competition. 

Youth Reporter News Challenge 
Li Qi Heng(3E3), Low Jia Wei(3E3) represent the school in Youth Reporter News Challenge organized by MediaCorp in July 2022 and won the finalist award. 

Hari Raya School-wide Quiz 2022
Themed on the culture of Malay and Muslim community in Singapore, the FTT-Hari Raya edition aimed at enhancing students' interest in learning and understanding Hari Raya celebrations better. Both students and staff took part in the quiz and won bags of snacks to share with their classmates.

ML Journey VLOG 2022
As part of their March holiday homework, students were given a choice to create a blog post or capture their experiences through a Vlog. Vlogs can show a part of a student's day, a reflection on their holiday experiences and give them the chance to explore a topic of their choice! Students did a presentation and voted for their favorite VLOG to select a winner.

Poetry Translation Competition 2022
Illamurugu Subramanian Harini, from 3E4, won the first prize for the Tamil Language Poetry Translation competition, which was organized by the Society of Singapore Tamil Poets. This competition was conducted in line with the Tamil Language Festival held annually in the month of April.

Kabaddi Competition 2022
JWSS participated in the Kabaddi competition organized by the Singapore Kabaddi association on 6 August 2022. There were 8 teams in all and we are proud to announce that our C division boys attained 3rd place. And for the Under-18 (U-18) category, we are proud to announce that we have clinched the 2nd place.

Kathai Kalam (NLB) Story telling presentation 2022
A collaboration with NLB, whereby our Secondary 1 and 2 students had the opportunity to participate in “Kathaikalam”, also known as story-telling platform. Students presented their thoughts and opinions in a talk show mode via zoom on a local short story novel.

Our W3 Cluster Creation “Solvettai” Vocabulary web-based application
Students immersed in the new gamified web based application, which teaches them new Tamil words aligned to the themes that they have covered in their curriculum using their PLD (Personal Learning Device).

National Poetry Competition 2022 Prize Winners

The National Poetry Competition is an annual poetry writing event organised by Poetry Festival Singapore and the National Arts Council. The competition invited aspiring poets of all ages across Singapore to write an original work on the theme of “Resurgence”. A total of 23 JWSS Literature students participated in this competition, displaying their deep passion in poetry, and applying what they have learnt from the subject to their creative works. 

Among an estimated 370 entries received, two of our students, Nidhi Somashekar from 1 Integrity, and Valentina Anburaj from 1 Respect, managed to clinch the 3rd Prize and Merit Award in the Super Junior Category, respectively.

Our prize winners, Nidhi Somashekar (1IY) and Valentina Anburaj (1RT), with their certificates at the awards ceremony on 30 July 2022


‘Sun Mother’ by Nidhi Somashekar (1IY)

Space, a vacuum, hollow and empty,
Gases dance and swirl, Hydrogen and helium adrift,
Swirl and dance in a symphony.
After all, what is there to witness?
For a spectacle like this has happened
A trillion times before.

Whispers and then boom!
Resurgence, Sun Mother is born.
Hydrogen and helium from many stars before,
have granted us life,
A renewed star, sun mother,
Has formed.

On planet Earth,
magma and rock,
Ashen air and red like blood.

Then, life.
But life always ends,
In months, decades or millenniums.
But the Sun is immortal,

Or so we think.

Sun mother gave us life,
The atmosphere and rich earth soil.
From microscopic bacteria,
Millions of years later,
Us, humans, came to be.

We harnessed its energy,
Learnt to weave its bright rays,
Into machines,
into spectacular inventions.

But the sun will not last forever,
Death awaits from afar,
Slowly and slowly,
It expands, inflates and becomes a giant ball of hot plasma.
And unforgivingly devours Mercury and Venus,
spares Earth with nothing but harsh rays.
Life disappears as fast as it was created.

In its void, lies her corpse, and a stunning, breathtaking nebula,
Sun mother has succumbed to time.
Will she resurge and become a new star, no one knows.

But now, her lifetime is over,
Or so we think.

The Sun has always been the gemstone of our Solar System and without its spectacular presence we would not have come to existence. This celestial body has been an intricate part of forming life and its existence intrigues people to this day. It was created by a corpse of a previous star and its revival spelled hope for life to thrive.

‘Winter Sleep’ by Valentina Anburaj (1RT)

You were spring to me, and so I’ll be alright now, Love.
A voice reciting my name, warm and clear, with no question mark.
A canopy of white Lilac petals falling,
an Ivory climax of blushing innocence and youth.
Spring, nothing else you could have been, you must have been spring.
An aching, intoxicating heat brushing everyone’s cheeks
as pollen causes my eyes to itch.
Spring, certainly spring.
Made me pour out a cup of drowsy Winter, and mark a crisp sheet of Autumn,
eyes met you and it changed the world into something new.
By the providence of the star-glazed Universe, you called and I became your bloom.
Shall we meet at the next stage?
I need to face you again before I melt away too.
A promise carried in the sweet tune of a Pine-green orgel box,
the breath of serendipity and hope- a saving Penicillin.
Your existence demands poetry,
and I'm fussing through the night, trying to get the lines just right,
because these more pleasant nights only come by - to stir life - once in a while.
Blinding city signs and lights return and I'm obliged to work again.
No more depressing excuse to eat nothing but grapefruits and medication,
no excuse to lay supine all day long regardless of anyone's banging clinomania.
Had an urge like that of an undying flame to stay in this little bubble bowl,
but you came in and forced a flower arrangement to bloom around me,
Lavenders, Spireas, Buttercups, Dandelions and Clematis.
You ignited my flame of will to live with kerosene,
and fed it with the dull images that I lived through previously.
A decalcomania in me of the euphoria you cause,
the utopia you were,
fully brought back for all the children to hold hands with and find a meaning in.
A revival of life, a revival of joy, of untold truth, of purpose, of anticipation;
a revival of me.
It’s a new chapter with Déjà vu,
and I’m just praying through dry lips which host missing fibres that you’ll stay,

to show you me, give you me, and to accept and love me.

