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CCA Schedule
Training VenueTraining Day OneTraining Day Two
Netball CourtMonday 3 pm - 6 pmWednesday 3.45 pm - 6.15 pm
Organisation Chart
Mr Syaifudean Selamar (OIC)
Mdm Lim Lan Theen (2IC)
Ms Molly Sii Yiw Ching
Ms Ang Geok Xing

Ms Annie Lim

Upper Sec Executive Committee (Girls' Team)
CaptainAlyssa Yeshe Tan Si Qi (3E1) – B Division
Lau Callista (2E4) – C Division
Vice-CaptainsJaneve Ng Choy Tong (3E2) – B Division
Audrey Wai Mei Yi (3E2) – B Division
Lee Ru Ting (2E2) – C Division
 Level Head (Sec 1) Chloe Khong Zhi Ying (1E2)
Ang Thankchanok (Amanda) (1T1)
Esther Leow Hui Juan (1E2)
Welfare IC
Welfare 2IC
 Althea Maxinn Fernandez Achacoso (3N2)
Chan Yan Qi (2E1)
 Recreational IC
Recreational 2IC
 Tiffany Lim Zi Yan (3E2)
Seraphine Yau Sing Hui (2E3)
Marketing IC
Marketing 2IC
 Toh Ree Yee (3N3)
Aurelia Pek (2E2)
 Logistic IC
Logistic 2IC
 Celine Tan (3E1)
Lai Wen Xin (2E3)

Punggol Carnival2nd place2019
  T-Net U14 Carnival2nd place2019
 West Zone B Division Netball Tournament 2nd Round Placement2019
 Netball Seasonal League 1st place2018
 Netops Carnival (B Division)  2nd Round Placement2018
 West Zone C Division Netball Tournament  2nd Round Placement2018
 B Division M1 Tournament Semi-Finalist2018
West Zone C Division Netball Tournament2nd Round Placement2017
'B' Division M1 TournamentSemi-Finalist2017
Westwood Net4all Competition1st place2017
West Zone C Division Netball Tournament
2nd Round Placement
 'B' Division M1 Tournament 2nd place  2016
 Netball Seasonal League 1st place2016
 West Zone C Division Netball Tournament 2nd Round Placement2015
  'B' Division M1 Tournament 2nd place2015
 'C' Division M1 Tournament1st place2013

List of Activities

Netops Carnival
Netball School Immersion Trip to KL
Sneakers CarnivalNovember
 VIA at Frontier PrimaryNovember
 T-Net U-14 TournamentAugust
 Pesta Sukan CarnivalAugust
C Division West Zone Tournament
July - August
Active Carnival
M1 Tournament March - May
B Division West Zone Tournament January - March

Netball during Covid 19 Period

To stay ahead in the game, our coach conducted online netball session via Zoom during the Circuit Breaker period. The girls did physical training and ball handling activities at home. 

B.jpgCoach Annie leading the training

C.jpgNetball session via zoom

CCA Resumption 

The girls started face-to-face(F2F) CCA session in October, taking into consideration of strict Safety Measurement Measures.


Students training in small groups


Activities & Competitions (2019)

Our Netball team participated in various competitions and carnivals throughout the year. We are proud to announce that we came in 1st position for Netball Seasonal League 2018 and also 2nd position in both Punggol Carnival 2019 and T-Net U14 Carnival 2019.

2.jpgB Division players in action during the West Zone Tournament

C Division players in action during T-NET U14 Carnival

1st position for Netball Seasonal League 2019

2nd position for T-NET U14 Carnival 2019

Netball School Immersion Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Netball had the opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpur for School Immersion Trip from 29 October to 1 November. Our Netballers had a full day School Immersion at Taylor International School and also played friendly games with SMK Kosas and Bukit Jalil Sports School.

Friendly game with SML Kosas

School immersion at Taylor International School

Making traditional malay kueh - onde onde

Photostop at Putrajaya

Team Bonding and VIA

In addition to our weekly training, the netballers organize termly team bonding activities to foster team spirit. The netballers also conduct yearly netball clinic at Frontier Primary School as part of their VIA program. 

Our girls learn how to make roti prata

Getting to know one another

Fun team bonding activity

14.jpegVIA at Frontier Primary

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