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JWSS Student Council

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At the apex of Student Leadership in JWSS, our Student Councillors (SCs) represent the student population and serve as the vital link between the students and the school management for the continuous improvement of student welfare, school programmes and infrastructure.




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The olive branch represents the SCs as caring leaders who are humble and willing to serve the school.

The gryphon, a traditional symbol of leadership for centuries, is a mythical creature that possesses an eagle’s agility and speed combined with a lion’s strength and courage. It reflects our SCs’ confidence and competency in embodying leadership.

The five stars represent our school values – respect, resilience, integrity, care and excellence.

Leadership Framework

At the end of their 4 years of leadership journey, the SCs will have grown in their capacity to lead others with competence and care, and influence their peers to bring about a positive change to the school and society through meaningful collaborations.

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Refer to https://jurongwestsec.moe.edu.sg/character-development/student-leadership for more details of our Student Leadership Framework.

Developmental Programmes

SCs are given opportunities to train and develop their leadership skills through leading and representing the student body in various internal and external programmes. Some of which include the following:

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Student Council-Led Events

Our SCs also promote a vibrant school culture for all students through organising events including:


Organisational Structure

Student Council Teacher Advisors
Ms Nur Sherlyn Mahamad Salim (OIC)
Ms Ng Ling Yee Domina (2IC)
Ms Pui Li Xian
Ms Ridzwana Begum



22nd Student Council Presidential Elections 2022


The 22nd Student Council Presidential Election was conducted successfully from February to March 2022. The seven presidential candidates demonstrated strong communication skills and leadership competencies as they eloquently answered the common issues that were raised by both teachers and students during the panel discussion that was streamed live on Zoom.


Randilyn Liau Fang Xian, 3-E2 was eventually appointed as the President-Elect while Huda Inaiyah Binte Mohamed Nizzan, 3-E3 and Julian Tan Wei Heng, 3-E2 were appointed as the Vice-Presidents-Elect. 

We would like to thank both staff and students of JWSS for the unwavering support and motivation during the election process. 

Student Leaders' Appointment and Student Council Investiture 2022

The Student Leaders’ Appointment and Student Council Investiture Ceremony 2022 was held on 26 May in the school hall, to celebrate the contributions of outgoing CCA student leaders, Student Ambassadors (SA) and Student Councillors (SC) to the school community. In addition, it served as a platform where incoming student leaders were appointed and given due recognition by the school. 


The Investiture started with a speech by our school principal, Ms Tan Ming Ming, who spoke about what a leader is and what leadership entails. In particular, she highlighted the importance of both “Personal Leadership” and “Positional Leadership”. Next, the incoming student leaders showcased their CCA groups through various presentations, while the outgoing CCA student leaders, SA and SC presented symbolic items to their respective successors to represent the handover of the leadership reins. The newly appointed student leaders then took the Student Leaders’ Pledge and committed themselves to continuing the long tradition of exemplary student leadership demonstrated by their predecessors. The Investiture concluded with a speech by the 22nd Student Council President Randilyn Liau from 3E2, who wished all incoming student leaders a wonderful learning journey ahead as they continue their transformation into leaders who aspire to serve and inspire the school community to the best of their abilities.

Student Council Engagement Session 2022


The Student Council Engagement Day was successfully held during the June holidays on Thursday, 2 June 2022 in the school hall. The objectives of the SC Engagement Day are to facilitate bonding within the Student Council and to allow aspiring Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 Student Council to be aware of the leadership opportunities to develop their character as a Student Council.

Student Council Meeting 2022


The Student Council Meetings are held on every Thursdays from 3.45pm to 5pm. The SC Executive Committee (EXCO) members will spearhead the SC meetings under the supervision of the SC Teacher Advisors. During the weekly meeting, the SCs are heavily involved in the discussion of the upcoming school events such as Teachers’ Day, Prom Nite and Open Mic.