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Co-Curricular Framework

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

In line with the school’s vision to nurture passionate learners, innovative thinkers and leaders inspired by service who are future ready, CCAs are an integral part of the holistic development of all students in Jurong West Secondary School. 

CCAs also play a very critical role in nurturing the school values of Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Excellence in all the students. 

All students participate actively in at least one CCA where they will pursue their interest and passion, discover, develop and excel through CCA experiences both in and out of the school. 

The JWSS CCA Programme aims to:

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In pursuing their interest and passion via the CCA coupled with resilience as well as the right values and attitudes, our students will be well placed, having both the courage and conviction to work towards achieving their goals. 

Students who are highly passionate would also be able to take on leadership roles within the CCAs where they will grow as student leaders who will be exemplary and lead the way for their teammates. 

Mentored by caring, committed CCA teachers and under the training of professional instructors for certain CCAs, students are guided to strike a balance between their academic and CCA pursuits so as to develop holistically in their secondary school years and realise their full potential.  

JWSS CCA Experience



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Clubs & Societies Performing Arts Sports & Games Uniformed Groups
Art Club 
AV / IT Club 
Library Council 
Science Club 

Symphonic Band 
International Dance 
EL Debate & Drama 

(Boys & Girls) 
Floorball (Girls) 
Frisbee (Boys & Girls) 
Hockey (Boys) 
Netball (Girls) 
Volleyball (Boys)
National Cadet Corps 
National Civil Defence Cadet Corps 
National Police Cadet Corps 
The Boys Brigade 
Red Cross Youth