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Code of Conduct

Discipline Philosophy and Approach @ JWSS

At Jurong West Secondary School, we strongly believe in and are committed to providing a holistic education for all our students. As such, our discipline philosophy and approach aims to nurture in our students, desired values and behaviours that are exemplary.

The discipline processes and systems in the school are designed to help and guide students to think responsibly, reflect on their actions, understand the consequences of actions as well as responsibilities and come up with collaborative solutions to move forward. The school believes in taking time to work together with students to enable them to learn through reflections, close monitoring and counselling where necessary. As a school, we also believe in the active engagement of parents to inculcate good social and moral values in students.

The school has a clear set of rules and regulations which together with the school’s philosophy for discipline are shared with the students. The rationale for each segment of the rules and regulations have been articulated explicitly to ensure that students do not follow rules blindly. Instead, students should understand the intentions and reasons for these rules as well as how these rules would serve them well in future as they progress to the next phase of their education and lives.

We trust that students who graduate from JWSS would leave the school as responsible young adults and citizens who are ready to contribute to the community and the nation. Please click the link below to download a copy of our school’s Rules and Regulations.


A video Showcase of our Code of Conduct
The necktie is part of our uniform and at the same time, an expression of our pride, as ambassadors of our school. In this video, we will see one of the many ways in tying a tie properly.