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Student Work Attachment Programme

Student Work Attachment Programme (SWAP)

In line with the national movement of SkillsFuture where skills mastery goes beyond having the right paper qualifications and being good at what you do currently to having a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application as well as experience, in JWSS, we offer varied opportunities for our students to develop their potential to the fullest as articulated in our school mission.

One of Jurong West Secondary School's signature programme under Higher Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is the Student Work Attachment Programme (SWAP). The SWAP seeks to expose students to real work environments where they can discover their passion, learn about specific industries and how the workplace deals with challenges whilst developing their interpersonal and communication skills.

It is imperative for our students to have a sensing of how the knowledge and skills they acquire in school is relevant to and can be applied in the work environment. More specifically, the objectives of this programme are to enable students to

SWAP is available to our upper secondary students during the school holidays in the months of June and November yearly. The length of the attachment is typically from five to ten days, depending on the industry or organisation.

Students will be informed of the opportunities available with our partners in the various industries and they can select which company they would like to be attached to based on their interests and would need to submit an application and write-up to the school.

Participating organisations and the school work very closely together to draw up an attachment plan for the student participants, including the specific areas of work during the attachment and the working hours. A liaison person or mentor from the organisation together with teachers would take care of the learning as well as the well-being of our students during the work attachment period.

Upon completion of the work attachment programme, each student will submit a reflection about his or her work experience in the organisation to the school and share their experience with the student body.

Student participants will also be awarded a certificate, jointly signed by the Principal and a nominated representative from the organisation where the student was on work attachment.

SWAP Activities 2019

We Are Perspective Pte Ltd
Students were attached to We Are Perspective Pte Ltd, a design company, to gain authentic design experiences. They were guided by the industrial designers and involved in product design for their clients. The skills learnt from the SWAP programme could potentially help them in their Sec 4 final year project.

National Library Board (NLB)
At the National Library Board, JWSS students were trained by their mentor to conduct story telling sessions for young kids to promote the love of reading. SWAP02.JPG

Wildlife Reserve Singapore
At the Wildlife Reserve Singapore, students were trained to handle the various animals and contributed to wildlife conservation.

Singapore Discovery Centre
With the collaboration between the Singapore Discovery Centre and JWSS, students were trained to man a booth during International Friendship Day and taught traditional art to younger kids.SWAP04.JPG

Singapore Science Centre
At the Science Centre (Tinkering Studio), our students developed their interpersonal and communication skills, by assisting their mentor in conducting workshops to engage the public. 

SWAP Participant Testimonials for 2018

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI)
image001.jpg “It was a great experience as I was able to know more about the organisation and have a better perspective as I make a decision regarding my future. Even though I might not choose this career path, the decision is an informed one. Furthermore, it helped me to understand myself better and what would better suit me. It also helped me learn much about computing and sharpen my decision-making skills.”

- Tan Li Qi (3E3, 2018)

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS)
“The best experience I had during the attachment period was feeding animals from different species. I liked feeding the manatees the most. This attachment opened up different pathways for me as it will definitely help me to think further before making a choice regarding the course for my tertiary education. I found our school value of “integrity’ especially applicable here as I was able to have access to a lot of information that I am not allowed to share. It really showed that the school values are not there just for the sake of it, rather it has a huge connection to the world beyond the school.”

 - Lyra Aqilah Bte Mohd Zaki (4E3, 2018)

Think Tank Studio
image005.jpg “It was so difficult, at times to stay on topic, while writing or doing the research. It let me realise the amount of effort that goes into each publication that we get at school as reading material. It makes me value each and every article even more, now that I have experienced the hard work that remains hidden behind every single story published.”

 - Teo Hui Ting (3N3, 2018)

Manicka and Co.
“It was an interesting experience. I enjoyed my attachment at the law firm and it was enriching because I could learn myself more about Singapore law. Witnessing the preparation that a lawyer undergoes to present a case and the actual courtroom interaction motivated me to think about studying law.”

 - Dian Nuzhaini Doh Li Mei (4E3, 2018)

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT)
“I was able to experience working together as a team. It was a completely new experience, totally different from school. Seeing the professionals work, I learnt about responsibility and work-ethics. I was able to accept feedback from my seniors and it was great that I got to work with people of different ages.”

 - Alyssa Alicia Cubinar (3T1, 2018))

The Science Centre
“Being a part of the Work Attachment Programme enabled me to understand how it is to be a part of a bigger workforce. My job needed me to interact with visitors, daily. It helped me to hone my communication skills and allowed me to be more interactive. This opportunity made me more resilient and also taught me the value of responsibility.”

 - Shruthi Piriya Yasaskaran (3E2, 2018)

As of 2019:

We have partnered with:

Singapore Press Holdings
Science Centre Singapore
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Manicka & Co LLP (Law Firm)

Multi-Zone Trading Pte Ltd (Chemical Trading Firm)
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit
National Library Board Singapore
Abbott Laboratory
Deer and Den Design
Think Tank Studio


 Minmed Group (Health)

Singapore Discovery Centre
WAP (Design Agency)