It’s a game of See-Saw, leaving one state then entering it again-
Could you tell me how it all leads back to you?

I’m meeting the prior page at the next stop,
still in a bed of early blossoms no longer stuck in concrete,
glad to not be stuck in my stigmatic Winter sleep again, while whispering,
“Hi, Spring- Bye.”

'Winter Sleep' details the revival of life after a harsh winter as the speaker overcomes a seasonal depression episode and returns to normal life. The people around him also become livelier and more euphoric as they rouse from the slumber of winter. It hopes to convey that all good days come back eventually.

Their poems are published on Poetry Festival Singapore’s website, along with the other winning entries. You may visit the website here: https://www.poetryfestival.sg/national-poetry-competition-2022

Congratulations to our winners and good job to the students who have participated in this year’s competition!


KEEPSGCLEAN 2021 #CleanDesign
 ‘Feed My Trashemon’ School Competition

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) conducted the inaugural nation-wide design competition “Feed My Trashemon” from 18 October to 30 November 2021. The competition aimed to raise awareness and encourage everyone to take action for a clean Singapore. Students with a passion for the arts were encouraged to showcase their creativity and imagination.

Our Art JeWel student, Gan Jing Wen, has come in first place out of the numerous high standard entries submitted by youths nation-wide in Singapore as assessed by PHC judging panel. Jing Wen’s work is published on PHC’s website. (https://www.publichygienecouncil.sg/resources/trashemon-school-competition).


She would also be receiving $1,000 worth of prizes and a certificate at PHC’s flagship event, Keep Clean, Singapore! 2022 in April 2022. Jing Wen’s design would also be produced into an actual bin along with other winning entries. Congratulations, Jing Wen!


All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2021 

Jurong West Secondary School participated in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2021.  

We are pleased to announce that Poh Wee Wisely of 3T2 emerged Champion!

Congratulations Wisely!  


NCC Outstanding Cadet Award 2021

The NCC Outstanding Cadet Award is given to NCC Cadets who had shown exemplary performance in terms of leadership skills and contribution to the NCC Unit. The award is the highest recognition in NCC for students in secondary schools and as a practice, this award is only given to a single NCC cadet.

This year, we are proud to announce that we have 2 NCC Cadets who were awarded the prestigious award and they are

Master Sergeant Teng Zeyu (4E1)
Master Sergeant Muhd Hizqil Bin Jusri (4E1)


ICAS Assessments 2021 (English)
ICAS assessments are designed to recognise and reward academic excellence
Participants demonstrated their skills in various areas such as text comprehension, writer’s craft, syntax and vocabulary.

Congratulations to the following students!

High Distinction (Top 1% in Singapore)
Dazzel Yeo (4E1)
Victoria Tan (2E1)

Distinction (Next Top 10% in Singapore)
Angeni Chan (3E1)
Isaac Sim (3E1) 
Raeanne Zou (3E1)
Randilyn Liau (2E1)
Ng Ai Khee (2E2)
Koh Yi Song (2E4)

 queens competition.jpegqueens awardees.png
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition is the world's oldest international writing competition for schools, established in 1883.

With thousands of young people taking part each year, it is an important way to recognise achievement, elevate youth voices and develop key skills through creative writing.

Congratulations to the following students!

Randilyn Liau (2E1)

Tan Jia Fu, Ivan (4E2) 
Yazhinisubathra (4E2) 
Ng Ai Khee (2E2)
Htet Thiri (1 Repect)
Xacus See Tho Ngok Man (1 Respect)

Gisele Low Xinhui (3E4) 
Perumal Varshni (3E4) 
Fedora Tan Cixi (2E3)
Lim Pei Qi (2E4)
Lim Le Yao Gladys (2E4)

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-11 at 12.37.11.jpeg
image003 2.jpg

Doodle4Good Contest 2021

Congratulations to Chua Xinfang from 2N1 as one of the twelve winners for the Doodle4Good Contest held by HappyHappy!

JWSS-CCE team took the lead for Mental Wellness modules this year by collaborating with HappyHappy!
HappyHappy! is a non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to promoting happiness through mindfulness. On July 2021, a nation-wide contest was held for all secondary school students in Singapore where they create doodles based on the theme, “I’m grateful for…”

Studies have shown that doodling is a good activity to engage in for brain health. Doodling helps one to become more mindful as well as increases creativity and concentration. 

Students will get to learn more about mindfulness and the activities that they can do for their own mental well-being. The theme of the contest - "I'm grateful for...." - also highlights the important value of gratitude and shifts the mind immediately to a more positive mindset.

You can download the winning designs at http://happyhappy.org.sg/just-colour as free printables for anyone who wishes to do some colouring as a fun, mindful or de-stressing activity.


Unity Young Writers Festival 2021

In collaboration with Sing Lit Station, Unity Young Writers Festival (UWF) promotes local literary works and provides a platform for Secondary students to connect deeply with the literary scene. In its fourth year running, this year’s theme is ‘Healing’.

Our very own JWSS Literature student, Delia Yeo from 2E1, won 3rd with her poetry submission, titled ‘Spoiled Bread’!


The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award 2021

The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award ceremony was held on Friday 23 July 2021.

The Founder’s Award is the highest and most honourable award a BB boy can attain in the Seniors Programme. The award recognises boys for their outstanding performance in approved Brigade-level activities and the duties in the Brigade such as the annual Share-a-Gift project. 

Company Sergeant Major Paul Lim Yu Xing (4E3) of the 85th Singapore Company (Jurong West Secondary School) was awarded this prestigious Founder’s Award.


Data Science Bootcamp and Accelerator Programme 2021

During the June holidays, two teams of selected Secondary Three Computing students, participated in the Data Science Bootcamp Programme fully sponsored by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) and run in partnership with Dunman Secondary School and the Tampines Town Council. 

