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Outstanding Computing Teacher Award 2018

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The Outstanding Computing Teacher Award (OCTA) recognises Computing teachers who have made outstanding contributions and sustained excellence in Computing Education through innovative and engaging teaching approaches. There will be up to two awardees per year.

Objectives of OCTA Award

The objectives of the award are to:

(a) signal the importance of Computing Education;

(b) give recognition to outstanding Computing teachers in Singapore;

(c) provide professional development opportunities for awardees and thereafter share their learnings with fellow teachers.


  • Nomination may be made by school leaders, teachers or students.
  • Nominations must be made using the following nomination form.
  • Completed nomination must be submitted to the Computer Education Unit by 31 May 2018 (more details in the nomination form).
  • Past nominees who were not recipients of the award may be nominated again.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for selection, a nominee must

(a) be a full-time teacher in a secondary school or junior college teaching Computer Applications (CPA), O-Level Computing and/or A-Level Computing;

(b) have at least three years of teaching experience in the Computing subject(s);

(c) be teaching the Computing subject(s) in the year of nomination;

(d) not be a past recipient of the award.

Selection Criteria

Eligible nominees will be shortlisted based on the following criteria:

(a) Passion for and Mastery of the subject

The teacher is well-read in the subject, and demonstrates passion and commitment to promote Computing Education. He/she keeps up to date on new developments in Computing Education and seeks to incorporate those developments into his/her teaching to excite and enthuse students.

(b) Pedagogy

The teacher has sound pedagogical skills, and is able to flexibly apply his/her subject knowledge to engage students and effectively facilitate learning among them. He/she is able to effectively apply the relevant technologies to support teaching and learning.

(c) Student Development

The teacher understands students’ diverse learning needs, interests and abilities, and demonstrates the ability to motivate and inspire students, or even children in the community, to develop a strong interest in Computing or Coding. He/she provides opportunities for students to apply computing to solve everyday problems, and/or be involved in Computing-related community projects or enrichment activities.

(d) Professional Development

The teacher reflects and seeks feedback from others on his/her areas of strength or areas for improvement and work performance. He/she shows evidence of continual self-development and actively contributes to the professional growth of fellow teachers through coaching others for improvement and/or participating actively in learning communities.

Shortlisted nominees will be required to attend an interview by the selection panel.


Recipients of the Outstanding Computing Teacher Award will receive a certificate, a trophy and a sponsorship to attend an overseas Computing conference that is of relevance to the professional development of Computing teachers. Upon returning from the conference, the award recipients are expected to share what they have learnt with the Computing fraternity at a local Computing conference organised by Google, the sponsor.

You can click on the following link to download the application form.