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JWSS Student Ambassadors


In JWSS, the Student Ambassadors, in their leadership roles, act as active leaders who advocate for social and environmental issues. The Student Ambassadors seek to raise awareness of important issues concerning the community and the environment. In doing so, the Student Ambassadors also hope to provide more platforms and influence members of the school to join them in their endeavours.

Our Philosophy


Our Approach - Experiential Learning

As a future-oriented and forward looking school, experiential learning approach is adopted in the design of Student Ambassadors programmes. This approach enables Student Ambassadors to acquire the competencies they need for real-world success.


Organisational Structure

Subject Head - Student Leadership (Internal)
Mr Yaw Kah Weng

Student Ambassadors Teacher Advisors
 Ms Yasmin Hussein (OIC)
Mdm Megahletchimi Amarthalingam (2IC)
Ms Liu Qi

Vice-President (Programmes)Nancy 
 Vice-President (Welfare)Kavya 
 Project Director (Internal)Dazzel 
Assistant Project Director (Internal) Hong Xuan
 Project Director (External)Yuga 
 Director(Ambassador Development) Han Lin
 Assistant Director
(Ambassador Development)

Achievements and Recognition

The following are some of the key programmes and competitions where the Student Ambassadors played an active role in advocating social and environmental messages:

  • Destination Imagination Tournament
  • Blood Donation Drive
  • National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge
  • Friends of Singa, Kindness Movement
  • National Upcycling Movement
  • SBS Bus Captain Appreciation & Kindness Promotion
  • Assembly Sharings in School


Student Ambassadors EXCO 2018 being invested by the Principal
during JWSS Student Leaders Investiture 2018

Bus Captain Appreciation Activity with SBS Transit for Singapore Kindness Month 2018

Visit to Bukit View Secondary JOULES Centre to learn about their environmental efforts 

Gold Award for Destination Imagination Tournament (Service Learning Component)

Attained Gold Award in National Youth Upcycling movement

Student Ambassadors raising awareness on Upcycling at Pioneer Community Club

Student Ambassadors Team Bonding Activities

Annual Blood Donation Drive

Engaging the community with fun-filled activities at the Clean & Green Carnival @ Pioneer 2017

Ambassadors learning from the grassroot leaders at Meet the People Session in 2017
12 August 2017: Blood Donation Drive

On 12 August 2017, the student ambassadors organised a blood donation drive at Bloodbank@Westgate from 10 am to 5 pm. This event was supported by Singapore Red Cross Society. This year, the ambassadors were joined by some of their non-ambassador friends to recruit blood donors and it really provided a meaningful platform for students to learn more about advocating for a cause.

The event was carried out across two sessions in order for students to learn from the planning to execution phase. For the first session, Mr Terrance Tan from the Red Cross Society gave a comprehensive talk and provided more in-depth details about the blood donation process, which enabled students to have a greater understanding of the issue. The students then had to prepare their own publicity materials for outreach on the actual day.

The second session was the actual blood donation drive and our students had to reach out to the public to recruit blood donors. Our students were divided into three different shifts for the drive and some even had to put on the mascot during the event. Throughout the event, the students had to step up and be confident to engage the community. Despite the rain, there were a total of 108 registered donors on that day. It was definitely an enriching and eye-opening experience for our students.

 Sample of flyer created by the students.JPG
A sample of the flyer created by the Student Ambassadors

Blood Buddy, our mascot, is the centre of attraction wherever he moves!.JPG
Our mascot doing a great job to attract a crowd.JPGPre-Drive Preparation - Engaging students during the blood donation talk.jpeg
Blood Buddy, our mascot, is the centre of attraction wherever he movesOur mascot doing a great job to attract a crowdPre-Drive Preparation - engaging the students during the blood donation talk by Mr Terrance Tan on the importance of blood donation
 Ryan, one of the non-ambassadors joining us for this cause! Kudos to Ryan for stepping up.JPG
Student Ambassadors Engaging the Public.JPG 
 Ryan, one of the non-ambassadors joining us for this cause! Kudos to Ryan for stepping up Student Ambassadors engaging the public 
Shift 1 - The early birds to kickstart the programme!.JPGShift 3 - Last but not the least, our outspoken students were there to end the event on a high energy level. Well done!.JPGThe students persevered on to recruit donors despite the poor weather.JPG 
 Shift 1 Group photoShift 2 Group photo Shift 3 Group photo