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18 November 2018: Pioneer Constituency Tree Planting Carnival

On 18 November 2018, 14 student ambassadors from JWSS participated in a meaningful Pioneer Constituency event - Tree Planting Carnival. The event held was in conjunction with the 18th anniversary of Pioneer Constituency and our students lent a hand in making Singapore a greener and cleaner place to live in.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-18 at 09.31.56 (1).jpeg
Students doing their best to contribute back to the environment

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-18 at 09.31.56.jpegAnother tree planted to help ensure more fresh air for residents in Jurong West area

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-18 at 09.31.54.jpeg
Students taking a group photo with Mr Cedric Foo after the event

17 November 2018: JWSS Eco Day

JWSS Eco Day on 17 November 2018 was organised by the CCE Green Committee and Student ambassadors in partnership with Pioneer Constituency, Metalo International Pte Ltd, HP Singapore, Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd and 90s Candy Society for residents in the Pioneer Constituency. The aim of the event is to encourage green practices in the community as part of the efforts to save the environment. E-waste, old newspaper and unwanted clothings were donated by residents on the day itself and residents were also treated to a host of fun-filled activities like our eco trail and games on environmental conservation.

Eco Day 1.png Eco Day 10.png Eco Day 8.png Eco Day 9.png
Residents from Pioneer dropped off their recyclables such as E-Waste and were collected by Metalo International Pte Ltd to handle the recycling process

Eco Day 2.png Eco Day 3.png
The E-waste monster brought in by HP Singapore to educate residents on the ways to recycle E-Waste

Eco Day 4.png Eco Day 5.png Eco Day 6.png
Our Student Ambassadors showed their commitment towards environmental sustainability by designing games to promote eco-friendliness. 

Eco Day 7.pngFamilies participated in a bio-diversity trail within JWSS designed by our Student Ambassadors

Eco Day 11.png
The Green Committee and Student Ambassadors taking a group photo with Metalo International personnel

10 November 2018 : Appreciation Session for Parent Support Group

On 10th November 2018, JWSS hosted an Appreciation Session for our Parent Support Group (PSG). The Appreciation Session started off with our Principal, Mr Michael, thanking the PSG for their continuous support for the year. The school has a very strong PSG who complements the school by aligning with the school’s vision and mission, supporting and strengthening the school’s programmes to improve our student’s well-being and learning. The PSG Chairperson, Mdm Gena also expressed her appreciation to the school for the effort in ensuring a holistic education for the students. The PSG were then treated to a buffet and the session ended off with some simple and fun team bonding games. 


27 October 2018: ALP Showcase @ Frontier Community Club

The students’ two-year journey on the ALP culminates in an exhibition where students showcase and present their ICT-based solutions which come in varied digital modes to the rest of the school. 

A Secondary 2 student presenting his group's micro:bit project to Secondary 1s

A teacher trying out a mobile application created by students

A student demonstrating the use of their micro:bit device to improve road safety for cyclists

24 October 2018: ALP Showcase @ Jurong West Secondary School

The students’ two-year journey on the ALP culminates in an exhibition where students showcase and present their ICT-based solutions which come in varied digital modes to the rest of the school. 

A Secondary 2 student presenting his group's micro:bit project to Secondary 1s

A teacher trying out a mobile application created by students

A student demonstrating the use of their micro:bit device to improve road safety for cyclists

21 October 2018: Pioneer Constituency Emergency Preparedness Day 2018

Our students from the Uniformed Groups participated in the 2018 Pioneer Constituency Emergency Preparedness Day held at Jurong Point. To prepare residents for the reality of a terror attack, the People's Association, with the support of the Home Team, conducts Emergency Preparedness Days (EP Days) in the heartlands. Our students helped to facilitate learning of the residents on what to look out for to stay vigilant, how to respond in a terror attack (Run, Hide, Tell), as well as essential lifesaving skills such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Improvised First Aid (IFAS).

