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Enhanced Art Programme (EAP)


JWSS was selected by the Ministry of Education to offer the EAP from 1 January 2017. It is currently one of the only two schools in the West offering the programme.

As the EAP is only offered to students enrolled in the EAP schools, Primary Six students interested in the EAP at JWSS are advised to include JWSS among their six choices when selecting their secondary schools.

The EAP was started by MOE HQ in 2011 to provide greater opportunities for students with a keen disposition and ability in art to develop their talent.  It is a 2-year upper secondary programme that leads to the GCE O-level Art or Higher Art examination.  It provides an enriched learning environment for students who are passionate about and have talent in Art.

Straits Times - Thursday, 28th May 2015Art Work by JWSS Students

As part of the EAP, students are exposed different art media, creative processes, professions and practices in the arts and creative industries, while providing in-depth development of students in artistic expression through multi-disciplinary art.

The EAP, thus, aims equip students with competencies and skills to enable them to further their passion in the fields of art, design and media.

Students who join JWSS as Secondary One students in 2018 can be enrolled into the EAP if they meet the eligibility criteria and choose to offer Art when they are in Secondary Three.

At Secondary One and Two, students who are passionate and have talent in Art can be selected to be on the school’s Talent Development Programme for Art in which they can continue to explore their passion and further home their skills as they prepare for pursuing Art in Secondary Three.

Future Ready EAP Students

The EAP in JWSS focuses on interactive artistic expressions using multi-media and multi-disciplinary art. The programme’s integrated learning and thinking approach of Inquire, Inspire, Implement, & Ideate in a context of experimentation will equip EAP students with a spirit of innovation and resilience as well as critical and creative thinking - qualities and competencies critical for students to be future ready.

Connections to the Real World

Through the JWSS EAP’s innovative curriculum and pedagogy, students will be able to make real world connections and have varied opportunities for collaborative learning including from practising artists.

EAP students in JWSS will able to engage in traditional, contemporary as well as digital arts through the following experiences as part of the EAP:

EAP Connections to Real World.PNG
Artist Centered Experiences
In the JWSS Art Studio, EAP Students explore with different media and techniques to create artistic expressions according to a thematic context.

Artist Centered Experiences.PNG
2019 Mural School Competition

Our EAP students recently completed an exciting project at the Jurong West Hawker Centre (JWHC) – The Wall Mural School Competition organized by JWHC.  The objective of the competition is to bond Jurong West schools and the residents with the wall murals significantly enhance the vibrancy of the environment.  Facilitated by our Art teachers, our EAP and Art Club students sprang into action immediately after EOY exams and embarked upon the student-led project.

Designed and led by our EAP students, the wall mural was completed together with the Art Club students over 5 weekends.  This competition will no doubt become an indelible part of our Art students’ JW Experience, enabling them to fulfill their creative aspirations and contribute as active citizens in society.

Under Construction 1.5.jpg
Anesa outlining the mural

Under Construction 1.jpg
Students getting started with their paintings

Under Construction 2.jpgStudents working hard on their mural

Group Photo.jpg
The students with their mural

Gallery Learning Experiences @ Local Art Galleries

Learning Journeys at Art Exhibition or Festival (non-formal education spaces and institutions) allow EAP students to engage in cooperative learning in authentic environments.

2018 Gallery Learning Experience to i Light Marina Bay

Our Secondary 3 EAP/GAP students had an eye-opening experience exploring a route of 16 light installations at the 2018 i Light Marina Bay on 13 March 2018. Together with a peer as their learning partner, they captured the magical moments at each installation. They also investigated the materials used by the artist/s in each installation to generate Light and Interaction. 


2018 Gallery Learning Experience @ Bras Basah Precinct

On 25 January, our Secondary 4 EAP students peer-led their Sec 3 juniors through the Art Trail at the Bras Basah Precinct as part of the Gallery Learning Experience.   As they explored SAM at 8Q, CHIJMES, Art Connector & National Gallery Singapore, they learned to analyse the artworks and talk about the medium that artists had experimented to portray art & design’s role in the society.


2016 - 2017

Gallery Learning Experiences.PNG
Studio Experiences with Local Artists
In the JWSS Art Studio, EAP Students explore with different media and techniques to create artistic expressions according to a thematic context.

Studio Experiences 2.PNG

Work Experiences @ Local Art Spaces
In the JWSS Art Studio, EAP Students explore with different media and techniques to create artistic expressions according to a thematic context.

Work Experiences 2.PNG

Community Experiences

SGH Festive Cheers for a Cause 2017
Since March 2017, JWSS embarked upon a collaboration with SGH and CapitaLand Mall to raise funds for the SGH Needy Patients’ Fund.  For this project, our Sec 3 students from the Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) got a chance to work with their peers from New Town Secondary School (NTSS), to upcycle last year’s Christmas mall decorations into art creations.  Through a collaborative design workshop held on the 30 May, as well as numerous hours of idea development following that, the students were able to create 80 beautifully crafted works for the fund-raising.

The art creations were sold by our EAP students at this year’s SGH Festive Cheers for A Cause bazaar held on the 18-19 November 2017 at Westgate Mall.  In the process of the sale of their works, the students raised public awareness and donations for the SGH Needy Patients Fund.  Their two days’ effort helped to raise close to $10,000 for the Fund, which will go a long way in helping SGH’s patients in need and their families.

JWSS-NTSS Collaborative Design Workshop on 30 May 2017 

Our Upcycled Art Creations

SGH Festive Cheers for A Cause 2017 Bazaar  at Westgate on 18 & 19 November

Exciting Post-Secondary Options for EAP Students

A glance at the multitude of Post-Secondary Options

Art Creations by JWSS Students

Recognising Talents

All graduates of the JWSS EAP will be awarded a specially commission certificate by the school for their achievements and accomplishments in Art.

EAP graduates will also be able to present interactive resumes and design portfolios to support their applications for DSA-JC or EAE to art-related courses in various post-secondary institutions as well as art-related scholarships and/or sponsorships.

For Further Information on the EAP