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W3 Cluster Literature Symposium 2020

W3 Cluster Literature Symposium 2020

The 5th W3 JWSS Literature Symposium was successfully conducted by the JWSS Literature Unit on 15th of October 2020. Unlike past years, this year’s symposium was conducted entirely online this year for the 130 student and teacher participants from 4 other schools in the West Cluster/Zone. 
The aims of this Literature Symposium were to:

a. Provide a platform for Literature students in the West Zone to interact and collaborate, thus increasing their confidence and passion in Literature.
b. Allow greater collaboration among the Literature teachers in the West Zone by sharing effective teaching pedagogies and resources for Literature.

This year, we were honoured to have the CEO of Strategic Moves, former Nominated Member of Parliament, Mr Viswa Sadasivan, as Guest-of-Honour to share on how Literature has shaped his life and provided him with the confidence he needs as a speaker, mediator and journalist. We also welcomed Ms Meenakshi Palaniappan from CPDD ELL who gave the keynote address on how Literature is used as a tool to discover new realities in society. Our Principal, Mr Michael Muhunthan, gave an opening address on how Literature has shaped his life over the years, and also shared some of his favourite Literature texts with the participants.

The students’ workshops were conducted by 
Ms Lee Pei Yong – CPDD, ELL, Hook & Eye: Peering into the Margins
Mr Ian Tan – NIE Graduate Scholar, Unseen Poetry: An Analysis for Experiences and Expressions for Greater Meaning 
Ms Orry Zhang – JWSS Head of Literature Unit, Off Centre: An Analysis and Appreciation of Theatrical Elements

The teachers’ workshop was conducted by 
Ms Esther Vincent, Editor-in-chief & Founder of the Tiger Moth Review, Discovering the Other in Literature 

With overwhelmingly positive response and feedback given by both the teachers and student participants for this event, it is certain that the teaching and learning needs of the participants were met through this Literature e-Symposium. 
1a) eSymposium Website.JPG
Taking our annual Literature Symposium online this year!

1c) Keynote address.jpg
Mr Michael giving his opening address to share about his lifelong passion in Literature

1b) Opening address.jpg
Everyone tuned in for the Keynote address by Ms Meenakshi from CPDD ELL

1d) Students learning.jpg
Students taking their learning online at JWSS Literature e-Symposium 2020! 

1e) Hook and Eye.jpg
Students engaged and learning more about their Literature text Hook & Eye from presenter Ms Lee Pei Yong (CPDD/ELL