EP Day 6.jpeg
Our NPCC Girls helping a member of public to try on the new Virtual Reality Goggles during Pioneer EP Day

EP Day 5.jpeg
Explaining to a Pioneer resident on the importance of being vigilant

EP day 2.jpegExplaining SG Secure principles through games for the youth

EP Day 7.jpeg
Participants from JWSS having a group photo after the event

30 August 2018: Teachers' Day Concert

The Teachers' Day Concert this year had been a memorable experience for both the teachers and students. The 18th Student Council presented a refreshing in-house musical that featured performances by our very own talented student councillors. From singing, acting, dancing to emceeing, there were many segments in the musical which captivated and resonated with the audience. Teachers were also invited up on stage to play exciting gamers like "What's in the box" during certain segments of the Musical. 

Our School Leaders and teachers receiving the applause from students  when they entered the hall

Teachers enjoying the games planned for them

Teamwork among teachers to succeed in the games planned for them

Student Councillors dancing confidently and enthusiastically on stage for the Musical

Teachers enjoying the Teachers’ Day Concert

Interactive segments for the audience

PSG Members with their stunning performance

The President and Vice Presidents of the 18th Student Council as the emcees for the concert

The musical themed 'From Student to Teacher' received positive feedback from both students and teachers. Teachers were able to relate to the plot which entailed the life progression of Coco, a student who was bullied by her peers in her school days. After a series of encounters and interactions with the caring teachers in her school, Coco emerged more resilient and went against all odds to pursue her dream to be a teacher. Many students have also given rave comments about the musical as they mentioned that the play had reminded them of the importance of resilience in life and during times of setback. 

A musical that tied in both values and fun was certainly a valuable production of the 18th Student Council. The Student Council will continue to unleash critical and creative thinking in planning the next school event and to bring in more exciting programmes for the student population!  

11 August 2018: Blood Donation Drive, Bloodbank@Westgate

Our Student Ambassadors organised a blood donation drive for the fourth consecutive year on 11 August 2018. Our event was supported by Singapore Red Cross Society and was intentionally held over the long National Day weekend, where Bloodbank@Westgate needed more assistance in advocating for blood donation in order to maintain a stable supply of blood.

The event was carried out across two sessions for students to pick up knowledge and thereafter, engage the public. Mr Julian from the Red Cross Society provided more in-depth details about blood donation process and the importance of this cause. Our ambassadors got an opportunity to role-play on how they would engage the public. In addition, they also created flyers for the drive during the session.

During the event, our students were divided into three different shifts. Some of our students sportingly put on the mascot which helped to attract a crowd. Whilst some students took time to warm up and were quite shy to approach the public initially, they managed to muster up courage and were able to carry out their advocacy work dutifully.


Student Ambassadors taking a group picture after the event   

BD2.jpg Students all ready to guide the public at the reception desk 

BD4.JPG Student Ambassadors engaging the public 

8 August 2018: National Day Celebrations

On 8 August 2018,  Jurong West Students got into the mood of National Day by wearing red tops to school and celebrated the Nation’s 53rd Birthday with an awesome display of talents and skills!

The day started off with a splendid display of drills execution in our formal inspection parade, a march past and our own very version of JWSS flypast and mini fireworks! Our Secondary 2s hosted the Carnival games for the elderly and our concert segment had various exciting activities from each level.

The celebrations eventually ended off with a Birthday cutting ceremony with our guests, parents and school representatives. It was truly an awesome day that JWSS will fondly remember! 

20 July 2018: JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet Day

JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet 2018 was held at the Dragon & Phoenix Court, Chinese Garden on 20 July. This year’s route for the boys spanned a distance of 4.4 km while the girls competed along a 3.3 km route. Our JWSS teachers and Parent Support Group members also took part in the Teacher’s Fun Run.

As a Lead Up to the event, a series of activities were planned to find the fittest boy and girl in JWSS through the Beep Test and Cooper Test. We were also graced by the presence of Mr C Kunalan who came to JWSS to share and inspire our students with his stories.

Mr C Kunalan giving his speech to motivate students prior to the event.

