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CCA Schedule
Training VenueTraining Day OneTraining Day Two
Choir RoomMonday 3.45 pm - 6.15 pmWednesday 3.45 pm - 6.15 pm
Organisation Chart
Ms Muriel Manning (OIC)
Mdm Siti Aisah (2 IC)
Mr Benjamin Low Chi Arn

Conductor: Ms Evangeline Tan
Pianist: Ms Sheum Mei Mei

Executive Committee
PresidentChong Jun Hyen, Kieran (3E1)
Vice-PresidentsJanani Suraparaj (3E1)
Clarita Moncy (3E1)
SYF Arts PresentationCertificate of Accomplishment2017
SYF Arts PresentationCertificate of Distinction2015
SYF Arts PresentationCertificate of Distinction2013
London College of Music (LCM) Choir Ensemble
Level 1 Examination
Certificate of Distinction2012

List of Activities and Performances

SYF Arts PresentationApril
JWSS Speech and Prize Giving DayApril
Local Performances at CHIJMESMay
Choir VIAMay
 National Day CelebrationAugust
Overseas Cultural Exchange Programme in Hong KongNovember
Choral Exchange Programme at St. Hilda’s Secondary SchoolNovember
Recording of the School SongOngoing

Activities & Competitions (2017)

ChoralExch.jpgChoral Exchange Programme at St. Hilda’s Secondary School
SYF Rehearsal at the School of the Arts (SOTA)
Overseas Cultural Exchange Programme to Hong Kong
SchPerformance.pngSchool Performance during the National Day Celebration

A feature on our Overseas Immersion Trip to Hong Kong (30 Oct to 02 Nov 2017)

From 30 October to 2 November, our students from the Jurong West Secondary School choir, along with the other Performing Arts groups, embarked on a joint school immersion trip to Hong Kong. The immersion trip provided a good platform for our students to learn more about the performing arts culture of Hong Kong, and also allowed students to interact with students who come from a different background.

The activities throughout the trip were engaging and provided a greater understanding of the cultural scene in Hong Kong.

One of the more interesting experiences was the Cantonese Opera Workshop. This workshop provided a snippet of the features of Chinese theatre. Students witnessed the intense training that the performers must master including a distinct style of singing, acting, speech delivery, martial and gymnastics skills. Three of our students had the chance to don the colourful costumes and tried the unique application of makeup. This opportunity increased our students’ awareness and provided exposure to a different type of performing art form not commonly seen in Singapore. It allowed our students to reflect on their own practice as a member of the performing arts and reminded them of the tenacity they need to perfect their art. 

Our students got a hands-on experience to make their own egg roll and wife biscuit, a popular Cantonese pastry made with a filling of winter melon. The workshop also included a tea appreciation session where students got to sample various types of tea, whilst learning about their tastes and benefits. This was an exciting activity for the students and enriched their knowledge on the popular cuisines and eating habits in Hong Kong.

We also received a warm welcome from the students from Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College (CASCCMC). Principal Mr Wong took time to explain the school history and share current school profile. Our students had a mini showcase and performed for some of the college students. This was followed by interaction with the students through some games. We enjoyed our time and are thankful to the college for their hospitality.
choir_ot17_1.jpgStudents in makeup and costume in the roles of a mischievous character, monkey god and a maiden
choir_ot17_2.jpgStudents trying the props used for Cantonese Opera
choir_ot17_3.jpg choir_ot17_4.jpg
Wife Biscuit Making Session (Left) and Egg Roll Making Session (Right)
Tea Appreciation Session
Interaction with students at CASCCMC

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