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The Boys' Brigade

Colours Consecration/ Parents' Appreciation Night 2015


(First row from left: Sir Dannish Kurniago, Pastor Roland Lee, Principal Mr Michael Muhunthan, HOD CCE Ms Shynn Lim, Ms Esther Tan, Sir Vincent Tan)

(Second row from left: Sir Aren Tang, Mr Ng Zi Jian, Mr Chan Cheong Heng, Mr Surya Subha Banerjee) 


The Boys’ Brigade (85th BB Company, Singapore)


Ms Tan Pei Lin Esther (Overall-in-charge)

Mr Surya Subha Banerjee (2nd-Overall-in-charge)

Mr Lim Chin Yang

Ms Shirley Neo


Sir Dannish Kurniago (Captain)

Sir Aren Tang (Vice-Captain)

Sir Colin Chua (Officer)

Mr Keith Lim (Primer)

Mr Lee Yong Xiang (Primer)

Mr Derick Siah (Primer)

Mr Chan Chek Bing (Primer) 

Mr Dean Lok (Primer)

Mr Dai Yi (Primer)

Mr Jared Lim (Primer)

Mr Goh Boon Siong (Primer) 

Mr Benjamin Tan (Primer)

Mr Tan Jian Wei (Primer)

Mr Jovier Lim (Primer)

Mr Xu Wei Jie (Primer)

Student Leaders

Company Sergeant Major - SGT Na Yong En

Assistant Sergeant Major - SGT Gan Yao Bin

Dates and Training times:
1st and 3rd week: Wednesday (3.45 - 5.30pm)
2nd and 4th week: Saturday  (8 - 11.30am)
Venue: Parade Square


Our Mission and Beliefs

The 85th Boys' Brigade Company in JWSS aims to groom our boys into extraordinary young men.

 Fine generations of young men with the tenacity to deal with obstacles in life; the spirit to serve the community; equipped with a strong set of leadership and communication skills to venture into the 21st century world. 

We align our aims to the Boys' Brigade Singapore in hope of providing the Boys with fun, meaningful and challenging activities.

We are committed to serve the community and engage our various stakeholders (i.e. school, family and the community). 

We seek to develop these boys into people with diligence, respect, filial piety, empathy and a spirit of innovation.


Highlights for 85th BB Company in Year 2017

Chinese New Year Blessing (February 2017)

BB Week Fundraising; Secondary 1 Induction and Leadership Camp (March 2017) 

BB Cares at SilverAce Taman Jurong (July 2017)

National Day Parade (August 2017)

Parents’ Appreciation Day and Terrarium workshop (September 2017)

Adventure Camp (October 2017)

BB Overseas Cultural Immersion Trip to Hong Kong (November 2017)

FCBC Cup (Host school) (November 2017)

BB Share-A-Gift (November 2017)


BB Adventure Camp 2017


Our Secondary 3 NCOs at Frontier Primary School's Outreach Programme

Highlights for 85th BB Company in Year 2015

Chinese New Year Blessing (February 2015)

BB Week Fundraising; Secondary 1 Induction Camp (March 2015) 

Adventure Camp (June 2015)

BB Cares at the Gift of Love Home in Boon Lay Avenue (July 2015)

National Day Parade (Televised and School collaboration with Pioneer Frontier Residential Committee) (August 2015)

Parents’ Appreciation Night and Consecration of the Colours (October 2014)

Leadership Camp (October 2015)

BB Overseas Cultural Exchange Trip to Medan, Indonesia ( (November 2015)

BB Share-A-Gift (November 2015)


Achievements for 85th BB Company in Year 2015

JM Fraser (Gold) Award 2014/15 (9th Consecutive Gold Award)

BB Blaze 2014 Gold Award

BB Character Quest 2013 Gold Award

BB Week 2013 Bronze Award


Our company at the Adventure Camp (November 2016)


Adventure Camp (June 2015) 


We had a 3-days-2-nights combined camp with Whitley Secondary at the BB/GB Campsite in Sembawang. We had lots of fun doing outdoor cooking for dinner, absailing, rope obstacle course and trekking. It was awesome. Everyone had a chance to mingle with each other and forge new BB friendships!







FCBC Cup 2015




(Photo above) 85th Company at Canberra Secondary School for the annual FCBC Cup; a friendly inter-school sports competition. (August 2015)


Overseas Community Involvement Trip to Cambodia 2014


(Photos above) Our Overseas trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where 13 boys, 1 officer and 2 teachers helped to paint a primary school and taught English in a local village in Pouk District. We had a great time doing community service there and it was definitely a meaningful experience for the boys. They learnt that amidst the simplicity of life, there was happiness in the people. Our hard work of three days can benefit the children for years to come. (November 2014)

Community Service Programmes





(Photos above) Our boys helped out at the Gift of Love home by carrying out a series of programmes to bring some fun and laughter to the elderly. Also, they did some gardening and household chores. (July 2015)


Our very own Founder's Boys! 

The Founder's Award is the highest and most prestigious award that a BB boy can get in the Seniors Programme. 



(Photo on the left) Our Founder's Award recipients with their parents, Vice-Principal Mdm Lim Lay Hoon and Sir Dannish Kurniago

(Photo on the right) Congratulations to the outstanding recipients! All the best for your O'levels this year!