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10 August: Blood Donation Drive

The student ambassadors organised a blood donation drive for the fifth consecutive year on 10 August 2019. Our event was supported by Singapore Red Cross Society. This was also our first donation drive joined by our very own JWSS Red Cross Youths. The event was intentionally held over the long National Day weekend, where Bloodbank@Westgate needed more assistance in advocating for blood donation in order to maintain a stable supply of blood.
The event was carried out across two sessions for students to pick up knowledge and thereafter, engage the public. Mr Melvin from the Red Cross Society provided more in-depth details about blood donation process and the importance of this cause. Our ambassadors and Red Cross Youths got an opportunity to role play on how they would engage the public. In addition, they also created flyers for the drive during the session.
For the actual blood donation drive, our students were divided into three different shifts. They managed to bring in 10 suitable and successful donors within a span of 4 hours. Student Ambassadors executive committee members took the lead to brief and debrief the team of leaders using Kolb's Learning Cycle theory which advocates learning from our experiences of life on an everyday basis. The student leaders on duty had a fruitful session sharing their experiences of approaching the public to garner their support of this blood donation drive.

Group Picture of Student Ambassadors (last shift) after event

2.jpg Students approaching the public to explain their good cause for the day

Red Cross Youths engaging the public

4.jpgStudent Ambassadors EXCOs de-briefing members on duty through Kolb’s Learning Cycle

7 August: Bicentennial Board Display

On 7 August 2019, the Student Councillors and Student Ambassadors did three pop-up booths in school to commemorate our nation’s 54th birthday as well as advocate for care towards the environment through a Mozzie Wipe-out. The event is the student leaders’ first collaboration effort in bonding the school through useful display of knowledge and information. 

The event was carried out during recess time to engage their schoolmates in highlighting some of Singapore’s major achievements for the past 200 year. The event also provided an opportunity for the student leaders to raise awareness to care for the environment by being eco-friendly (with examples from the NDP Fun Pack) as well as ways to stop mosquito breeding in our neighbourhood estate, school and homes. 

In all, the whole experience served as a successful collaboration for the student leaders as they strive to be caring leaders who champion for positive messages and sharing it with their schoolmates.

Our schoolmates reading our Bicentennial board display

2.jpg 3.jpg
Teachers and students joining us in writing a pledge to wipe out Mozzies

1 August: Nurses' Day

On 1 August 2019, the student ambassadors participated in Singapore Nurses’ Day. Supported by Ministry of Health, customized tote bags were prepared for all nurses in Singapore. The event was an extension of the student ambassadors’ advocacy for awareness in the community and recognizing good causes. 

The event was carried out in our school for the team of nurses from Health Promotion Board. Under the under the School Health Service (SHS), they have been screening our schoolmates for their health checks and vaccination. The event provided an opportunity for the ambassadors to raise awareness in school and encourage their schoolmate to better cherish the hard work and dedication of the nurses. 

In all, the whole experience was a great reminder for our student ambassadors to acknowledge and affirm the everyday heroes in Singapore. 

Our ambassadors giving a short speech to affirm the nurses in school

2.jpgOur ambassadors in school with the customized tote bags for the nurses

Presenting our board to the nurse in-charge

4.pngGroup picture to mark the end of event

27 July: Fostering Resilience Motivation Workshop + Champions Eagles Talk

On 27th July 2019, Ms Josey Koh from Compass Life conducted the Fostering Resilience Motivation Workshop for our school to learn how to develop resilience to persevere and adapt positively in the face of challenges. Around 25 parents and students turned up and are empowered on ways to strengthen the child’s social and emotional skills, build positive belief, and improve their communication. Various deep breathing exercises were also taught to help them manage stress and parents had an opportunity to bond with their children through activities that they undertook together.


After the workshop we had the Champions Eagles Talk session where 2 of our alumni members, Glen and Nicole shared with us their fond memories during their time in the school, how the school helped them in building resilience and provided us the insight of the route taken by them upon their leaving from JWSS. The workshop ended with a Q&A session where we get to hear from the alumni some suggestions on how to build our resilience with parents and students.


6 July: Arts Labs @ Kampung Admiralty

On 6 July 2019, it was smiles all around at our Art Labs booth at Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza, as selected students from the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and the Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) took part in the Intergenerational event, as part of the Singapore Youth Festival. Our students wowed the participants by harnessing the power of ICT to engage and guide the budding artists in their creations. 

