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The Rise of Computing at JWSS

The Digital Evolution is upon us

Digital Evolution.jpgThe global computing education landscape is experiencing a renewed emphasis on programming (coding) and the fundamental computational skill sets that will prepare students to thrive in a more digitally-connected world and work place. The plethora of applications on mobile and computing devices have changed the way we live, learn and work. The impact is felt across all age groups.

To narrow the digital divide, various government schemes and initiatives were launched to reach out to the population so that more people can harness technology effectively to improve their lives and contribute to society.

Preparing for a Smart Future

While the current baseline ICT programme equips all students with basic computer literacy skills to be informed consumers of technology, here at Jurong West Secondary School (JWSS), we aim to grow students’ interest and competency in more advanced concepts and skills. 

The O'Level Computing Subject we offer will equip them with the necessary foundation to apply Computational Thinking, Systems Thinking and Design Thinking to address challenges in various domains. The curriculum offered will also allow the students  to continue with post-secondary computing courses. A secondary aim is to encourage students to consider careers in computing technology and systems or as skilled programmers, system developers and software engineers. Our aspiration is for this group of students with the passion for Computing, to eventually harness their talent to solve complex problems or create new value propositions in society, through technology. This will pave the way for Singapore to embrace its destiny as a Smart Nation.


In Partnership with Leading Institutions

To prepare the students to rise to the Computing challenge, it is necessary to cement partnerships with institutions that are leaders in the field of technology and learning. In line with this, we are constantly striving to leverage on the movers and shakers of the Computing Industry, both institutions of higher learning, as well as innovators of technology, to better equip our students with the meaningful and necessary insight into the future. Some of our growing list of partners are featured below.


NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) Python Workshop 

The Python Programming Workshop for the Youth was organised by NTU Computer Science and Engineering Club, in partnership with Jurong West Secondary School. The program aimed at providing students from Jurong West Secondary School an exposure to modern computational thinking and cultivate their interest in Information Technology as well as providing opportunities for SCSE students to participate in community events. The students participated actively and benefited from the five weeks of training, which culminated in a competition and presentation.

ntu_scse_1.jpg ntu_scse_2.jpg
Enhancing student experience through tertiary collaboration.
Students brainstorming the game design.
ntu_scse_3.jpg ntu_scse_4.jpg
 Our students in the capable hands of the seniors from NTU.  Students experience learning through inquiry.
ntu_scse_5.jpg ntu_scse_6.png
 Students coding a Hangman game using the Python Programming Language.  A finished game from one of our students.

BuildingBloCS@NYP (organised by Dunman High School and Nanayang Polytechnic)

The inaugural event - for students by students BuildingBloCS High School Computer Science Conference was a 2-day event organised by Dunman High School and Nanyang Polytechnic. The conference programme contained talks by invited speakers from the industry (such as Google, Science Centre, IMDA) and academia, students' projects showcase, application development workshops (with the BBC Micro:bit and Python), a mini competition and short lightning talks in which participants shared their knowledge and experiences. Our students were given the unique and memorable opportunity of working in teams, with members from different schools and coming up with innovative solutions.

bbcc_1.jpg bbcc_2.jpg
Students exposed to an exclusive Computing Conference. Students working with other schools to solve unplugged computational tasks.
bbcc_3.jpg bbcc_4.jpg
 Students applying logical reasoning to unpack complex problems. Students were given an insight to Future job prospects in Computing, by IMDA.
bbcc_5.jpg bbcc_6.jpg
 Students were exposed to Algorithmic Reasoning, Pattern Recognition 
and Abstraction among other Computational Thinking Skills.
 One of our student’s groups achieving the Best Coding Award.

CodeWerkZ Computing Bootcamp@Jwss

In June this year, we conducted a 2-day non-residential Computing Boot Camp at Jurong West Secondary School, in partnership with the National Institute of Education, Codomo Pte Ltd and Carousell Pte Ltd. The objective of the camp was to expose the students to Computer Science, through lectures, videos, games and competitions. The practical sessions included unplugged activities, python programming, physical computing – using BBC micro:bits, presentation by the various groups and drone manipulation. The highlight of the event was the trip to Carousell, where the students had a dialogue session with the lead Software Engineer on software development, followed by the tour of the premises. The students left the camp, looking forward to more such trips to stimulate their mind.

Specially crafted Computational Activities.

Students engaged in Unplugged Computing activities. 

Students working in pairs to solve real world problems using the BBC Micro:bit.Students playing unplugged computational games to stimulate
Logical Reasoning and Algorithmic Thinking.
Students embracing entrepreneurial dare to come up with
innovative solutions using the BBC Micro:bit.
A learning journey to Carousell to explore software development and challenges.