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JeWel e-Challenge 2020 Results


The JeWel e-Challenge 2020 was held on Thursday, 5 November 2020 through Zoom. This is the 4th year this popular challenge for primary schools in the west is being held. The JeWel Challenge is part of the school’s Talent Development Programme designed for Primary Six students from schools in the West Zone with the following aims:

      • to stretch students’ thinking in the disciplines of Science and Mathematicsto enable students 
      • to apply scientific and mathematical concepts to solve problems in innovative ways
      • to engage students in the learning of Science and Mathematics in a fun and interactive manner

The programme for the day included the following:

English JeWel Challenge : The Great Escape!

Trapped in a magical room with only one way out, participants will play a series of word games and solve riddles. Each challenge completed helps them win points and brings them closer to escaping. The JeWel wizards, will put the participants' linguistic skills and thinking abilities to the test. Only the best will learn the magical spells and escape this supernatural trap. Are you ready?

Math JeWel Challenge: The Tangram Challenge

Students will need to put their creative juices to work in order to form keys to unlock various doors. The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons called tans which are put together to form shapes. Students will have to make use of the puzzles to form shapes that will help them unlock each stage.

Science JeWel Challenge: Can You Float? 

Stranded on an offshore volcanic island, participants need to quickly find a way to leave the volcanic island before it erupts, destroying everything in its path. Participants manage to find some scraps from a nearby ship wreck and will need to make use of all materials available to them to build a flotation device to help ensure their escape from the island.


After a fun-filled day putting their wits against each other, the results of the JeWel e-Challenge 2020 is finally out! Please click on the links below to see the results of the various segments.

The Great Escape! - English JeWel ChallengeClick Here !
The Tangram Challenge - Math JeWel ChallengeClick Here !
Can You Float? - Science JeWel Challenge Click Here ! 

Overall Winners

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