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HBL Guide

Note to Parents/Guardians

1.       As mentioned in our Parents Gateway announcement and letter dated 30 May sent to parents, students on Home-Based Learning (HBL) will continue to be engaged in learning. We will continue to provide a balanced learning experience for all students during HBL as we do when students are in school.

2.       As mentioned in the detailed letter dated 30 May sent to parents, during HBL, each class will follow their respective class timetable for the day and start each day with Form Teacher Time (FTT) where Form Teachers will take attendance and check in on the students’ progress and well-being.

3.     The HBL lesson for each subject would be a mix of online and offline work comprising e-learning, reading textbooks or notes offline, completing workbooks or worksheets or assignments. In designing lessons for HBL, we have taken care to ensure screen-time is kept to a certain number of hours each day without comprising the quality and outcomes of the learning.

4.       Where necessary as specified by subject teachers in the lessons, completed assignments could be submitted by students to respective subject teachers via different modes (e.g., via SLS, email etc). The submission of assignments are important as they would enable the student to check for understanding and allow teachers to close any gaps in learning.

5.       Teachers will continue to monitor the progress of students through short quizzes, assignments and unweighted assessments which would be marked and returned to students. Subject teachers would also conduct online remediation as well as consultation for identified students. Please refer to the letter dated 6 April for more details.

6.       In trying to ensure a holistic and balanced learning experience during HBL, meeting the different needs of students as well as putting in place mechanisms for teachers to know that the students have learnt, we want to keep workload manageable for students as well as provide time and space for some relaxation and family time. We have ensured assignment submissions where necessary are well spread out. Students would also need to play their part to manage their time at home well.

7.       It is not uncommon for some students to possibly find it more challenging when learning on their own without the physical presence of a teacher so allow some time to adapt. Should students face any challenges with workload whilst they adjust to HBL, they should speak to their Form Teachers so the school can provide the necessary support.

Daily Guide to HBL Lessons 

The Daily Guide (by class) provides students and parents with key details on the lessons for each day during HBL, including information on any assignments, unweighted assessments, mode of feedback and remediation/consultation.

Click here if you would like to see the HBL Daily Guides
(parent's password access only)

Weekly Overview of HBL Lessons  

The Weekly Overview (by class) provides students and parents with an overview of the lessons for the week so that students can consolidate their learning and plan their time well whilst parents can monitor as well as support the learning.

Click here if you would like to see the HBL Weekly Overviews
(parent's password access only)