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JWSS Student Ambassadors


Our Belief


Organisational Structure


Our Achievements

JWSS Student Ambassadors take the lead and influence their peers in both school and community through action and advocacy in social and environmental issues. The following are some of the key programmes and competitions where the Student Ambassadors played an active role in advocating social and environmental messages:

       Blood Donation Drive @ WESTGATE
       National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge

       Friends of Singa, Kindness Movement

       National Upcycling Movement
       SBS Bus Captain Appreciation & Kindness Promotion
       Assembly Sharing sessions in School
       Pioneer Zone A/B Collaboration (activities for Residents)

Our Approach - Kolb’s Experiential Learning

As a future-oriented and forward looking school, experiential learning approach is adopted in the design of Student Ambassadors programme. This approach enables Student Ambassadors to acquire the competencies they need for real-world success.

Highlights of our SA events

Pioneer Residents Food Rescue 2022 

011.jpgOur SAs working together to pack the food items collected from teachers and students012.jpgStudents Ambassadors are being briefed by the organisers to pack the food items
013.jpgOur students in action with Mr Patrick Tay! Donating the rescued food items  from West Coast market place
014.JPGMr Patrick Tay’s post in his Facebook page, advocating food sustainability and appreciating our students efforts

Our journey with SBS Transit Kindness Month since 2018.

May 2018
021.pngFramed postcards with sponsored Tiger Balm Plaster
May 2019
022.jpgFramed postcards with sponsored Kwan Loong Medicated Oil
November 2020
023.jpge-CCA session by Student Ambassadors featuring digital messages and artwork of "Thank You" drawings
November 2021
024.pngSchool-wide call during CCE lesson for submissions
May 2022
025.jpgSAs showing their appreciation to our SBS Bus Captains026.jpgSAs distributing small tokens to remind the public to be always kind to our bus captains.
May 2022   
027.jpgExplaining to public the cause of our good action and advocacy
028.jpgGroup photo with our Kindness Singa and SBS Bus Captains 


The PURPLE PARADE is a unifying national platform to promote awareness and celebrate abilities of persons with special needs. Student Ambassadors participate in this yearly event and this year, we participated in the online activity by advocating an inclusive society through the Let’s go Purple Campaign.


SA x Red Cross Youth Blood Donation Drive @ Westgate

The Student Ambassadors (SA) and Red Cross Youth (RCY) collaborated to organize a blood donation drive, supported by Singapore Red Cross Society on 13 August. It was a much-awaited moment of advocating a good cause to the public after 2 years of restrictions due to the pandemic. Our SAs paired up with members from the Red Cross Youth to give out flyers and talk to members of the public on the importance of blood donation.


National Youth Advocacy Movement (NYUM) 2022

Organised by Crescent Girls’ School, the National Youth Upcycling Movement is an annual competition which aims to empower students to create an upcycled product to advocate for environmental sustainability. This year, our SAs clinched a Gold award for their creative use of PLARN, or plastic yarn, to make coasters. They were invited to share their journey during the awards ceremony and reached out to the school and the community through their efforts.


Student Ambassadors EXCO 2021 during their first official EXCO meeting  

2. Bus Captain Appreciation.jpg
JWSS Student Ambassador Bus Captain Appreciation e-Activity with SBS Transit for Singapore Kindness Month 2021

3. Cyber Wellness Day.jpeg
JWSS Student Ambassadors for CCE Cyber Wellness Day 2021

4. No Plastic.jpg
JWSS No Plastic Awareness 

5. Our National Day.jpeg
Our National Day - Be a Good Neighbour

6. Blood Donation 2021.JPG
Annual Blood Donation Drive with Red Cross Singapore

7. Textbook Donation 2021.JPG
Student Ambassadors collaboration with NTUC Textbook Donation Drive 2021

8. Casual Racism.jpgCasual Racism Online forum 2021

9. Gratitude.JPGGratitude Holiday Challenge 2021

10. JWPS Green Sharing.jpeg
Engaging Jurong West Primary School for Green Sharing session 2021