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Physical and Mental Health

Why does health matter?

Health is important to everyone as it has an impact on our physical, mental and social well-being. Maintaining good health helps to keep our bodies free from illnesses, control our emotions, and improve our social skills. Hence this would have an impact on our performance in school and work.

The school serves as a platform for students and staff to acquire knowledge, skills and values that will influence them in future. Hence, the promotion of health is of utmost importance as it will continue to impact students and staff even after they leave our school.

Domains of School Health

The school’s health needs can be grouped according to 3 major domains:
  • Physical Health
  • Social Health 
  • Mental Health

JWSS Health Promotion Framework

Pillars of Health Framework

The school takes a coordinated effort to promote health based on the 3Ps of: 
  • Promoting Health   
  • Pursuing Health 
  • ExPeriencing Health

JWSS Health Promotion Framework


Platforms for Health Promotion

Students-based platforms to promote and recognise students for health promotion efforts include: 
  •  Assembly health talks 
  •  CCE programs, CCA programs 
  •  Class-based lessons such as PE, CCE and FCE lessons 
  •  School events such as Cross Country Meet and Sports Day 
  •  Secondary 2 and 3 Level Camps 
  •  Inter Class Games for all Levels 
  •  Health Ambassadors opportunities 
  •  REFRESH program for overweight students 
  •  Gym program 
  •  NAPFA Awards


Speaker sharing tips on skin care.

Refresh Program students taking part in Cluster Games.

Winners of the Inter-Department Relay Race.

image007.jpgStaff playing at the Inter-Department games.