The program aimed to introduce the student to Python Programming and Deep Learning through programming the AWS Deepracer - an autonomous self-driving model car. The students spent 22 hours learning about Python Fundamentals and Cloud Computing. The program ended off with a thrilling AWS DeepRacer league held (virtually) at a model car racetrack in Dunman Secondary School. 

We are pleased to announce that one of our teams won third place in the AWS DeepRacer league. There were 48 other teams from different schools.

These are the names of the students in the team that have won third place in the final round.   
1. Koh You Li Erika (Sec 3E1)
2. Yovita Singh Jolly (Sec 3E1)
3. Zou Ruining, Raeanne (Sec 3E1)
4. Chaw Nadi Aye (Sec 3E2)
5. Tan Yixi Kimberley (Sec 3E3)

We would also like to acknowledge these students from the other team who participated in the program. 
1. Gone Sai Anirud (Sec 3E2)
2. Lucas Lim Khai Hng (Sec 3E2)
3. Rex Joseph Seera (Sec 3E2)
4. Ethan Low Wei Yi (Sec 3E3)
5. Wang Shuxian (Sec 3E1)

Rex Joseph Seera was selected among the students who attended the Bootcamp due to his good performance to join the 88-hour Accelerator programme which only accepts 40 students. 

 SPF NPCC Badge.jpgCharlotte SPF-NPCC 2021 .jpeg 

SPF-NPCC Badge Award 2021

We are pleased to announce that for 2021, for her dedication and commitment, Staff Sergeant (NPCC) Kwok Jin Xuan, Charlotte from 4N1 have successfully been awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge. The SPF-NPCC Badge is the pinnacle badge and highest award attainable by a NPCC Cadet while in secondary school.


Ignite Skills Challenge 2021

Ignite Skills Challenge 2021 is an annual competition that introduces students to technical skills and fosters deeper understanding of courses offered by ITE. Challenges are designed to be engaging and fun, so as to make learning enjoyable and memorable. There are a total of 15 challenges and participants are required to attend a virtual workshop teaching them about the task, before they explore and perform the task on their own.

 Team Star JWSS consisting of three students Glendon Gan Chun Chek, Zerlynn Koh Hui En and Bernard Chua Rui Feng from 2T2 participated in the ‘Filtraxxion’ challenge, where they were tasked to build a filtration system using natural materials. In the Preliminary round, they managed to build a filtration system with five different layers of natural materials and were judged on two criteria, the flow rate of their filtration system and the clarity of the filtrate. They also created a chatbot messenger to answer common questions about filtration and the filtration system they had created.

In the Final round, they were tasked to create a ‘Filtration learning package’ video to teach their classmates more about filtration and how to build a filtration system. Team Star JWSS clinched the gold medal, beating 30 over teams from other schools who took part in the event.


The annual Destination Imagination (DI) competition, held from February to April 2021, saw both our student leaders from Student Council (SC) and Student Ambassadors (SA) merged as champions as they clinched the top two positions for their Service Learning advocacy messages respectively.

DI offered the student leaders an international platform to engage in problem-solving solving projects in the areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Challenges. They experienced, advocated and reinforced core social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies—social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, and self-management through a presentation of an 8 minutes podcast-creative video.

Both Student Councilors and Student Ambassadors worked for 3 months to advocate for online positive influences and environmental efforts in the community based on a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques while solving the competition’s challenges in their own way! Congratulations, teams!

To view the winning videos, please visit https://youtu.be/oAYV3LcWCO4 for environmental efforts’ advocacy and https://youtu.be/LfINpSIHuOs for positive influencers.

 2.jpg The Director’s Award

Our Red Cross Youth Cadet Krishika Singh d/o Dinesh Singh from 4E3 was presented with the Director's Award, the highest honour a Red Cross cadet can achieve in the secondary level. 

The Director’s Award was presented to Krishika Singh d/o Dinesh Singh by Mr Sahari Ani, Senior Director of Singapore Red Cross Society on the 16th April 2021, during World Red Cross Day Ceremony at Red Cross Campsite.

Congratulations to Krishika Singh d/o Dinesh Singh for being an exemplary cadet who led the unit with commitment and conviction!



Bo Hao_Final.jpg
Voices of The West 2020

On 25 August 2020, three of our students pitted their oratorical skills against other participants in Voices of the West 2020, an inaugural oratorical competition organised by Methodist Girls’ School.

Each of them expressed his/her perspectives and experiences on the following topics:

  1. The real frontlines of the pandemic
  2. Does a crisis make or break a nation?
  3. Who is really essential?

Their blend of oratory, wit and enthusiasm for the subject led them to the finals and eventually to clinch the coveted top and third prizes.

Congratulations to all! 

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2020

Jurong West Secondary School participated in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2020 on 14 August 2020.  This year, a total of 770 students from 79 Secondary schools participated in the online competition.

We are pleased to announce that Poh Wee Wisely of 2T2 was awarded 3rd for Lower Sec NT Individual Category.

NCC.jpg*Photo taken before Circuit Breaker* 
NCC Unit Recognition Award 2020

For its stellar performance in 2019, JWSS NCC Unit is awarded the Distinction Award at the annual NCC Unit Recognition Award by HQ NCC in July 2020. 

This is the 15th consecutive time that JWSS NCC has clinched the prestigious Distinction Award.

Congratulations NCC ! 

 NPCC award.jpg
SPF-NPCC Pinnacle Badge 2020

We are pleased to announce that Amirul Aiman Bin Anuar (left) of 4E3  and Wong Yu Xuan (right) of 4E2 have successfully been awarded the SPF-NPCC Pinnacle badge for NPCC. The SPF-NPCC Pinnacle badge is the highest award attainable by a NPCC cadet while in secondary school.

Good job guys !


