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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

CCA Schedule
Training VenueTraining Day
School Parade SquareFriday 3.45 pm - 6.15 pm
Organisation Chart
MAJ (NCC) Joel Seah Kai Ming (OIC)
2LT (NCC) Chua Wang Zhi (2IC)
Mr Bradley Soh

Key Appointment Holders
Unit Sergeant MajorMSG Teng Ze Yu (3E1)
Assistant Sergeant MajorMSG Muhammad Hizqil Bin Jusri (3E1)
Unit Recognition
Distinction Award
 NCC Orienteering Competition Champion2019
Unit Recognition Distinction Award 2018
Best Unit Competition
Gold Award

List of Activities

Camp Steel (Sec 2)January - March
NCC School Annual CampMarch
Free Style Drill CompetitionMay-June
Specialist Assessment (Sec 3)March and June
 NCC Camp Forge (Sec 1)July
 Senior Specialist Leaders' CourseJuly - September 
NCC Road RelayAugust
NCC Orienteering Competition (Sec 2)October
NCC Overseas TripOctober

Activities & Competitions (2021)

National Cadet Corps (Outstanding Cadet Award)

Teng Ze Yu (4E1) and Muhd Hizqil Bin Jusri (4E1) received the Outstanding Cadet Award for their excellent leadership qualities and contributions to the NCC.

Activities & Competitions (2019 / 2020)

Cadets engaged in picking up a new skill in archery during the NCC Day Camp 2020.

Cadets sharing with other Uniformed Groups on Total Defence through a presentation and a hands-on session of the “Guardians of the City” card game.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, NCC trainings were moved online. 
Cadets were guided by their CSM and cadet officers. Proficiency tests were also conducted online during this period.

Cadets learnt about field signals through an online module and recorded videos of themselves displaying their new knowledge.

Our cadets in parade formation on NCC Day 2019.jpg
Our cadets in parade formation on NCC Day 2019

Cadets conducting orienteering training for NCC units in our cluster.jpg
Cadets conducting orienteering training in preparation for the Orienteering Competition 2019


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