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JWSS CCA Leaders

Organisational Structure

A typical Student Leader Organisation Structure in a CCA would be as such:

Depending on the CCA, each CCA can customise the above organisation structure according to the needs of their CCA

Selection Process

Aspiring Student Leaders need to possess the following qualities:
  • Able to lead their CCA members to improve their skills
  • Able to establish good relationship with their CCA members and CCA Teacher Advisors (CTA)
  • Able to express their ideas clearly
  • Demonstrate positive attitude towards CCA

Aspiring Student Leaders will express their interest in taking up leadership positions within the CCA to their CTAs. The aspiring Student Leaders will then go through an interview with the CTAs to share their plans for the CCA for the following year.

At the discretion of the CCA Teacher Advisors, the aspiring Student Leaders may need to prepare a speech to stand for an election within the CCA for the Student Leaders to be chosen.

CTA will make reference to the election results, the aspiring Student Leaders’ performance during the interview as well as the aspiring Student Leaders’ contribution towards the CCA over the past years before confirming the suitable Student Leaders for the various positions.