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JWSS Class Committee

Organisational Structure

A typical Class Executive Committee would be as such:


Selection Process

Aspiring Student Leaders need to possess the following qualities:
  • Able to lead their classmates to improve the class spirit
  • Able to establish good relationship with their classmates and teachers
  • Able to express their ideas clearly
  • Demonstrate positive attitude towards learning

The teachers will select at least 5 students who fit the above criteria for their classmates to vote. The candidate with the highest vote will be the Chairperson while the candidate with the next highest vote will be the Vice Chairperson.

The remaining 3 students would take on either the role of Administrative Head, Environmental Head or Welfare Head.


14 and 15 March 2018: Youth Leaders Camp @ NP

This year, our Class Committee Leaders had an opportunity to attend the 2-day Youth Leaders Camp organised by Ngee Ann Polytechnic from 14 to 15 March 2018. This leadership camp provided a platform for our students to collaborate with others while maintaining focus on the common goals they had.

The activities offered encouraged our Class Committee Leaders to develop the necessary leadership and interpersonal skills to plan, coordinate and execute future class projects such as their class VIA project. Our students enjoyed themselves as they managed to foster new friendships and networks during the camp.