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Red Cross Youth


Date and time of training:

Wednesday - 3.30pm to 6.30pm

Monday & Friday are reserved for competition trainings and RCY HQ activities, if any.

Venue: 1T1 Classroom and Room 2 (both at level 1) for indoor lessons, Parade Square for outdoor lessons.

Unit Objectives:

  1. Sustain Gold Standard for Excellent Unit Award. We have achieved Gold EUA for 9 consecutive years.
  2. Promote a holistic development of our cadets by providing multiple platforms and grooming all students in:
    • Peer leadership and mentoring,
    • Long lasting life skills and effective communication,
    • Service learning and community involvement, which are in line with our school values and mission.
    • Lessons syllabus includes Red Cross Knowledge, Evacuation drills, First Aid, Footdrill, Outdoor Activities, and Youth Ambassador Blood Programme 


Ms Usha Somasuntharam (Overall I/C)   

Mr Lin Feng Sheng Winston (2 I/C)   

Ms Karpagam Manickavasagam   

Mr Mustaqim Bin Mohamed

Volunteer Instructors:

Cadet Officer, Ms Chew Ting Ting

Cadet Officer, Ms Celeste Lim Seok Ning

Cadet Leaders Executive Committee:

Tay Yen Zu - Chairperson

Muthu Kumar Kanimozhi - Vice Chairperson

Yee Hor Mun - Vice Chairperson

Eunice Ng Jia Jia

Germaine Tay Kah Oon

Ng Sin Ru

Rachel Siak Lee Jen

Reese Ng Jingwen

Siti Noormaisarah Bte M N

Su Yaminn Nwe

Teo You Xiang

Lim Jin Kang

Yap Jing Hui




For hands-on experiential learning, our JWSS RCY cadets were taught to sew stuff soft toys by the staff at Maison Chance Take Wing Centre, one of the several charitable organisations which trains the handicapped with technical knowledge such as painting, sewing and baking. At the Thien Dyuen Orphanage. our RCY cadets busied themselves happily in crafting bracelets for their residents (8 months to 16 years old). Our cadets truly empathise with many of these residents who suffer from physical disabilities and are abandoned by their families. After this trip, our cadets learn to appreciate their loved ones and their fortunate lives much more, living in Singapore.

Unit Highlights for the Past Years:

  • All cadets will be sent for a professional course to be certified as Standard First Aiders.
  • Annual Training and Bonding Camp in March.
  • For cross cultural exchange, we have hosted Japanese Red Cross Society members and delegates from Japan’s Gunma Prefecture in 2016 (*click here to read more!)
  • Travelling overseas at the end of the year for CIP involvement and we have visited Cambodia in 2009, Vietnam in 2010, Hong Kong in 2011, Taiwan in 2012, Vietnam in 2013 and 2017, Taiwan 2014, Bintan in 2015.
  • The Unit actively participates in Red Cross Headquarters activities and events like Singapore Youth Festival, National Day Parade, Cadet Recognition Day, Project Red Cross Love, Red Cross Youth Challenge (Adventure camp), Unit Leaders and Unit Instructors Programme, National First Aid Competition and  Current Affairs Competition. 

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