Teachers of JWSS preparing for their Fun Run

Trophies and Medals await the winners of JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet 2018

Winners of JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet 2018

The Upper Secondary boys pouring out their sweat to reach the finish line

The Upper Secondary girls on their way to start their run

The Student Councilors in action manning one of the many Games Booth available during the event

The winner of Lower Secondary Challenge Trophy, 2E2!

The winner of Upper Secondary Challenge Trophy, 4N3!

Wee Yan of 2E1 finishing his race in style by breaking the Lower Secondary Boys record!

7 July 2018: Fostering Resilience Motivation Workshop + Champions Eagles Talk (Parent Support Group)

On 7th July 2018, about 20 parents and children attended a workshop conducted by Ms Veronica Eng from Compass Life Singapore. The objective of the workshop was to equip parents with the necessary motivational and resilience tools to fully realise the potential of the children. At the same time, it also provided an opportunity for the parents to bond with their children through meaningful activities that they undertook together.

PSG_Resilience (1).jpg
For more information and photos on this event, please click here

30 June 2018: Alumni Day

Alumni Day is the Alumni Committee’s annual event to gather all alumni to have a good day of fun with various sports such as Netball and Soccer. It is also a day when Alumni and teachers can gather to catch up on what is happening with each other and reminisce about the good old days. This year saw around 150 Alumni coming back to rekindle old friendships and forging new ones.

Alumni Day 2018!

Miss The and her Basketball Golden Boys

The Alumni Hockey Girls Team

Miss Orry Zhang happy to catch up with one of her ex-students

Shi Ying and Jenro, the silent heroes of Alumni Day 2018

Teamwork is all that matters

Alumni sweating and having fun with soccer matches

Mr Mark with his Alumni Hockey boys who happen to be 1st runner-up for the soccer match

Graduates of 2011

The Marketing Committee of Student Council lending their hand in Alumni Day

The alumni just having some fun during the netball matches 

A mix of Graduates from 2010 to 2012

18 - 20th June 2018: Leadership Training Camp (LTC)

The Leadership Training Camp 2018 was conducted for all the CCA leaders and Executive Committee members of the Student Ambassadors and Student Council over the June Holidays from 18 to 20 June. This year’s camp was underpinned with many meaningful activities that were targeted at sharpening the student leaders’ leadership competencies. There were many highlights of the camp and some of these include the District Race, MBTI Workshop, CCA Envisioning, Mass Dance and Campfire. The students certainly had an enjoyable 3-day camp and many have shown to become a more competent, confident and caring leader thereafter. The camp had evidently enhanced the leadership competencies and behavioural traits in our student leaders!


25 May 2018: Secondary One Public Speaking Workshop

On 25th May 2018, the Secondary One students took part in a public speaking workshop at Jurong West Secondary School, as part of the continual effort to bolster their confidence and hone their public speaking skills. Speaking on a wide range of topics, they learnt to employ persuasive devices such as signposting, rules of three and emotive language to engage the audience and inspire them to action.

Sec1_Pub_Speaking_2018 (8).jpg
Sec1_Pub_Speaking_2018 (1).jpg
Sec1_Pub_Speaking_2018 (2).jpg
Sec1_Pub_Speaking_2018 (5).jpg
Sec1_Pub_Speaking_2018 (3).jpg

23 May 2018: ECG Day

Our school’s second ECG Day was held on 23 May this year. The purpose of the ECG Day is to enable students to gather information from various sources to start exploring and making informed educational and career decisions for their future.

ECG_Day (1).jpg ECG_Day (2).jpg ECG_Day (3).jpg
Mr Chua Ching Hock 
Senior Manager with Changi Airport Group, Changi Airport Terminal 4 
Mr Lee Qing Hong
A bilingual events host & weekend Chinese radio presenter 
on SPH radio UFM100.3
Mr Ian Gan
Chief Executive Officer
of SEED Ventures
Invited Guest Speakers sharing their Industry experiences

For more information and photos on this exciting event, please click here

21 - 25 May 2018: Inter Class Debates Championship (Post-Exam Activity)

Held from 21 – 25 May 2018, this year's Championship saw active participation across all our Secondary 3 classes. Students attended a two-day debates workshop, followed by an inter-class round to put their newly acquired skills to the test. The two finalists, 3E1 and 3E3, then went up against each other in a school-wide assembly programme, debating the tough but timely motion:

"This house believes that the sale of our private data to technology companies has done more harm than good

After engaging in a passionate debate and tackling challenging questions posed by audience members, 3E1 emerged as the overall Champion for this year.

