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MP Attachment Programme

Since 2017, Jurong West Secondary School has partnered with Pioneer Constituency to offer students the opportunity to be attached to a Member of Parliament (MP) during their Meet-the-People-Sessions. 

This collaboration allows our students to understand how a constituency takes care of its residences, as well as having a deeper knowledge of the societal issues that  residences face. By being attached to the MP, our students are able to gain experience as well as seeing first hand, how MPs as well as the volunteers are able to use empathy, and critical thinking skills when assisting residences and the various social issues. 

Through this programme, our students are able to understand the workings of the social fabric of our nation and develop into concerned citizens and be an active contributor to society.

In 2019, our MP attachment programme has also extended to residents in the Taman Jurong Division, expanding the opportunities for our students.


Pioneer MP attachment 2019.jpeg
Students at Pioneer MPS with Mr Cedric Foo 2019
 Pioneer MP attachment 2018.jpeg
Students at Pioneer MPS with Mr Cedric Foo 2018
 Pioneer MP Attachment 2017 2.jpeg
Our student volunteer learning the ropes from the constituency volunteers