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MOE Innergy Schools Award - Commendation (T&L)

JWSS conferred the Commendation Award for Contemporary Issues in Mixed Classes


The MOE Innergy (Schools) Award is conferred by MOE to schools for innovative ideas which enhance teaching and learning.    

JWSS was conferred the Commendation Award by MOE for the school’s efforts in engaging students in Contemporary Issues during their Character and Citizenship (CCE) lessons.    

Students were able to choose a contemporary issue they were passionate about and come together with other students who chose the same issue to first, better understand the complexities of the issue, and then discuss their views as well as exchange perspectives on the contemporary issue.   Amongst the contemporary issues discussed during the lessons were issue such as social media and its societal impact, citizenship, populism, Singapore’s education system, dealing with deliberate online falsehoods, and meritocracy.    

 The lessons, designed to be very interactive and experiential, by a team of teachers in the school, were facilitated by teachers who were equally passionate about the issues.   Below are some of the highlights of the lessons:

innergy1.jpgCI lesson on meritocracy – sharing key background knowledge related to the issue with students.Innergy2.jpgCI lesson on populism – polling for students’ views to kick start the discussion.
CI lesson on Social Media and its Societal Impact – usage of the ICT application NearPod to facilitate the lesson.
CI lesson on Citizenship – an introductory activity to lead students into the issue.
CI lesson on Singapore’s education system – group discussion facilitated by teachers to surface opposing views and perspectives held by different stakeholders.
CI lesson on dealing with deliberate online falsehoods – using the example of what was happening in Hong Kong in 2019 to relate students to the issue.

innergy3.jpgTeachers who had contributed to the process of constructing and teaching the Contemporary Issues lessons