2018 finalists and their instructors.jpg
The winning team, 3E1, with Mr Michael.jpg
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22 May 2018: Secondary Two English Oracy Programme

In May, the Secondary 2 students of Jurong West Secondary School were treated to the rare opportunity to experience what it is like to be a newscaster. As part of the School's EL Oracy programme, the Secondary 2 cohort participated in a newscasting workshop which gave the students an introduction to the various stages and responsibilities of a news broadcast, and the chance to present the news in an authentic manner. Some of the highlights of the workshop included the talk given to the students by Mediacorp Artiste Belinda Lee on good presentation skills, and of course, presenting the news in front of a camera crew while reading off the news from a teleprompter.

Belinda 1.JPG
Belinda 3.JPG
Belinda 2.JPG
Newscasting 1.jpg
newscasting 2.jpg
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22nd May 2018: Secondary One Arts Experience Programme – Music and Dance(Post-Exam Activity)

On the 22nd May 2018, all Secondary 1 students had the opportunity to deepen their appreciation for the arts, particularly in the area of the performing arts; dance and music. The workshop aimed to build students’ confidence as performers and to provide a platform for them to showcase their talents. Apart from learning the basic techniques of selected dance styles, students were exposed to the different genres and vital elements of music and dance movements. The workshop has enabled students to foster understanding of the differences and quality of each specific dance form, and its musical interpretation.

PEA_S1_ArtsExp (1).jpg
PEA_S1_ArtsExp (2).jpg
PEA_S1_ArtsExp (3).jpg
PEA_S1_ArtsExp (4).jpg

21 May 2018: Secondary Two Arts Experience Programme – Music and Physical Theatre(Post-Exam Activity)

The Secondary 2 cohort participated in a one-day workshop to deepen their appreciation for the arts, particularly in the areas of music and physical theatre. The exciting hands-on activities they engaged in throughout the day provided the opportunity to work in groups to create a drama performance set to their favourite songs. The day’s finale consisted of a showcase by the groups to the rest of their class – a challenge that students certainly stepped up to confidently and creatively tackled.

S2_PEA_Music and Phys Theatre (1).jpg
S2_PEA_Music and Phys Theatre (2).jpg
S2_PEA_Music and Phys Theatre (3).jpg
S2_PEA_Music and Phys Theatre (4).jpg

21 May 2018: Operation Float My Boat (Post-Exam Activity)

On 21 May 2018, our Secondary 1 students extended their classroom learning about density and learnt the basics of buoyancy. Students were required to construct a boat each, using a fixed number of ice cream sticks. The students exceeded our expectations by using creativity and critical thinking to modify their creations, utilising other optional items. The highlight of the activity was when the students had to “float their boat” with as many standard masses as possible! Although the team whose boat withstood the greatest load emerged the winner, all teams enjoyed themselves tremendously!

FMB6.jpegWorking together to build the boat
FMB7.jpegTeamwork in progress

Testing the boat with 50g masses
FMB9.jpegMore Testing 



FMB5.jpegSome of the final work proudly on display

Contest Winners enjoying the limelight

21 May 2018: Potato Pirates (Post-Exam Activity)

On 21 May 2018, the Secondary Two cohort of students participated in a post-exam programme which involved the use of the card game, Potato Pirates. This card game aimed to boost students' computational thinking and programming skills while making the learning process fun and effortless as they engaged in a social game. It enabled them to learn about Unplugged coding (without the use of technology) and encouraged them to focus on human connections and thrills throughout the card game.

