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Ultimate Frisbee


Teachers in Charge:

Ms Cindy Chua(I/C),  Mr Ng Shi Ze


Mr Kenneth Lin, Mr Colin Chua

Training days:

Mondays & Wednesdays, 3.45-6.00pm

The Utlimate  Frisbee  club was started in 2005 as an outlet for students to bond and have fun over a friendly game after school. The participants are introduced to the game rules, and taught the skills and techniques to excel in the sport. Respect and Teamwork are valued in this sport, and the spirit of fair play is encouraged by allowing students to govern and officiate their own matches. Ultimately, we aim to nurture a strong spirit of sportsmanship while having fun!

Programmes and activities

•CCA open house

•CCA camps

•Sports exchange programme

•Frisbee Competitions (Interschool and Zonal)

Highlights and events

•Hosted Interschool Westzone competition for cluster schools and schools in the West zone 

•Ambassadors for Sports education programme session Frontier Primary (Coaching Primary school kids Frisbee)

•JJC Interschool Frisbee Carnival


•JWSS Interschool Westzone competition 2017

•Boys’ team: 1st runner up 

•Girls’ team: 2nd runner up 

•JWSS Interschool Westzone competition 2016

•Boys’ team: 2nd runner up 

•Girls’ team: 1st runner up