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Overseas Student Exchange Programme

Overview of the Programme

Our Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP) serves to enrich and support academic learning and Co-curricular activities by providing our students with the opportunities to attend classes in overseas institutions and network with overseas teachers and students. Through the exchange programme, students will experience different school environments and gain new perspectives in learning.

In line with MOE’s 21st Century Competencies, JWSS OSEP, aims to provide and nurture our students through a diverse learning environment so as to sharpen their global awareness and cross cultural skills.
Picture1.jpgJWSS Students who are interested in participating in the exchange programme may apply during the month of May yearly and application forms will be available in the General Office during the month of May.

Overseas Student Exchange Programme to Shizuoka, Japan (11 - 15 November 2019)

Once again, students from JWSS had the opportunity to travel to Shizuoka, Japan for their yearly exchange programme, where we once again had a partnership with Mishima-Kita Senior High School.

This year's exchange programme saw our students taking part in various other activities such as Karate Do
. Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom, Japan in the early 20th Century. 

Out students also had the opportunity to try on the Kimono, which is a traditional Japanese garment and the national dress of Japan.

 Before departure at Changi Airport
Arrival at the foot of Mount Fuji
A short intro to Mishima Kita Senior High School
Having a sparing session of Karate Do
Trying on the Kimono for the first time!
OSEP6.jpegA feast fit for a King?
OSEP8.jpegInteracting with their Japanese friendsOSEP7.jpeg

18th Singapore - Hong Kong Exchange Programme (SHKEP) 2019

The SHKEP is a signature programme between Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and Hong Kong Education Bureau (HK-EDB). The annual programme was first carried out in 2000 with 6 secondary schools from both Singapore and Hong Kong and this year, Jurong West Secondary School has been selected to be one of the participating schools in Singapore.


The objectives of this collaboration includes: 


Promoting cultural exchange between participating schools; 

Providing opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives, learn social and language skills, and cultivate respect for differences in culture. 


The theme for the 18th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme (SHKEP) 2019 is “Open Hearts, Open Minds”.

To be ‘open’ typically means to welcome new ideas and people into our immediate space; yet at the same time, being ‘open’ serves to also remind ourselves to come out of our comfort zones to appreciate the newfound learning and experiences. 


The theme “Open Hearts, Open Minds” exhorts all of us to be proactively empathetic in reaching out and connecting with friends from different cultural backgrounds, to deepen our

friendship and understanding of each other.

During Leg 1 (July) of the programme, students from Hong Kong came over to Singapore and had a 7 day home stay programme with our students. Some of the activities included visting Gardens by The Bay, River Safari as well as School-based activities.

shkep1.jpgArrival of our Hong Kong buddiesshkep2.jpgGroup photo at Gardens By The Bay
shekp3.jpgOur students with their buddies solving the questions at GBTBshekp5.jpgWith their HK buddies at the Forest Dome
shekp7.jpgAll ready for an adventure at the River Safarishekp8.jpgReady to journey around the "world"
shekp4.jpgGroup photo with our Hong Kong guests   

Overseas Student Exchange Programme to Shizuoka, Japan (5 - 9 November 2018)

Students from JWSS had the opportunity again to travel to Shizuoka, Japan for their exchange programme, where we once again had a partnership with Shimizu Minami High School and Mishima-Kita Senior High School.

This year's exchange programme saw our students taking part in various other activities such as Kado, also known as the "
way of flowers". The tradition dates back to the 7th century when floral offerings were made at altars. In modern days, these are placed in homes for their calming effect. 

