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JWSS Student Council

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At the apex of Student Leadership in JWSS, our Student Councillors (SCs) represent the student population and serve as the vital link between the students and the school management for the continuous improvement of student welfare, school programmes and infrastructure.




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The olive branch represents the SCs as caring leaders who are humble and willing to serve the school.

The gryphon, a traditional symbol of leadership for centuries, is a mythical creature that possesses an eagle’s agility and speed combined with a lion’s strength and courage. It reflects our SCs’ confidence and competency in embodying leadership.

The five stars represent our school values – respect, resilience, integrity, care and excellence.

Leadership Framework

At the end of their 4 or 5 years of leadership journey, the SCs will have grown in their capacity to lead others with competence and care, and influence their peers to bring about a positive change to the school and society through meaningful collaborations.

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Refer to https://jurongwestsec.moe.edu.sg/character-development/student-leadership for more details of our Student Leadership Framework.

Developmental Programmes

SCs are given opportunities to train and develop their leadership skills through leading and representing the student body in various internal and external programmes. Some of which include the following:

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Student Council-Led Events

Our SCs also promote a vibrant school culture for all students through organising events including:


Organisational Structure

Subject Head - Student Leadership (Internal)
Mr Yaw Kah Weng

Student Council Teacher Advisors
Mr Teo Eng Tong (OIC: Student Council)
Ms Nur Sherlyn Mahamad Salim (2IC)
Mrs Kee-Ong Hwee Zhen, Zenn

President Guan Yi Min
Vice President (Student Pride)Fong Jia Cheng
 Vice President (Student Welfare)Tew Chun Hui
 SecretaryBalasubramanian Sivapriya 
 Director (Marketing)Goo Yu Min Summer 
Director (Student Ownership) Eshraf Ahmed Nihal
Director (Assembly) Nadra Qamaria Binte Mohamed Sah
 Director (Student Morale)Dinah Melati Binte Nor Azha
 Assistant Director (Marketing)Tee Xinyi 
 Assistant Director
(Student Ownership)
Jeff Cheah
 Assistant Director (Assembly)Shannon Wong
Assistant Director
(Student Morale)
Koya Kavyanjali Sai Sree 


SC Presidential Elections 2019

The 19th SC Presidential Elections were successfully conducted from January to March 2019. The eight presidential candidates demonstrated strong communication skills and leadership competencies as they spoke in front of the student body and teachers to gain their support during the panel discussion. It was certainly a tough decision for the student body to vote for their ideal Presidential Candidate as all of them stood out during the elections. Guan Yi Min (3N2) was eventually appointed as the President-Elect while Fong Jia Cheng (3E3) and Tew Chun Hui (3E2) were appointed as the Vice-Presidents-Elect.



SC Presidential Candidates seated alongside
16th President, Jenro, and 18th President, Jeong Soo

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Moderators inform the school about the voting procedures

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Students eagerly cast their votes into the balloting boxes

Gregarious OGLs heartily cheer for their classes

OGLs teach school cheers to the Secondary Ones

Secondary Ones holding their class flags and proudly lead by their OGLs

image 13.jpg
SC EXCOs at Hwa Chong Institution’s 45th High School Council Investiture Ceremony

SCs emerged as the 2nd runner-up at Destination Imagination Tournament (Secondary Level)

Group photo of all Open Mic contestants after the final dance item

Dance performance by the SCs during the Teachers' Day Concert

Skit by the SCs during the Teachers' Day Concert

SCs welcome visitors to their booth during CCA Open House

The LOFT, a student lounge launched by the SCs in March