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4 JWSS Students Awarded the Prestigious Boys' Brigade Founder's Award (FAA)

The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Award (FAA) is the highest and most honourable award a BB boy can attain in the Seniors Programme. The award recognises boys for their outstanding performance in approved Brigade-level activities and the duties in the Brigade such as the annual Share-a-Gift project.

The 4 boys received the award from Ms Liew Wei Li, Divisional Director, Student Development  Curriculum Division at SAFRA Mount Faber on 11 July 2015 (Saturday).

The following four boys, in attaining the FAA exemplify the ideal traits, epitomise the essence of the movement as well as serve as a role model to pave the way for their juniors as every BB boy has a chance to shine and achieve the highest award. 

  • Warrant Officer Jared Lim (Sec 4E1)
  • Warrant Officer Benjamin Tan (Sec 4E2)
  • Warrant Officer Goh Boon Siong (Sec 4E1)
  • Warrant Officer Tan Jian Wei (Sec 4E4)

It has been an exhilarating and arduous journey which these 4 boys have completed successfully. We are very proud of them and hope that they continue to use these strong values instilled in them for their future endeavours. 

(From left) Mrs Mano (Vice-Principal), Lim Hern Fong, Jared (4E1), Benjamin Tan Wai Cheng (4E2), Mr Michael (Principal), Tan Jian Wei (4E4), Goh Boon Siong (4E1), Mdm Lim (Vice-Principal) after being recognised for their achievements in front of the school

Our Vice-Principal Mdm Lim Lay Hoon, Captain Dannish Kurniago, the Founder’s Award recipients and their parents at the Founder’s Award Ceremony 2015

Captain Dannish and the Founder’s Boys celebrating their proud moment after many months of hard work.