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JWSS Student Ambassadors

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Our Belief


Organisational Structure


Our Achievements

JWSS Student Ambassadors take the lead and influence their peers in both school and community through action and advocacy in social and environmental issues. The following are some of the key programmes and competitions where the Student Ambassadors played an active role in advocating social and environmental messages:

Destination Imagination Tournament
Blood Donation Drive
National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge (NCAC)
Friends of Singa, Kindness Movement
National Upcycling Movement
SBS Bus Captain Appreciation & Kindness Promotion
Online Sharing and Collaborations
NTUC Fairprice Share-a-Textbook Initiatives
JWSS Captain Planet Class Cleanliness Inspection (NYUM)

Our Approach - Kolb’s Experiential Learning

As a future-oriented and forward looking school, experiential learning approach is adopted in the design of Student Ambassadors programme. This approach enables Student Ambassadors to acquire the competencies they need for real-world success.

Highlights of our SA events

Student Ambassadors EXCO 2021 during their first official EXCO meeting  

JWSS Student Ambassador Bus Captain Appreciation e-Activity with SBS Transit for Singapore Kindness Month 2020

JWSS Student Ambassadors for CCE Cyber Wellness Day 2021

JWSS No Plastic Awareness Mascot for Destination Imagination 2021

Our National Day – Bicentennial Information Board as a mini museum for our school mates 2019

Annual Blood Donation Drive with Red Cross Singapore 2019

Student Ambassadors collaboration with NTUC Textbook Donation Drive 2020

13.pngCasual Racism Online forum 2021 with Minister Indranee and Minister Masagos 


14.pngGratitude Holiday Challenge 2021

Engaging Jurong West Primary School for Green Sharing session 2020