Through this meaningful engagement with the community and sharing of our school's art practices, our students were provided with real-life application of what they have learnt in school. It also provided an opportunity for them to acquire and practice life-skills, and build strong values and social emotional competencies through interaction with the community.

artslabs1 (22).jpg

artslabs1 (10).jpg
artslabs1 (13).jpg
artslabs1 (11).jpg
artslabs1 (12).jpg
artslabs1 (14).jpg
artslabs1 (5).jpg

5 July 2019: W3 Cluster Literature Symposium 2019

On 5 July 2019, Jurong West Secondary School’s Literature in English Unit organised the 4th W3 Cluster Literature Symposium and received positive response from both student and teacher participants in the Cluster and West Zone.

The theme for this year’s symposium is Learning for Life in the Literature Classroom, where Ms Orry Zhang shared in her opening address on the enduring values and skills that the subject advocates and teaches.

Through The 4QR: A Tool to Structure and Deepen Thinking workshop conducted by Ms June Henry (ST, English Literature, Maris Stella High) and Assessment for Learning in Literature workshop conducted by Ms Sukhjeet Kaur (ST, English Literature, CHIJ Katong Covent), teacher participants enriched their learning and further strengthened their teaching pedagogy to instill the joy of learning of Literature in their students.

Student participants reignited their passion for the written word through the Unseen Poetry: Developing Personal Insight workshop conducted by Ms Meenakshi Palaniappan and Ms Nithya Rajaratnam (ELLB/CPDD) and the Singapore Poetry: Writing About and Beyond Borders workshop conducted by Ms Esther Vincent (Editor-in-chief and Founder of The Tiger Moth Review). Student participants also get to view Singapore through a different lens through the Singapore Films: An Appreciation workshop conducted by Ms Sunita (JWSS Literature teacher).


W3 Cluster Symposium participants watching the opening performance by Spoken Poet Ms Stephanie Chan


Ms Sukhjeet Kaur sharing with teacher participants on the use of AfL in Literature


Ms Meenakshi engaging student participants on developing personal insight through close analysis of poetry


Ms Esther Vincent sharing with student participants on her journey in Literature and writing

3 July 2019: Visit by 2nd Minister for Finance and Education, Ms Indranee Rajah

On 3 July 2019, 2nd Minister for Finance and Education, Ms Indranee Rajah visited our school to understand more about the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Jurong West Secondary School, and how our students, through this programme, learnt to use ICT tools, such as stop motion and micro-bits, to address issues they were passionate about (eg. Combating terrorism, bullying to senior care). 

Ms Indranee had an engaging time with our students where they showcased their ALP projects and had an interactive engagement session with our students  where our students asked Ms Indranee about equality in Singapore, MOE’s move to reduce academic stress, her experience working with our Founding PM, Mr Lee Kuan Yew as well as what it is really like being a Minister and what keeps her going. 

Our staff also had an equally meaningful engagement session with Ms Indranee as they heard her views on matters such as Full Subject Based Banding and what it means for teachers, legislation governing youths as well as UPLIFT and how parents and schools could work in greater synergy with community groups.

Ms Indranee also mentioned about her visit to our school in her Facebook!

indranee FB post 1.png
indranee FB post 2.png

To view more photos of the visit, please click here

17-19 June: Peacemakers Conference 2019

Our Student Councillors showcased their outstanding abilities as mediators during the Peacemakers Conference 2019. They demonstrated passion in learning throughout, and their enthusiasm during the teaching and discussions brought great joy to the facilitators. 

One of the students, Koya Kavyanjali Sai, was also awarded the Outstanding Participant award. This is an award that was given out to five participants who, over the entire course of the conference, showcased their stellar performance in both learning and applying the lessons taught. 

A more detailed report of the Conference can be found on the website here. If you wish to view snippets of what happened during the Conference, the photographs can be found here

Our Student Councillors celebrating their achievement at the Conference

29 May: SBS Bus Captain Appreciation and Kindness Promotion

On 29 May 2019, the student ambassadors participated in SBS Bus Captain Appreciation and Kindness Promotion event. The event was supported by Zuellig Pharma, which sponsored 500 Kwan Loong Medicated Oil for the event. The event provided a meaningful platform for students to learn more about how advocacy is carried out and an opportunity to reach out to the community.