  ICAS EL.jpg

Distinction and UNSW Medal winner at the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) - English Language

At the recent ICAS (English) assessment, our students did exceptionally well in the writing component and the school is very proud to announce that Saranya Mushila from 3E1 cliched the High Distinction Award and the UNSW Medal. 

The UNSW Medal is awarded only to students who achieved the highest score in Singapore!


Distinction & UNSW Medal Winner - Saranya Mushila (3E1)

Merit Award - Nur Alyssa Qistina Muhammad Muhidden (2E1)

Merit Award - Seenivasan Dhiyana (2E4)

Congrats to all our student winners !


Orienteering Route 2 Champ - JWSS.JPG
Champions for NCC Orienteering Competition 2019 

HQ National Cadet Corps (NCC) organises the nation-wide Orienteering Competition each year to provide opportunities for cadets to apply this core military skill in the navigation of real world terrain. 

In addition to serving as a good bonding platform for cadets, the Orienteering Competition helps to strengthen the participants’ confidence, resilience as well as teamwork.    

The Jurong West Secondary School NCC Unit participated in the Orienteering Competition on 16 October 2019 and the school is proud to announce that JWSS NCC Unit emerged as the Champion of the competition! 

Congratulations to all our NCC Cadets/Cadet Officers/Officers! 
Rank 7 - Koon Wei Ping Rafael
of Class 2N2

Rank 9 - Enven Ho Jun Xiang
   of Class 2N2
All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2019

Two of our Lower Secondary students did very well in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2019.

Rafael and Enven from our Secondary 2 Normal Academic course emerged 7th and 9th position among over 200 student participants.  

Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) 

Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) is the highest and most honourable award a BB boy can attain in the Seniors Programme. The award recognises boys for their outstanding performance in approved Brigade-level activities and the duties in the Brigade such as the annual Share-a-Gift project.

This year, we are proud to announce that three of our boys received the Award and we congratulate them for the perseverance and dedication shown. They are Staff Sergeant (SSG) MURUGESAN SUJEETH,  Warrant Officers (WO) TITUS WEE JIAN-KAI and GO QHIN CHENG CLARKSON.

They received this award on 6 July 2019.
DI1.jpg Our Student Ambassadors clinching the 1st Runner-up position

DI2.jpgOur Student Councillors clinching the 2nd Runner-up position
1st & 2nd Runner-up for Destination Imagination 2019 

Jurong West Secondary School has been an active participant for Destination Imagination (DI) since 2017.

DI is open to all kindergarten to university level students worldwide. This year, we sent two teams, one from Student Council and one from Student Ambassador.

We are proud to announce that we have maintain the Top 3 positions in the Service Learning category for the past three years. Well done JWSS! 


2nd Runner Up for Culture through Kabaddi Competition 2019

Our Under 18 Tamil Language students participated in the Culture through Kabadi Competition on 6 July at Presbyterian High School and clinched the 2nd Runner Up. Congratulations!

cheriiseUWF.jpgCheriise and her winning poem titled ‘The Seasons in Full Bloom' 

Cheriise receiving 1st prize from the Guest-of-Honour

Adel and his poem titled ‘The Bus Turns a Corner’ which won 
3rd in the competition

Adel reciting his poem at Woodlands Regional Library

1st Prize winner for Unity Young Writers Festival 2019

Held in conjunction with Sing Lit Station and the National Arts Council, Unity Young Writers Festival promotes Singapore literature and provides a platform for students to connect deeply with the local poetry scene.

Cheriise Sin Ting Zhen 4E1 (1st Prize) and Adel Bin Zamri 3E3 (3rd Prize) are the winners of UWF 2019 Poetry Competition, an island-wide competition that saw over 200 entries from 27 secondary schools, judged by a panel of esteemed poet-judges Alvin Pang, Daryl Qilin Yam, and Charlene Shepherdson.


46484442-88f1-40a1-ab7a-beeb7fd31f7a.jpeg(Best Design Presentation Award - Team)

5f8f9a3d-e1e5-46c2-b848-7f88d7b533af.jpeg(Young Architect Award - Syasya Batrisyia)

CapitaLand Young Architect Programme 2018

During the period of 4 August to 8 September, 4 JWSS students were selected to participate in the CapitaLand Young Architect Programme (CLYAP) funded by CapitaLand Hope Fund (CHF) and supported by People's Association (PA), Community Development Councils (CDCs) and National University of Singapore (NUS). These students are, Ainsley Adria Bte Suhardi, Surya S/O Ravichandran, Syasya Batrisyia Bte Eaddy and Teo Yang Hui, Javier.

The CLYAP was initiated with the aim to inspire the younger generation to play a role in shaping real estate of the future and sets out to empower the community in rethinking the design and infrastructure of public spaces around their neighbourhood through participatory design. The CLYAP 2018 comprises 4 workshops which require students to develop creative design solutions, address community needs and enhance the communal spaces, as well as involvement in the Finale Presentation for their project.

Mentors, consisting of architects from CapitaLand and students from NUS Architecture, are attached to our students to guide them. At the end of the programme, our students will compete with other schools from other districts in Singapore.  

This was the first time that JWSS was invited to participate in this programme and the school would like to extent our warmest congratulations to the 4 students for achieving exceptional results at the competition.

1. Best Design Presentation Award (Team award)
The team was rewarded with $100 CapitaLand voucher (each student) and a plaque as a form of recognition of their exceptional performance during the competition.

2. Young Architect Award (Individual - Syasya Batrisyia)
Special mention also goes to Syasya for her stellar performance throughout the programme and in recognition of her enthusiasm and passion, she was awarded the Young Architect Award.

JWSS Student Cael Chua represents Singapore as the Team Captain of the National U-16 Ice Hockey Team at the South-East Asia Youth Cup.

The school wishes to offer our heartiest congratulations to Cael Chua for representing Singapore at the National U-16 Ice Hockey event at the South-East Asia Youth Cup. Cael is also the National Team Captain and will be representing Singapore during the games from 3-7 September 2018.

