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Science Club


CCA Schedule
Training VenueTraining Day
Chemistry Lab 1 /
Chemistry Lab 2
Friday 3.45 pm - 6.15 pm
Organisation Chart
Mr Wee Keng Yong (OIC)
Ms Muthumeenakshi 

Executive Committee
PresidentJanet Mary Francis (3E3)
Vice-PresidentsChua Boon Choon (3E5)
Julius Denidoss Joheal Antonio (3E2)
Toy Design Competition 2017 – Automata CategoryFirst Place2017
 Gardens by the Bay Ambassadors Programme7 members awarded the Ambassadors Badge2018 

List of Activities

Safety Starts With Me Competition by Workplace Safety & Health Council January - February
Daycamp at Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) March
Students' Science Magic Show April - July
Tree Planting for International Day of Biological Diversity May
  Training in GBTB Ambassadors Programme August
 Race to Sustainability at GBTB October
 Hosting Sec 2 Learning Journey to GBTB October
 VIA Outreach at Pioneer Primary School November
Our Publication
The CCA publishes its own online science magazine, The Science Times, which reports on various club activities. All the articles are written, edited and compiled by the student members. Please click here to read The Science TImes!

Activities & Competitions (2018)

Day Camp at Gardens by the Bay (GBTB)
Training in the GBTB Ambassadors Programme
image008.jpgHosting the Sec 2 cohort in their Learning Journey to GBTBimage010.jpgMembers explaining the unique displays in GBTB
image012.jpgMembers guiding the Sec 2 cohort in GBTBimage014.jpgStudents' Science Magic Show
image016.pngStudents' Science Magic Trick
image018.jpgMembers working behinds the scene at GBTB
image020.jpgMembers volunteering as guides at GBTBimage022.jpgFacing huge competition in the race to Sustainability
image024.jpgMembers completing tasks at a station in Race to Sustainabilityimage026.jpgPresenting at a station in Race to Sustainability
image028.jpgTree Planting in JWSSimage030.jpgCommemorating International Day of Biological Diversity

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