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National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)


  • A/ASP (NPCC) Chan Bin Chuan (Overall IC)
  • INSP (NPCC) Huzaini Bin Alwi
  • P/INSP Renuga Rama Moorthy



  • H/DSP (NPCC) Jeffrey Sim Ghee Thiam
  • H/INSP (NPCC) Lim Jing Xian
  • SCI (NPCC) Abdul Hafiz Bin Hanafi
  • SCI (NPCC) Chew Kian Eng
  • PCI (NPCC) Richelle Legaspi Vergara
  • CI (NPCC) Khong York Pan


Date and Time of Training

Wednesday, 3.30pm-6.30pm





School premises


Mission & Vision

  • The MISSION of the National Police Cadet Corps is to develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.
  • The VISION of the National Police Cadet Corps is to become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world .

Our Beliefs

In accordance with our mission and vision, we believe in:

  • Developing Leaders with Character & Values

    We ensure the growth of our cadets by exposing them to a challenging environment, which, in turn will imbibe them with leadership qualities, strong character and civic, social and moral values.
  • Building Bonds with SPF

    We create a safer place for all in the country through raising awareness of the role of the Singapore Police Force and building stronger bonds of friendship with them.
  • Showing Care & Concern to Others

    We embrace a culture that encourages us to treat fellow cadets with respect, courtesy and tact, and to extend the same care and concern to others.
  • Facing Challenges & Achieving Excellence

    We seek to excel and to face up to challenges through adopting the Singapore Police Force traditions of high standards of performance, commitment, duty and service .


Suvival Training Camp In Pulau Ubin



Sec 1:
Safety First Badge, Crime Prevention Badge, Total Defence (Bronze Badge), Swiming Proficiency Badge, Specialisation Camp, 3rd Class Drill Badge, Road Marshal Training, Campcraft Badge, Police Heritage Visit, Police Knowledge Badge 1, Local Educational Trip.
Sec 2:
Home Team Training Village Visit, CSSP Badge, 2nd Class Drill Badge, Total Defence (Silver Badge), SANA Badge, Civil Defence Badge, Sec 2 Adventure Training Camp (Pulau Ubin), Specialisation Camp, Road Marshal Duty, Sec 2 Practice Shoot, Basic Law 2
Sec 3:
CID Visit, Police Youth Embassador Badge, 1st Class Drill Badge, Total Defence (Gold Badge), National Heritage Badge, Home Front Badge, Sec 3 Adventure Training Camp (Pulau Ubin), Non-Comissioned Officer Camp, Leadership Mentoring Skills Course, Sec 3 Classification Shoot
Sec 4 & 5:
Adventure Training Facilities (1 Day Course), 1st Class Drill Badge, Non-Comissioned Officer Camp
Annual Camp, Cadet Leader Course
Enrichment programmes:
Air Rifle Shoot, Air Pistol Shoot, First Aid Course, Abseiling, and Kayaking.




Highlights of 2017

  • Attained GOLD Award for Unit Overall Proficiency Award.
  • Overseas Education Visit to Vietnam.