We wish Cael and Team Singapore, all the best in the games!!

** UPDATE 8 September 2018**

The school would like to congratulate Cael Chua and the Singapore Ice Hockey Team for emerging 1st runner up at the South-East Asia Youth Cup! Well done, Team Singapore !
Silver and Bronze awards for Time Capsule Challange 2018

A group of four JWSS students participated in the Time Capsule Challenge 2018. This is an Inter-School Humanities and Current Affairs Competition which aims to deepen students’ understanding of current affairs and the humanities through creative application of their knowledge to different scenarios. We are pleased to announce that two of our students, Meng Lingyan and Cai Xubin from 4E1 were presented the Bronze and Silver Awards respectively. 


JWSS Student Council President, Kim Jeong Soo, featured in the Straits Times IN for his participation in the Methodist Girls' School 10th Regional Youth Conference.

On 19th July 2018, 6 of our Student Ambassadors and Student Councillors represented our school to attend the Regional Youth Conference (RYC) at Methodist Girls’ school. The RYC is a conference for young student leaders seeking to explore some of the complex issues we face today and it also serves as a premier platform where our students from Singapore and the region get to interact with experts from the public as well as private sector. 

The students had the golden opportunity to interact with the delegate students from ASEAN region and attend conferences which highlighted the contributions by the ASEAN citizens for their home cities, countries, and the region. The students also shared about their learning points from the conference during a morning sharing in school.

It was a unique and fruitful learning experience for the students to understand the importance of innovation and global awareness  

JWSS Students featured in the Tamil Murasu for entrepreneurial dare in film-making (16 July 2018)

20/20: The Temasek Short Film Project is a short film series aimed at nurturing the next generation of local filmmakers. Commissioned by Temasek, a Singapore investment company, the project provides 20 young aspiring filmmaking groups with funding as well as mentorships by some of Singapore’s most renowned directors.

We are proud that 4 of our students Surya (3E4), Rosenah (3N2), Shamini (3N2) and Pon Anushaa (3N2) were one of the selected groups and had the opportunity to represent our school and produce a music video entitled “Dusk tlll Dawn” under the mentorship of Wee Li Lin, a renowned local film director.

Their journey and experiences were featured prominently in the Tamil Murasu - the local tamil language newspaper. Congratulations! 

Culture through Kabaddi Competition 2018

Our Under 15 and Under 18 Tamil Language students participated in the Culture through Kabadi Competition on 30 June at Anglo-Chinese School - Barker Campus. The Under 15 team won the Challenge Trophy and the Under 18 team clinched the 2nd Runner Up. Congratulations!
peacemakers conference.png 
peacemakers conference 2.jpg

Peacemakers Conference 2018

From 20-22 June 2018, 4 JWSS Students participated in the annual Peacemakers Conference 2018, hosted by Raffles Girls School and held at the Singapore Management University. The conference participants were introduced to the principles and processes of mediation and encouraged to consider how they can apply them in their daily lives to resolve disputes amicably. 

Our 4 JWSS Students, Dinah Melah Binte Nor Azha, Tew Chun Hui, Sandhya Karthigeyan and Insyirah Binte Muhammad Isham did us proud by emerging as the Champions of the Conference on 22 June 2018.

Below is an excerpt from the official report from the Peacemakers Conference, which can be found here.

"After four gruelling rounds of competition, NUS High School of Math & Science and Jurong West Secondary School emerged as the top two teams.

The finalists had the unenviable task of mediating in front of our distinguished panel of judges at the final round of the competition. This year, we were honoured to have our judging panel consist of Judge of Appeal Judith Prakash, Mr Loong Seng Onn, and Professor Joel Lee. Set in the beautiful David Marshall Moot Court at the Singapore Management University’s School of Law, our finalists were given the challenge of mediating a dramatic and emotionally-charged school conflict, with the added pressure mediating in front of an audience of all the facilitators and participants of the Conference.

Both teams rose to the challenge and put up solid performances worthy of the occasion. Commenting on the outstanding performance by the two finalists, Executive Director of SMC, Mr Loong Seng Onn, noted to an agreeing audience how the caliber of the student mediators was akin to even that of professional mediators with many years of practice. Justice Prakash also commended the finalists for their ability to grasp such difficult concepts and apply them with such proficiency in such a short space of time. After a lengthy process of deliberation, Jurong West Secondary School eventually emerged as the champions for the second consecutive year – the first time any school has won the Conference twice in a row!" 

Students featured in Meathavi 2018 ::
A National Tamil Quiz Competition TV Show

Our students, Ramakrishnan Rishanthi (4E1), Cynthia Manivannan (3E5) and Sivakumar Harini (2N2) participated in 'Meathavi 2018', a National Level Secondary School Quiz Competition. When translated, Meathavi means ‘the knowledge arena’. The competition tested students on their language proficiency, general knowledge as well as mathematical skills. We are proud to announce that our students qualified for the quarterfinals and went through the semi-final round on 10 February 2018. The semi-finals was telecast on Vasantham channel on Monday, 4 June 2018 at 9.00pm and our students were featured on this episode.
10th ASEAN School Games 2018

Our JWSS Student, Mohamed Danial Bin Mohamed Irwan from 4N3 has been selected to represent Singapore at the 10th ASEAN School Games from 19 - 27 July 2018 in Malaysia for Volleyball. 

The school wishes to express our congratulations and well wishes to Danial and that we are proud of his achievements.
Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDC) 2018

The English Language Drama & Debate Society (ELDDS) sent a team of five students to participate in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships (SSSDC) that began in February. The team comprised Nur Farzana Sykirah Bte Adam (4E1), Marinah Bte Mazlan (4E1), Su Myat Naing (4E3), Arunagiri Kirthiga (3E3) and Nashita Farveen D/O Dawood M (3E3). 

