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Higher Education and Career Guidance

Importance of ECG

One critical configuration that we need to do is to ensure that our system takes into account the interests and aptitudes of our students. This is because we are simply better at doing what we like. Notwithstanding this, many of our youths go with the flow, choosing their paths in higher education based on where their grades can take them, or where their friends are going. Our young need guidance and help to discover themselves, their strengths and interests.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mr Ong Ye Kung                                                                                                                                                              Minister for Education (Higher Education & Skills)                                                                                                                                            at the Committee of Supply Debate on 7 March 2017


ECG Messages for Students (In Alignment with SkillsFuture)

The 3 Big ECG Questions for Students


ECG Experiences @ JWSS

The comprehensive suite of ECG Experiences at JWSS is designed with the following in mind:

Suite of ECG Experiences @ JWSS

The extensive variety of ECG experiences in JWSS aims to enable our students to make informed choices about post-secondary education and possible careers.


Flagship Student Work Attachment Programme

The Student Work Attachment Programme (SWAP) is designed to enable JWSS students to

The work attachment opportunities are open to students at the upper secondary levels and typically last for one to two weeks (depending on the area of work) during the semestral holidays in June and November/December.

Students are invited to apply for the available work attachment opportunities and are selected to go on the work attachment based on certain criteria including passion for the work area and industry.

Click here  to find out more about the Student Work Attachment Programme (SWAP) at JWSS.

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Activities in 2018

:: ECG Day 2018 (23 May)

Our school’s second ECG Day was held on 23 May this year. The purpose of the ECG Day is to enable students to gather information from various sources to start exploring and making informed educational and career decisions for their future.

Sharing by our guest speakers about their careers

ECG_Day (1).jpg ECG_Day (2).jpg ECG_Day (3).jpg
Mr Chua Ching Hock
Senior Manager with Changi Airport Group, Changi Airport Terminal 4 
Mr Lee Qing Hong
A bilingual events host & weekend Chinese radio presenter
on SPH radio UFM100.3
Mr Ian Gan
Chief Executive Officer
of SEED Ventures

Panel Discussion

Our students were given the opportunity to ask the guest speakers some questions during the panel discussion.

ECG_Day (4).jpg
ECG_Day (5).jpg ECG_Day (6).jpg ECG_Day (7).jpg
ECG_Day (8).jpg ECG_Day (9).jpg

Sharing by Pioneer Junior College

ECG_Day (10).jpg
Sharing by our school's ECG Counsellor

ECG_Day (11).jpg
Sharing by our former students about their Educational and Career pathways

ECG_Day (13).jpg ECG_Day (14).jpg
Ms Cheong Si Hui, our former student – 4N2, 2012
She is currently in NUS pursuing a degree in Environmental Science

Mr Jeremy Lau, our former student – 4N2, 2011
Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and is currently working in the Singapore Police Force as a Sergeant

Booth Tour

Organisations were invited to set up booths in the school. Students were given the opportunity to visit the booths to find out more about the various post-secondary pathways and to clarify their doubts.

ECG_Day (15).jpg ECG_Day (16).jpg
ECG_Day (17).jpg ECG_Day (18).jpg

Advanced Elective Module (AEM), Aerospace Fundamentals with Flight Simulation at Singapore Polytechnic
(13 - 16 March)


To enrich secondary school’s curriculum with greater diversity, secondary schools, in collaboration with polytechnics, have begun offering AEMs under the guidance of Ministry of Education (MOE). Taught by polytechnic lecturers, AEMs can help enhance the learning experience of secondary school students through practice-oriented approaches. The experience will help them to discover their strengths and interests and have a taste of how polytechnic courses are conducted.
This year, 18 of our students signed up for the AEM Aerospace Fundamentals with Flight Simulation at Singapore Polytechnic from 13 to 16 March.

It was an enriching experience for them as they learnt how to control the system and fly an aeroplane on a flight simulator, learnt about the principles of flight; how aircrafts defy gravity and fly thousands of miles above sea level, learnt about aircraft parts and related systems through hands-on at the labs and learnt about our local growing aerospace industry and career prospects.