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6 April 2018: CCA Appreciation Tea

On 6 April 2018, the school paid tribute to the graduating cohort of Secondary 4 CCA students during the CCA Appreciation Tea for the contributions and achievements that our students had made to their respective CCAs. It was an enjoyable afternoon filled with laughter and food as CCA Representatives recollected their memorable moments, fond memories and experiences that they shared during their CCA journeys. As the event drew to the close, the CCA Appreciation Tea marked the end of the Secondary 4 students’ CCA journey as they turn their focus and efforts onto the National Examinations. 




To view even more photographs from the exciting event, please click here.

2 April - 6th April 2018: MOE-Outward Bound School Camp

On 2 April 2018, the Secondary 3 cohort embarked on the school’s first ever MOE-Outward Bound School camp held at Pulau Ubin from 2 Apr to 6 Apr 2018. The camp marked the first occasion when students from JWSS took part in a Level Camp with students from Presbyterian High School and Maris Stella High School for a 5 Days – 4 Night Programme. During the Camp, students were engaged in a series of fun and exciting activities such as kayaking, hiking, High Ropes courses as well as outdoor cooking. Through the activities, students built their self-confidence and resilience as they stepped outside their comfort zone. At the same time, JWSS students also had an opportunity to meet new friends from other schools and background.


29 March 2018: JWSS Annual Speech and Prize Giving Day

The school celebrated its 17th Speech and Prize-Giving Day with a parade inspection which was followed by the award presentations to students for their outstanding achievements, and to staff and various stakeholders of the school for their contributions. A highlight of this year's event was a series of exciting performances put up by the finalists of the JWSS Open Mic 2018 and our very own performing arts groups. It was a truly memorable occasion! To view the exciting photographs of the event, please click here.

24 March 2018: West Zone Inter-School Frisbee Tournament

JWSS hosted the Annual West Zone Inter-School Frisbee Tournament on 24 March 2018. A total of 16 teams of boys and girls took part in the competition. The school is proud to announce that the boys and girls team did well to secure 1st place for the Boys' team and 3rd place for the Girls' team. The school would like to thank all participating schools for their signups and we look forward to their participation again in 2019.

Frisbee 0.jpg
Frisbee 1.jpg
Frisbee 2.jpg
Frisbee 4.jpg

23 March 2018: JWSS Annual Sports & Games Day

The JWSS Annual Sports & Games Day was held on 23 March 2018 at Clementi Sports Stadium. The atmosphere was electric as students competed to see which class would emerge as the Level Champion. The stadium was painted in a sea of colours as students came dressed in their respective class T-shirts, while the class banners adorned the spectator stands.    

Students were competing in a series of track events comprising of the 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m and 4x100m relay races. In 2018, a total of 3 new records were set in the 100m Boys race, 4x100m Boys relay, and 200m Girls race. The JWSS Spartan Race made a return this year with 4 obstacles namely, the hurdles challenge, skipping, farmer’s walk and tyre run.    

The successful completion of the Annual Sports & Games Day saw staff and students competing against each other in the spirit of sportsmanship. The JWSS PE Department looks forward to the continued support of everyone at our next event. 

To view the exciting photographs of the event, please click here.

9 March - 21 March 2018: Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme (MTFP)

JWSS MTFP includes a wide range of language and culture activities to expose students to learn and use MT Languages in novel and exciting ways. 

MTFP4.jpgThe Chinese students were involved in Chinese paper-cutting, seal carving and a learning journey to Tea Chapter. They also invited local musicians to perform Singapore Chinese Songs (
新谣Xin Yao) to our students.

MTFP2.jpgThe Tamil students were involved in Introduction to Villupattu, a creative way of storytelling. Students learnt to improvise a storyline creatively by adding rhythm and presenting it as a group. 

The Malay students were involved in traditional performing art forms and training. These activities 
were organised to provide students with an immersive environment to learn and use the language.