These students prepared intensively under the guidance of their debate coach and faced the School of Science and Technology, Bukit Batok Secondary School and Serangoon Secondary School in the three Preliminary Rounds. They successfully won two of three rounds and qualified for the Quarter-Finals for the first time in JWSS history. We are delighted that Su Myat Naing and Farzana were awarded the Top 20 Speakers of the SSSDC (Division III) based on their scores for all the debate rounds. 

Sorkalam 2018, a National Tamil debate series for Secondary schools

Sorkalam 2018, a National Tamil debate series for Secondary schools, is one of the most highly anticipated competitions among the Tamil students’ community. This is our first experience participating in this competition and it was a remarkable achievement for our school to emerge as one of the top 8 schools among the 30 schools who participated in Sorkalam 2018.  The finals was telecast live at Vasantham Channel on 7 April 2018 and the event was graced by Mr Vikram Nair, Member of Parliament, Sembawang GRC. We were awarded with trophies and a cash prize of $250 during this event. 

The exciting journey had provided our students a platform to explore current affairs, hone their debating skills and also groom themselves to be confident speakers.

Singapore Police Force - NPCC Badge Award 2018

The SPF-NPCC Badge is the pinnacle award that NPCC cadets can vie for. The objective of awarding SPF-NPCC Badge to cadets is to identify and recognise outstanding cadets with good leadership qualities. Nominated cadets go through 2 rounds of rigorous interviews at Area level and also NPCC HQ. This year, only 146 cadets were selected for the SPF-NPCC Badge.

Two of the award recipients are from Jurong West Secondary School. They are Crystal Kwok from 4E2 and Yeo Ying Jie from 4E1. They have shown dedication to the corps and resilience as they actively led the unit as Cadet Leaders and invested numerous hours to train and lead their juniors in competitions.



image1 (3).png 
10th International Model United Nations Conference 2017 

Jurong West Secondary School students took part in the 3 days conference, hosted and organised by ACS (Independent) from 5th to 7th June 2017. This was the first time our school took part in this conference and we are very proud that one of our student, Shwetha Raj (3E2) was presented with the Best Policy Statement Award under the United Nations Security Council 

Nanyang Polytechnic Science & Technology Challenge 2017
JWSS Science Department sent our students to participate in the NYP Science & Technology Challenge 2017 on 5 September. Our students went through a series of lectures to learn about scientific concepts related to their competition category. In the second section of the event, students were given time to construct their prototypes and do a field test. All the different categories competed and our students won in the following categories. 

Champion in Wind-Powered Racer (Category 5), 1st Runner-Up and the Most Innovative Prize in Bodyweight Challenge (Category 3) and 1st Runner-Up in Take Flight & Soar (Category 10)

After participating in this event for 2 years, we are pleased to announce that Jurong West Secondary emerged as 1st Runner-Up for Science & Technology Challenge 2017! Well done to our students! 
GELT2017 awardees (1).JPGGELT2017 awardees (2).JPG

Global English Language Test (GELT) 2017

It measures students’ English language proficiency, and ability to

1.express an idea clearly, concisely, and grammatically correct (Section 1: Structure)

2.read, understand, and analyze standard written English (Section 2: Reading Comprehension)

3.make a logical argument, and communicate effectively (Section 3: Writing).

Two of our students, Nurul Ain Natasha Bte Azizul (4E1) and Hor Si Ying Gladius (4E1), took the GELT on 24 June 2017. Outperforming peers of their equivalent level (Grade 10) from around the world, Natasha and Gladius received Gold medals for their stellar performance. The meritorious duo were in the 95th percentile – outshining 95% of those who took the same test.  
International Competition and Assessment (ICAS) Science organised by the University of New South Wales

ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. Yee Ray (2E3) is awarded distinction for being the top 8% of the Secondary Two cohort at national level and Cai Xu Bin (3E1) is awarded high distinction for being the top 1% of the Secondary Three cohort at national level. 
TimeCapsuleChallenge2017.jpg Time Capsule Challenge 2017

On 27 July, a group of four JWSS students participated in the Time Capsule Challenge 2017. This is an Inter-School Humanities and Current Affairs Competition which aims to deepen students’ understanding of current affairs and the humanities through creative application of their knowledge to different scenarios. We are pleased to announce that two of our students, Melwinder Kaur and Nicole Lee from 4E3 were presented the Silver Award for their outstanding achievements in the individual category. 
WestZoneVolleyball2017 (1).jpgWestZoneVolleyball2017 (3).jpgWestZoneVolleyball2017 (2).jpg

West Zone B Division Volleyball Championship (Boys) 

Yu Jia Wei, Ron (4E3) Adric Kok Ming Hui (5N2) Fabien Ng Bing Jun (4E3) Huang Jiashun (4E2) Lim Jun Kai (4E1) Kris Chua Yi Fong (4N2) Ng Sze Keong, Melvin (4N3) Ames Ng  Jun Han (4N3) Noorhakim B Mohama Zaid (3E5) Mohamed Danial B Mohamed Irwan (3N3) Elson Lim Wei Yang (3E3) Ang CHuan Kait (3E5) Lim Jing Kang, Donovan (3N2) Yap Kiat Meng (3T1)