The event was carried out across two sessions. The first session helped to raise awareness in school and the second session allowed the ambassadors to reach out to the community at Boon Lay Interchange. The event provided an opportunity for the ambassadors to emphasize on a culture of kindness and spoke to members of the public about being considerate commuters of buses. There were some members of the public who were very supportive and applauded the students’ efforts. 

In all, the whole experience was eye-opening for many of our ambassadors, especially the sec 1s. It also provided a chance for all to reflect on what could have been improved when carrying our advocacy work. 

Our booth to raise awareness about kindness and appreciation to Bus Captains in school

Our ambassadors in school packing goodie bags filled with messages and Kwan Loong medicated oil for the bus captains

Presenting our board to the Bus Captain Manager

Final Group Picture to mark the end of event – but remember that Kindness should always be an ongoing effort

27 May 2019: ECG Day

Our school’s third ECG Day was held on 27 May this year. The purpose of the ECG Day is to enable students to gather information from various sources to start exploring and making informed educational and career decisions for their future.

Sharing by our guest speakers about their career

1.png 2.png 3.png
Mr Chia Hock Lai Mr Adzfar Alami Ms Cherlyn Lim
CEO of Switchnovate, a
Fintech consultancy firm
Senior associate at Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP,
one of the biggest law firms in Singapore
Trainer at SHATEC, Hospitality
and Business Studies

Panel discussion
Our students were given the opportunity to ask the guest speakers some questions during the panel discussion.

Sharing by Jurong Pioneer JC

Sharing by our school's ECG Counsellor 

Sharing by a former student on his educational and career pathway

Mr Byron Tan, 4T1 2012 He is currently in NTU pursuing a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Booth tour 

Organisations were invited to set up booths in the school. Students were given the opportunity to visit the booths to find out more about the various post-secondary pathways and to clarify their doubts. 





4 May 2019: Yoga Session for Parent Support Group

On 4 May 2019, a group of students from JWSS and their parents were given an introduction to a session of Yoga. This session was conducted by Ms Anupama, a mindfulness facilitator working with the Art of Living Foundation. The session included stretches, breath work and guided meditation with some sharing about how breathing techniques can help one to relax and rejuvenate. Participants agreed that they had a good time and benefitted from the session.



Student Council Investiture and Student Leaders’ Appointment Ceremony 2019

Our Student Council Investiture and Student Leaders' Appointment Ceremony is an event held annually to highlight the school's emphasis on student leadership development as well as to acknowledge the importance of each Student Leader's appointment in their respective groups. This year saw the involvement of parents of various Student Leaders from CCA groups as wel as our Student Council and Student Ambassadors. It was a proud moment for these parents as they witnessed their child taking on responsibilities as Student Leaders in school.

19th SC EXCO putting on their blazers as they are just handed over their responsibilities by the 18th SC EXCO

President of 19th SC EXCO leading the Student Leaders to take the Student Leaders' Pledge 


The Student Ambassador EXCO


Student Leaders and their parents, together with our principal, Mr Michael Muhunthan


Students Leaders (CCA) and their parents, together with our principal, Mr Michael Muhunthan

24 April 2019: UG POP and CCA Appreciation Tea 2019

The 2019 UG POP and CCA Appreciation Tea was held on 24 April 2019 (Wednesday). It was a memorable session where the Uniformed Groups had a parade to commemorate and celebrate their journey in the CCA with pride and prestige. Thereafter, the CCA Appreciation Tea was held for all 21 CCAs. Representatives of each CCA from the graduating cohort shared on the various values, lessons and memories that they had in their time in the CCAs. Many students had a deep connection with their CCAs and the friendships that were forged in their CCA journey. As the event drew to the close, the CCA Appreciation Tea marked the end of the students’ CCA journey as they turn their focus and efforts onto the National Examinations.