9 March 2018: Open Mic

The Open Mic 2018 was met with overwhelming responses from the students this year and it was very encouraging to observe the enthusiasm and fervour of our JWSS students in showcasing their talents. Noticeably, some contestants who did not make it to the Finals last year had demonstrated resilience and the spirit of “Entrepreneurial Dare” by joining the competition again. Many students and teachers would agree that this year’s Open Mic Finals was certainly one of the best shows in JWSS!
OpenMic2.jpg OpenMic3.jpg OpenMic4.jpg

In the Open Mic 2018, we exposed our students to Augmented Reality where the students could scan some photos to know more about the finalists.

The silhouettes of the finalists were placed on the notice board to allure audience to find out the identities of the finalists (as shown in the figures below).
AR1.png AR2.png AR3.png

AR4.png AR5.png
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20 February 2018: Staff Lohei Session (A New Beginning!)

Jurong West Secondary School staff celebrated the Lunar New Year festive season with our annual ‘Lo Hei’ (meaning ‘tossing up good fortune’) to start the year with good wishes to everyone.

This year's celebration was extra exciting as 'Cai Shen Ye' graced the event, bringing much cheer and well wishes to all present. Staff let their hair down and mingled with one another amidst good food, chit-chat and great company! Together, A New Beginning!

For more photos, check out our gallery

12 February 2018: Total Defence Day (TDD) Commemoration


JWSS commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) on 12 February 2018 with meaningful CCE lessons that focused on ordinary Singapores who have extraordinarily made a difference in Singapore’s Total Defence. Lower Secondary students had the opportunity to try their hands at posters designing while our Upper Secondary students took part in the Freeze Frame Challenge to explain how we could better guard ourselves and strengthen social resilience against cyber attacks and disinformation.

With the onset of a wider range of multi-faceted challenges and threats, we play a crucial role in reiterating the importance to step up and play our individual roles to strengthen unity. This ensures that conflicts such as fabricated news on racial tension, national service and new citizens will not escalate into violent riots or a general air of distrust clouding Singapore, making her susceptible to foreign attacks.


3 to 5 January 2018 - Sec 1 Orientation Camp

JWSS Student Leaders leading the Secondary One students through a series of team-bonding cheers

The Secondary One Orientation Camp was held in school from 3 to 5 Jan 2018, planned and led by JWSS very own Student Leaders. The orientation theme this year revolves around the theme of “JW Jewels” to encourage all students to find and ignite the sparks of Learning with Passion, Thinking driven by Innovation and Leading inspired by Service.

The Secondary One students went through bonding activities such as class performances, tele-matches, JWSS Signature Mass Dance session and Campfire Night which aimed to increase camaraderie among the class as well as to familiarise the Sec 1s with the school’s culture and history. The camp ended on a high spirit with an award ceremony recognising participative campers as well as classes that demonstrated the school values throughout the 3-Days-2-Nights camp. 

The Class Performances by all Secondary One students together with their Group Leaders on Campfire Night

ogl3.jpgTele-matches done through a series of sports activities

ogl4.jpgSchool Dress Code and tie-tying session led by our very own student leaders

ogl5.jpgStudent Leaders leading the JWSS Signature Mass Dance

3 February 2018: Secondary One Parents' Welcome Tea Party, by the Parent Support Group

PSG 2.jpeg
It was definitely an honour for JWSS to be able to host almost 50 secondary 1 parents for the Welcome Tea Party on 3 February 2018. 

Mdm Gena Chen, Chairman of the PSG, opened the morning’s proceedings emphasizing that it is the role of the PSG to support the school as partners. She mentioned the importance for parents to trust the school and respect the teachers, as they carry out what they have been tasked and trained to do. Strengthening the relationship with the school is vital so that present and future cohorts of students can benefit from the PSG’s efforts. 

Mr Michael Muhunthan then commenced his session with an address to the parents highlighting the school’s directions and programmes and shared with parents about the exciting and holistic education their children will be experiencing in JWSS. Two-way communication between school and parents is important as the parents need information about what and how their child is learning, and the teacher needs important feedback from the parent about the child’s academic and social development.This memorable meeting between and school and Secondary One parents ended with a traditional Lo-Hei session to mark the beginning of a strong partnership between parents and the school.

PSG 1.jpg