The Jurong West Secondary School B Division Volleyball boys clinched the 4th place in the 2017 West Zone B Division Volleyball Tournament. In the Preliminary Round, the boys recorded wins against River Valley High School, West Spring Secondary School and Yuhua Secondary School and finished second in their group to qualify for the Semi Finals of the West Zone Tournament. The boys were pitted against Clementi Town Secondary School in the Semi Finals and acquitted themselves well, but were unfortunate to lose to the eventual first runner-up in the West Zone Tournament. Despite the loss, the boys have done the school proud by clinching the 4th place in the competition for the second year in a row. 
The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) is the highest and most honourable award a BB boy can attain in the Seniors Programme. The award recognises boys for their outstanding performance in approved Brigade-level activities and the duties in the Brigade such as the annual Share-a-Gift project. This year, we are proud to announce that three of our boys received the Award and we congratulate them for the perseverance and dedication shown. They are Warrant Officers (WO) Ng Wei Jie, Alex and Alvin Tang Chin Yi, and Staff Sergeant (SSG) Junior Seng Zhi Wei. They received this award on 1 July 2017 at the SAFRA Jurong. 
BasketBall2017achievement.jpg In 2017, the JWSS B Division Basketball boys achieved a 4th place in the West Zone Basketball Championship where they recorded wins against Teck Whye Secondary, River Valley High School and Commonwealth Secondary School in the Preliminary Round. In the Second Round, the boys continued to do well and recorded wins against Assumption English School, Hua Yi Secondary School, New Town Secondary and Nan Hua High School to finish 2nd place in the group and qualify for the Semi Finals for the West Zone Competition. The Zonal Semi Finals was played against Unity Secondary School where our boys gave a good account of themselves, but lost to the eventual champions. Nevertheless, the boys picked themselves up and played against Bukit Panjang Government High School where they lost narrowly with a score of 56-55 to secure 4th place in the Zone.

At the National Schools Basketball Championship, the team continued to do well in the first round where they scored wins against Guangyang Secondary School and Anglican High School to qualify 2nd place in the group. In the Quarter Final stage, the team came up against stronger schools to record 1 win and 2 loses before settling for a National Top 8 place as well as securing a “Fair Play Award” for their efforts in the National Competition. 
On 1 April, a group of 12 JWSS students participated in the Destination Imagination National Tournament which provides opportunities for participants to think creatively, take risks and work together to solve common problems.     

A team of 5 students from the Student Ambassadors participated in the Service-Learning Challenge titled “Ready, Willing & Fable” and a team of 7 students from the Art Talent-Driven Programme participated in the Fine Arts Challenge titled “Vanished!”    

We are pleased to announce that both teams achieved the 1st Runner Up for Middle Level in their respective Challenges for this tournament.     

For the Service-Learning Challenge, we have:
1)      Jasmine Liew from 2E1
2)      Nur Mahirah from 2E2
3)      Koh Xin Ru from 2E2
4)      Adiy Taufeeq from 2E4
5)      Noelle Tan from 2E4

Team Manager: Mr Teo Eng Tong  

For the Fine Arts Challenge, we have:
1)      Angel Zhou from 2E1
2)      Jessica Jenne from 2E1
3)      Katrizia Movida from 2E1
4)      Nashita Farveen from 2E1
5)      Venus Lim from 2E1
6)      Venus Png from 2E1
7)      Yuhanaa from 2E1

Team Manager: Mr Sam Lim 
Media Challenge 2017pic1.jpg
Media Challenge 2017pic2.jpg
'Best Video' category at The Media Challenge 2017

Our students won the 'Best Video' category at The Media Challenge 2017 at Republic Polytechnic, organised by the Faculty of Diploma in Mass Communication, where the event drew 31 teams from 22 secondary schools with over 150 students.

The panel of judges from the industry were very impressed by our students from the team, JWSS Voice, and commended them on their high quality of work, dedication to the task and ability to put together a comprehensive social media package that adhered closely to the theme – Youth and their Aspirations: "If you could make one change, what would it be?"  

Participating teams had to propose a cause they are passionate about and pitch it to the Editor of Youth.SG, a lifestyle and news website, covering entertainment, the latest trends and issues facing Singaporean youths today. The challenge saw many entries of excellent quality and our team clinched it for their clarity in storytelling through the video which reflected good camera work and video editing skills. Despite their youth and relative lack of experience, they created professional work that impressed everyone on the panel.

Our students' winning work can be viewed on: YouTube 

A separate production with Youth.SG on Facebook (CLICK HERE)

 ICE Challenge 2017 (2).jpg
ICE Challenge 2017 (1).jpg
Innovation, Creativity, Enterprise (ICE) Challenge 2017 

This national competition calls for primary and secondary school students to submit innovative and creative solutions to identified problems. It was jointly organised by MoneyTree Singapore and SPRING Singapore. This year, participants were required to create videos of their innovations and upload to YouTube to be judged by a panel of industry and business professionals. 

29 students from our Science JeWel programme and the Science Club, working in teams, represented our school in this competition. Three of  our students: Seo Jiwon (3E1), Eunice Ng Jia Jia (3E3)Venus Png Jia Yu (3E3), from team Beary, clinched the Third prize in the secondary section for their product "Sure Wake Up Watch". 


Basketball National Under-18 Men’s Team

Wong Teng Yew (4E2)  

Wong Teng Yew (from Class 4E2) has been invited to the National Under-18 Men’s Team training. 

The National Under-18 Men’s team will be training for a period of 2 years, in preparation for the regional SEABA U18 Championship and continental FIBA Asia U18 Championship competitions in 2018. 
Australian Mathematics Competition.jpg
Australian Mathematics Competition 2016

In the 2016 Australian Mathematics Competition, 116 of our students took part in the competition and they were awarded 4 Distinctions, 24 Credit, 77 Proficiency and 11 Participation awards.

_mg_4078_30898768232_o.jpg Nanyang Polytechnic Science and Technology Challenge 2016

The annual Science and Technology Challenge organised by NYP is an opportunity for young and budding engineers to get their hands-on building prototypes by applying their knowledge and understanding in science.

The competition put students’ real-life problem solving skills to the test and aims to challenge their creativity and team efficiency, requiring students to create innovative designs with the limited materials provided.

Two teams from JWSS made a strong showing in the ‘Hybrid Boat’ and ‘Take flight and soar’ categories and emerged 2nd runner up and 1st runner up respectively!

A big congratulations to our students! 

Basketball National U16 Boys Team

Loh Weng Hon Louis (4N2)

Loh Weng Hon Louis (from Class 4N2) has been selected to represent the National U16 Boys in the 5th Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Cup to be held in Singapore from 20-23 October 2016.