12 April 2019: JWSS Sports Day 2019

The JWSS Annual Sports Day 2019 was held on 12 April 2019 at the Clementi Stadium. The much anticipated event provided an opportunity for the school to come together to celebrate sporting excellence as well as school spirit. Apart from the individual and team track events, students also took part in the Obstacle Course and Physical Challenge activities. Our JWSS teachers and Parent Support Group members also demonstrated their athletic abilities in the Teachers’ Relay Race.

sportsday 1.jpgsports day 2.jpg

Students attempting the new obstacle challenge during Sports Day

SPorts Day 3.jpg

Participants of the Sec 2 100m race starting their race.

sports day 4.jpg

Winners of the Teachers' Race

30 March 2019: Drug Prevention Workshop + Engaging with Teenagers Talk

On 30 March 2019, about 20 parents a workshop conducted by a representative from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). The objectives of the workshop was to empower parents with the knowledge of the commonly abused drugs in Singapore. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for the parents to identify the tell-tale signs of drug abuse. The representative shared with the group about the different terminologies that are being used for the different types of drugs. The parents were also taught to identify the various effects that the consumption of the abused drugs can have. With the visually impactful slides and video clips presented, the representative also shared with the parents how to engage with their teenagers in their conversations about the topic.



The second part of the session was a talk that revolved around engaging with teenagers. The talk was conducted by Ms Cynthia Khoo from Focus on the Family Singapore Limited. Ms Khoo introduced to the parents various techniques to ensure that there is an open and effective communication between the parents and their teenagers. Among others, the talk also gave an insight into the minds of the teenagers so that the parents are able to foster a better cooperation with their teenagers.The lively session also provided parents to share their own experiences to foster better communications with their teenagers. With this sharing of knowledge and in the presence of an expert in her field, the participants were able to equip themselves with the relevant tools to engage more effectively with their teenagers.



27 - 29 March 2019: Secondary Two Adventure Camp

The 2019 Secondary Two Adventure Camp was conducted at Sarimbun Scouts Camp from 27 – 29 March 2019. The camp’s objectives were to build students’ resilience, ruggedness and independence among students, equip them with outdoor skills and knowledge, facilitate bonding and deepen friendships within the class. Throughout the 3 days 2 nights, students took part in activities like Zip-lining, abseiling, outdoor cooking and camp craft skills. The Camp ended on a high note with entertaining performances and exuberant cheers from all the Secondary Two classes on campfire night.


Secondary Two Cohort start their camp by pitching up their tents


Aspiring Master Chefs in the making figuring out their menu for Outdoor Cooking

Brainstorming how to put their raft together using the knotting skills they learned

                              Highlight of the camp, the Zipline!

They must have confidence in themselves to cross the bridge they built


Braving new heights was one of the activities our Secondary Two cohort has to overcome using their abseiling techniques


Bring me to safety with the Tarzan Swing!


Service above self, students take turn to serve each other meals during the camp

Our students showing their entrepreneurial skills, convincing the facilitator the special traits of their pioneering project

What other way to end a camp other than a Campfire Night!

SC Presidential Elections 2019

The 19th SC Presidential Elections were successfully conducted from January to March 2019. The eight presidential candidates demonstrated strong communication skills and leadership competencies as they spoke in front of the student body and teachers to gain their support during the panel discussion. It was certainly a tough decision for the student body to vote for their ideal Presidential Candidate as all of them stood out during the elections. Guan Yi Min (3N2) was eventually appointed as the President-Elect while Fong Jia Cheng (3E3) and Tew Chun Hui (3E2) were appointed as the Vice-Presidents-Elect.


15 March 2019: Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight Programme

The month of March 2019 was an exciting one for JWSS students. Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Fortnight is one of MOE’s key initiatives in stimulating students’ interest in the learning of the language through novel and innovative methods.   This year, the MTL Department had designated two consecutive weeks from 4 March to 15 March 2019 for the MTL Fortnight Programme. During which, a myriad of activities related to MTL and their cultures were carried out.   As an opening ceremony to our MTL Fortnight 2019, we had a momentous beating of the gong by our very own Vice-Principal, Mdm Lim Lay Hoon. The three beatings of the gong signifies the three distinctive cultures and traditions of the Chinese, Malay and Indian.


Our MTL Fortnight have integrated cultural rediscovery and environment education into a fun, challenging, and comprehensive education programme. Some of the major highlights were the Tea Appreciation and Chinese Calligraphy for the Chinese unit, the Bunga Rampai workshop and Kompang workshop for the Malay unit and the Rangoli Drawing workshop and Debate competition for the Tamil unit. Students were also given the opportunity to dedicate their song requests alongside with their personalised messages for the morning dedication.


