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The Boys' Brigade

Group Photo 2022.jpeg
CCA Schedule
Training VenueTraining Day OneTraining Day Two
Parade SquareFriday 2.30 pm - 5.30 pmSaturday 8.00 am -  11.00 am
(Once a month)
Organisation Chart
Ms Shirley Neo (OIC)
Mr Ng Boon Yong (2IC)
Ms Susan Liang


Sir Dannish Kurniago (Captain)

Sir Aren Tang (Vice-Captain)

Sir Alex Ng (Officer)

Mr Murugesan Sujeeth (Primer)

Mr Clarkson Go (Primer)

Mr Titus Wee (Primer)

Mr Gopinath Aswin (Primer)

Mr Lim Yu Xing Paul (Primer) 

Mr Arvind Shermen s/o Balamurgan (Primer)

Mr Arion Tan Jun Jay (Primer)

Executive Committee
Company Sergeant MajorJulian Tan Wei Heng (4E2)
Assistant Sergeant MajorNg Yin Ian (4N2)
Competition Achievement Year
JM Fraser Gold Honour Roll 2007 - 2016
JM Fraser Silver 2017
JM Fraser Gold 2018 - 2019
JM Fraser Silver 2021

Competition Award Year
Boys’ Brigade AdventuRE:Ignite (Blaze)
Boys’ Brigade Character Quest
BB FCBC Cup 2022 (Nerf Battle)
BB FCBC Cup 2022 (Badminton-Doubles)
1st in position
2nd in position
Boys’ Brigade Character QuestGold2021
    Boys’ Brigade Blaze 
Boys’ Brigade Character Quest
    Boys’ Brigade Blaze 
Boys’ Brigade Character Quest

List of Activities

Activity / Performance2022
BB Day  / JWSS CCA Open House January
 BB Kayaking Course (Sec 2 & 3)February
BB Week Fundraising
Induction and Leadership camp
BB AdventuRE:Ignite (Blaze)
BB Dedication Service (Online)
JWSS Speech Day
UG Passing Out Parade (POP)
 BB First Aid Course
BB Kayaking Course (Sec 1)
 JWSS National Day Parade
JWSS UG Drills Challenge
FCBC Cup (Inter-school Sports and Games Competition)
July - August
 BB Character QuestSeptember
 BB Cares with ‘Mummy Yummy’
BB Parents’ Engagement
BB Promotion Ceremony
October - November
Christmas Lights Up with BB
BB Share-a-Gift
 November - December

Activity / Performance 2021
BB Day  / CCA Open House  January
BB Week Fundraising
Secondary 1 Induction and Leadership camp
 UG Passing Out Parade (POP)  April
 BB Promotion Ceremony  May
 BB Cares  July
 JWSS National Day Parade  August
 JWSS Inter-UG Challenge  August
 BB Character Quest  September
 BB Adventure Camp  November
 BB First Aid Training Course (Sec 1  -3)  November
 BB Kayaking Course (Sec 1 - 3)  November
 BB Share-a-Gift  December

BB Day / CCA Open House January
 BB Kayaking Course (Sec 2 & 3) February
 BB Week Fundraising
Secondary 1 Induction and Leadership camp 
BB Blaze
BB Dedication Service
Speech Day and UG Passing Out Parade (POP)
 FCBC Cup (Inter-school sports competition) May
BB Cares July
 JWSS National Day Parade  August
BB Parents’ Appreciation Day and Promotion Ceremony
BB Character Quest
BB Adventure Camp October
BB Overseas Cultural Immersion Trip
BB Share-A-Gift December
Activities & Competitions (2022)

CCA Trial for Secondary One Students - Archery Tag

01 CCA Trial Archery Tag.jpg

BB AdventuRe:Ignite 2022 
Boys embarking on both core and elective physical activities of different challenge levels, including completing a 4 km hike.

02 BB AdventuRe_Ignite  2.jpg 02 BB AdventuRe_Ignite  1.jpg

BB FCBC Cup 2022 (Friendly Sports & Games Competition with other BB Companies) 
Nerf Battle Team (1st in Position)

03 FCBC BB Nerf Battle.jpg

First Aid Course conducted by Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA)

06 BB First Aid 1.jpg

1-Star Kayaking Course conducted by Singapore Canoe Federation

08 BB Kayaking.jpg

BB Performing on Teachers’ Day 2022

09 BB Teachers Day Performance 1.jpg

BB Character Quest Team 2022 (Gold Award)

05 Character Quest 2022 Gold Award.jpg

Activities & Competitions (2021)
Sec 1 CCA Trials Archery.jpg2021 BB CCA Trials for Secondary One 

BB Promotion Ceremony.jpeg2021 BB Promotion Ceremony Group Photo

LDC and Induction Camp Group Photo.jpg
2021 BB Leadership Camp and Secondary One Induction Day Camp

UG POP.jpg2021 UG Passing Out Parade (POP)

BB Cares.jpeg2021 BB Cares

BB CQ.jpg
2021 BB Character Quest

Activities & Competitions (2020)

Sec 1 BB Boys (2020).jpeg
2020 Secondary One Boys' Brigade Cadets at BB HQ

Guardians of the City (2020).jpeg

UG Combined Activity 2020 - Guardians of the City

A Total Defence strategy card game designed to help youths develop a deeper understanding of Singapore's security threats and the part we play in keeping Singapore safe and secure.

Basic Foot Drill.jpeg

2020 Learning basic foot drill while keeping 1 meter apart!

Boys Brigade Day (2020).jpeg
BB Day on 12 January to commemorate the founding of The Boys' Brigade in Singapore

BB Sec One Induction Day Camp (2020).jpeg 2020 BB Secondary One Induction Day Camp

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