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JWSS-Frontier Primary School Mentorship Programme

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JWSS in collaboration with Frontier Primary School (FPS) piloted a new mentorship programme between our secondary 2 students and their primary 6 students. The JWSS-FPS mentorship programme lasted weekly from May till August 2019 and during this period, 8 students from our Talent Development Programme (JeWel Programme)  mentored Primary 6 students from FPS.

They coached their mentees in their academic subjects (such as Mathematics) and non-academic areas (such as character development). Through this programme, our students were able to sharpen their leadership skills as well as develop their interpersonal skills so that they may become even more confident leaders.

mentor 4.jpgStudents introducing and getting to know each other during the first session

mentor 5.jpgMentors guiding their mentees in mathematics

mentor 2.jpg Mentee showing her appreciation for her Mentor during the last mentoring session
mentor 1.jpg Mentors and Mentees at the last mentoring session