Besides the core programme of attending lessons in Japanese schools, our students also experienced earthquake at their earthquake simulation centre.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 12.33.13.jpeg
Taking a group photo with their Japanese buddies at Shimizu Minami Junior High School

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 12.33.16.jpegAttending a lesson on Japanese Literature (with some basic translation by their japanese buddies)

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 12.33.17.jpeg
Getting to know their Japanese friends a little better through a series of activities

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 12.33.18.jpeg
Getting to know their Japanese friends a little better through a series of activities

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 21.57.32.jpeg
Our student trying her hand on Kado (Japanese Flower Arrangement)

Overseas Student Exchange Programme to Shizuoka, Japan (6 - 10 November 2017)

Japan OSEP Header (small).jpg
As part of the school’s Internationalisation programme, JWSS students had an opportunity to travel to Shizuoka, Japan where the school has an exchange programme with Shimizu Minami High School and Mishima-Kita Senior High School which is accorded the status of a Super Global High School.

This Overseas Student Exchange Programme (OSEP) aims to provide our students with the opportunity to interact with their counterparts from Japan and to exchange ideas on social and cultural issues as well as have discussions on various global issues such as water sustainability which is a strategic resource in Singapore.

During the exchange programme, beyond experiencing wonderful Japanese hospitality and the beauty of Shizuoka against the backdrop of Mount Fuji, students had opportunities to join the Japanese students to attend lessons in English, Humanities and Science as well as experience unique Japanese culture such as playing traditional Japanese games and participating in a Japanese tea ceremony by highly qualified tea masters hosted by the school’s SADO Club. 

JWSS was also featured in one of Japan's local newspaper during our exchange programme with Mishima-Kita Senior High School. 

japan article.jpg

It was a highly enjoyable, meaningful and memorable trip for all teachers and students and some reflections from the students on the exchange programme are as follows:



Japan OSEP 01.png
Mr Michael with the Principal of Shimizu Minami High School, Mr Toshihiro Guoda.

Japan OSEP 02.jpg
Mr Michael with the Principal of Mishima-Kita Senior High School, Mr Hiroyuki Saito.
Japan OSEP 03.png
The OSEP team in front of Mount Fuji.
Japan OSEP 04.JPG
Students being taught by their Japanese friends on how to play traditional games such as Daruma Otoshi.
Japan OSEP 05.JPG
Learning about the intricate art of Japanese Green Tea appreciation.
Japan OSEP 06.JPG
Understanding more about the effects of earthquakes in real life at the Shizuoka Disaster Prevention Centre.
Japan OSEP 07.JPG
Our students working on water sustainability issues with their Japanese friends.
Japan OSEP 08.JPG
Working together to prepare for a Debate on Social Issues.

Shanghai Kong Jiang Junior High School Student Exchange Programme (6th - 10th November 2016)

JWSS Students went to Shanghai Kong Jiang Junior High School (SKJJHS) from 6th November 2016 to 10th November 2016 for a Student Exchange Programme. During the exchange programme, our students were paired with students from SKJJHS and they attended lessons in Mathematics, Science, Chinese Literature and Chinese History. Our students experienced the use of technology in learning and had a rewarding experience during these 5 Days.

Besides the usual lessons, our students also participated in SKJJHS's CCA activities such as Badminton and Fencing as well as their mass exercise event. Below are some highlights from the exchange.

calligraphy class.jpg chineseclayfigurine.jpg
Our Students attending Chinese Calligraphy Lessons Our students trying their hands on traditional clay figurines 

xiaolongbao.jpg fencing.jpg
Making vegetarian "xiao long bao"
(steamed dumplings) 
Our student (right) in a game of fencing with their Chinese Counterparts

RCY Hosting Japanese Delegates

On the 27th July 2016, Jurong West Secondary School Red Cross Youth hosted delegates from Japan’s Gunma Prefecture and the Japanese Red Cross Youth staff members. The objective of this exchange programme was to promote mutual understanding and international friendship between the youths of both countries. Here are some photos taken during the visit.



Japanese students learnt about Singapore, our school system and Red Cross Training sessions through the presentation done by our Cadet-Leaders.


The Japanese students shared about their school culture with our students.


Interaction Time during the break.


Mr Michael presenting a plaque to Mr Masaru Matsumoto the Director of Organisational Development Division,
Gunma Prefecture Chapter, Japanese Red Cross Society.