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The JeWel Programme (Talent Development)


As a future-oriented and forward looking school which aims to nurture future ready learners, thinkers and leaders, Jurong West Secondary School is committed to providing a holistic  education for all our students.
The Jurong West (JW) Experience is student-centric where we nurture and further develop students with special talents and interests through a subject-based Talent Development Programme (TDP), the JeWel Programme. 

Enrolment into the programme is based on a student’s talent and passion as well as academic results in the respective subjects.

For Secondary One Students in JWSS IN 2021

Secondary One students with a PSLE Aggregate Score of 225 and above and at least a Grade ‘A’ for the subject will be offered direct admission into the respective subject’s JeWel Programme. Students who do not meet the above criteria for direct admission to the TDP based on PSLE results still stand a chance to be offered entry into the programme after their performance in the first semester. 

So if you have the passion and talent for English, Mathematics, Science, Art or Sports, come onboard the JeWel Programme for an exciting journey!


The JeWel Programme aims to:



The JeWel Programme is designed using Five Minds of the Future by Howard Gardner and aims to develop students holistically whilst allowing them to pursue their talent in the respective subjects:

TDP Respectful and Ethical Mind.PNG

Programme Overview

The JeWel Programme offers customised training and programmes in five subject areas - English Language, Mathematics, Science, Sports and Art.

In English Language, Mathematics or Science, students deepen their learning in advanced topics through focussed trainings which lead to participation in inter-school, national and international competitions as well as seminars and conferences. In Physical Education & Sports or Art, students nurture their talent further as well as widen their horizons through exposure to a greater variety of sports or art forms during training, events and conferences. 

All students in the programme are mentored by teachers who guide them to explore the subjects in greater depth and prepare them for participation in seminars and competitions. They are also given the opportunities to lead in school, cluster or zonal projects such as the JeWel Challenge organised for the West Zone Primary Schools. 

The programmes are designed to allow students to discover their interest and further develop their talent so they are in good stead to pursue their passion at the upper secondary levels by pursuing relevant ‘O’ Level subjects such as the Pure Sciences, the Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) or Exercise and Sports Science (ESS).

Through the programme, students will also be in good stead to pursue their passion at the post-secondary levels. The JeWel Programme prepares our young talents well in their chosen areas of interest and gives them an edge when they enter a Junior College or Polytechnic at the end of Secondary 4 or Secondary 5 as they would have been developing their passion and strength in their years in secondary school. 

English Language






Physical Education and Sports




The JeWel Challenge

Please click here to find out more about JeWel Challenge 2019, facilitated by our very own JeWel students.


MathematicsAustralian Mathematics Competition (AMC)Distinction  2019
JPJC Maths and Science ChallengeBronze 2019
English3rd YMCA Plain English Speaking AwardsParticipation  2019
EnglishInternational Competitions and Assessments for Schools
(English Language)
(Medal Winner) 
MathematicsSingapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)Bronze  2019
MathematicsSingapore Math Kangaroo ContestGold, Silver and Bronze  2019


Science Jewel Code for Fun Programme

Our Science JeWel students had the opportunity to go through the beginner and intermediate course of basic coding led by Duck Learning. Students used the Lego sets to learn basic coding using WeDo 2.0 software and create various vehicles or gadgets to serve a specific function. Students eventually had to design their own gadget and explain the function to improve certain processes in schools or in public areas. At the end of the year, they will lead primary school students for a little maze competition with their gadgets!

Student’s final prototype


Students explaining their design



Working together to build the prototype