Basketball National U16 Girls Team

Germaine Aw Zi Wei has been selected to represent the National U16 Girls in the 5th Asia Pacific Youth Basketball Cup, to be held in Singapore from 20-23 October 2016.

Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) 2016

Gan Yao Yang (4E4)  

The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) is the highest and most honourable award a BB boy can attain in the Seniors Programme. The award recognises boys for their outstanding performance in approved Brigade-level activities and the duties in the Brigade such as the annual Share-a-Gift project. We congratulate SSG Gan Yao Yang for the perseverance he has shown and the dedication put on the task. He received his award on 3 July 2016, Saturday. 

SPF-NPCC Badge Awardees 

SI (NPCC) Khong York Pan (4E4)
SI (NPCC) Dania Bte Azmi (4E3)
SSG (NPCC) Nur Laili Bte Samsuri (4E4)

Since 1997, the SPF-NPCC Badge has been the pinnacle badge awarded to NPCC cadets who display exemplary leadership qualities and outstanding achievements. Cadets experience two rigorous rounds of interviews before being selected for this honour. Out of the 160 recipients across approximately 150 schools in 2016, 3 award recipients are from Jurong West Secondary School NPCC. All three award recipients have shown dedication and resilience as they actively led the unit as Cadet Leaders and invested numerous hours to train and lead their juniors in competitions. 

Singapore Olympic Foundation Peter Lim Scholarship

Azura Bte Azlan (1N2) 

The scholarship provides financial assistance to help young deserving sports talents from humble backgrounds to achieve their sporting goals. It also seeks to support under-18, high-performing athletes to pursue sporting excellence in their chosen fields.Past winners include Joseph Schooling and Tao Li. The award ceremony was held on 20 May 2016 at ITE College East with a total of 99 secondary school students were awarded for their respective sports.


Azura Be Azlan (1N2) from JWSS was awarded the scholarship in the category of Football and she was 1 of the only 4 girls who received the Scholarship for Football. Her achievements included participating in the Football Association of Singapore National Girls Under-14 Team, Japan FA International Girls Festival in March 2016, Hong Kong FA Jockey Club Girls’ International Youth Competition in April 2016, Laos AFC Under-14 Championships in May 2016 and representing Singapore in the Asian Football Confederation Under-14 Girls Regional Championship in June 2016.


Red Cross Youth (RCY) President’s Award

Han Wan Chee (4E1)

The Red Cross Youth (RCY) President’s Award was introduced in 2012 to recognize outstanding cadets in the Red Cross Youth. Recipients of the award will receive a badge and a plaque as a token of their outstanding service in RCY and the community. We are proud to announce that Han Wan Chee of 4E1 received the award from His Excellency, President Dr Tony Tan, on 6 October 2015.

Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA)
Warrant Officer Jared Lim (4E1)
Warrant Officer Benjamin Tan (4E2)
Warrant Officer Goh Boon Siong (4E1)
Warrant Officer Tan Jian Wei (4E4)

The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) is the highest and most honourable award a BB boy can attain in the Seniors Programme. The award recognises boys for their outstanding performance in approved Brigade-level activities and the duties in the Brigade such as the annual Share-a-Gift project. The 4 boys received the award from Ms Liew Wei Li, Divisional Director, Student Development  Curriculum Division at SAFRA Mount Faber on 11 July 2015 (Saturday).

Finalists for the SINO Junior Reporter Programme (SJRP) 2015

Poh Quan Ting (4N1)
Wong Xiang Ying (4N1)
Shalni D/O Selvarajoo (4N1)
Noor Rasul B Shaik Alavudin (4N1)
Lim Shao Han (4N1)
The above students participated in the SINO Junior Reporter Programme (SJRP) 2015 and qualified to represent the school as finalists among 60 other students from various local educational institutions.

Organised by the SINO Group and the South China Morning Post (SCMP Young Post), and supported by the National Youth Council, the objective of the programme was to enable participants to appreciate the pivotal role that Singapore’s historical buildings have played in shaping Singapore’s future. The SJRP 2015 served as a fantastic interdisciplinary platform (Humanities & English) to provide our students with a deeper appreciation of Singapore, in addition to developing them through learning valuable interviewing, research, analytical and writing skills. 

Quan Ting shared that, “The experience of participating in this competition made me better understand and appreciate the importance of our urban heritage”.

Rasul additionally added, “Participating in such national programmes boosted my confidence. I got to interact with students from other schools, and also learn from senior management in the SINO Group”.

4th placing in the National Schools Basketball Championships 2015

Benjamin Ang (5N1)
Dexter Tan (4E1) 
Cheang Yiuwei (4E2) 
Lim Zhi Yi (4E3) 
Sean Tiah (4E3) 
Wang Jingkai (4E3) 
Ong Jin Han (4E5) 
Shaun Ong (4E5) 
Ye Ytun Naing (4E5) 
Jeff Tan (4N3) 
Kelvin Ser (4N3) 
Joseph Po (4N3)

JWSS Basketball(Boys) Team managed to set a new record in the school’s history by securing a 4th placing in the National Schools Basketball Championships this year. This result was achieved through the guidance provided by Coach Kendy Lee and the team’s sheer determination and hard work. The team also finished in 3rd position just below the traditional powerhouses in the West Zone B Division Championship.

Achievement in Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association (IITAAS) and SINDA:

Junior Category- Won the 1st Prize in the inaugural Singapore Indian Young Writers Competition

Mahendra Prasad (4N1)


Currently studying in Jurong West Secondary School


More information on the competition is available from the attached write-up:  https://www.filedropper.com/mahendrasuccessstory_1   and at the following website:  https://www. sginyoungwriters.com

The Indian Young Writers Competition prize distribution video link from Thaalam, IndianBeat on Vasantham is available at the following website   https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=86HHQxYDQXA

His award winning essay can is available for reading at:  https://www.filedropper.com/mahendraessay