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JeWel Challenge 2019 for West Zone Primary Schools


The JeWel Challenge 2019 was held on Friday, 7 November 2019 at Jurong West Secondary School. This is the 3rd year this popular challenge for primary schools in the west is being held. The JeWel Challenge is part of the school’s Talent Development Programme designed for Primary Six students from schools in the West Zone with the following aims:

      • to stretch students’ thinking in the disciplines of Science and Mathematicsto enable students 
      • to apply scientific and mathematical concepts to solve problems in innovative ways
      • to engage students in the learning of Science and Mathematics in a fun and interactive manner

The programme for the day included the following:

To see more photos of the JeWel Challenge 2019, please click here

Challenge 1: Videography in Action

  • Students will learn about how camera placement and movement influence the way viewers perceive and react to a character or action on screen.

  • Students work in their teams to create a storyboard on a given topic.

  • Scores will be based on the effective use of camera placement and movement to tell the story and communicate the given message.

Challenge 2: Fight The Pirate King

  • Students solve puzzles and follow the clues to discover the hidden message.

  • Student work in their teams and be given coded puzzles to decode. By following the clues provided, teams would be able to decrypt the hidden message at the end of the challenge.

  • The teams will be assessed based on the team’s precision in completing each puzzle and speed to complete the overall task.

Challenge 3: The Pirates' Treasure

  • Students to learn basic simple coding through the use of WeDo 2.0 app on iPads.

  • Students will create programme codes using WeDo 2.0 software to move their LEGO robots to complete certain challenges and score points accordingly.