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Co-Curricular Framework

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)


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To develop students into responsible, concerned and adaptable citizens ready for life and work, JWSS focuses on the use of authentic experiences and service to design its programs and equip students with 21 century skills, socio-emotional skills and school values. These authentic experiences include CCA training sessions, competitions, performances, camps, learning journeys and overseas immersion trips. Students are also given opportunities to use their CCA skills to lead and serve the community.

In JWSS, the delivery of Co-Curriculum programmes is modelled after Kolb’s Learning Experience Cycle where experiential learning in authentic experiences are gained through student’s service in CCA. Teacher-facilitated reflections are conducted to help students reflect and concretise their learning. Conclusions drawn from these discussions will be shared with other students and applied in future context whenever possible.


Progressive development of JWSS students in CCAs

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