As a closure to MTL Fortnight, cultural booths were set up at the Seminar Room for a collective cultural showcase of the MTL Fortnight that we had throughout the two weeks. Reward cards were distributed to the students and teachers at the showcase. Participants were entitled to free popcorn and cotton candy if they have received a specific amount of stamps on their cards. This creative initiative has succeeded in enabling insights, facilitating discovery and arousing curiosity of our students.


Ilmu budaya mesra. Bahasa kita. Gunakanlah.

தமிழில் பேசுவோம்! தமிழை நேசிப்போம்!
 If not me, who? If not now, when? Our Mother Tongue Languages. Embrace it. Practise it.

23 February 2019: Parents Support Group Welcome Tea Session

On 23 February 2019, JWSS had the privilege to host the Welcome Tea Session for the secondary one parents. Mr Mohamed Affendi, the Vice Chairman of PSG, opened the session by welcoming the secondary one parents. He shared with the parents the activities the PSG were involved in the past years and some of the upcoming activities for 2019. Our Principal, Mr Michael Muhunthan shared the schools directions and programmes that the students go through in school so that they will be equipped with 21st Century Competencies and sound values. Parents were given opportunities to raise concerns that they experienced during their children transition from primary six to secondary one. Some of the PSG members shared their experiences and how they managed the concerns that were raised. The fruitful conversation closed with the traditional Lo-Hei session to mark the beginning of a strong partnership between parents and the school.

Photo A.jpeg

Photo B.jpeg

Photo C.jpeg

18 February 2019: Sports CCA Oath Taking Ceremony 2019

Jurong West Secondary School commemorated the official Opening of the 2019 National Schools Games (NSG) on 18 February 2019. The purpose of this ceremony is to mark the start of the National School Games (NSG) for 2019 and to highlight the roles of different stakeholders (including school leaders, teachers, coaches, officials and student athletes) in ensuring that the NSG is conducted safely, fairly and remains a meaningful learning experience for all. In addition to the Minister’s speech read by our Vice-Principal Mdm Lim Lay Hoon, student athletes from the school’s 8 Sports CCA came together for the National School Games Oath Taking Ceremony. Movida Katrizia Erika Pareja (4E5), Captain of the JWSS Netball Team, led all Sports CCA Leaders in reciting the Athlete’s Oath in the presence of the entire school. The Athlete’s Oath was a solemn promise that every athlete make to play fairly in the name of true sportsmanship. This ceremony gave students better appreciation of the value of sports participation and to show their support for their school representatives. We wish all student athletes from Jurong West Secondary School the very best in their upcoming competitions and to remain resilient while achieving excellence in every training session and competition.


4 February 2019: Chinese New Year Celebration

On 4 February Chinese Lunar New Year Eve, JWSS teachers and students arrived decked in red, the colour that symbolises prosperity and good luck to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

During CCE lesson, the students learned about different auspicious phrases in their Mother Tongue languages and later used the phrases to design Chinese New Year greeting cards for the inter-class competition.

A spectacular lion dance performance marked the beginning of our CNY celebration concert. This year, the theme of our celebration was Spring Fiesta. Besides explaining the significance of Spring Festival and the red couplets in the Chinese culture, everyone was also treated to some gold coins by the ‘Fortune God’, who is believed to bring luck and prosperity. 

Our JWSS international dance and choir put up two wonderful performances adding to an even vibrant atmosphere to the celebration. The celebration culminated with a spirited mass sing-along session of CNY songs by the school leaders, staff and students. The celebration reached a new climax with the lighting of “balloon firecrackers” by the Principal, Mr. Michael and ended in fervent joy.

CNY cards.jpg






2 February 2019: Alumni Tea Session

Alumni Tea is the first meeting for the Alumni and teachers in charge to welcome our new Alumni who just graduated the year before. This year we welcomed about 10 new alumni and throughout the year we will still be expecting more to join us! It was great seeing different batches of students from JWSS getting to know each other and looking forward to contributing back to their alma mater.

alumni tea poster.JPG
Alumni Tea welcome poster for all graduating students

Alumni playing some ice breaking games and getting to know one another better

It was a great morning laughing together

Alumni Tea session ended with some heart to heart talk with everyone about their life in JWSS

25 January 2019: CCA Open House

The 2019 CCA Open House was held on 25 Jan 2019 (Friday). It was a fun and memorable day when all 20 CCAs in the school setup their CCA booths to welcome the Secondary 1 students. There were performances put up by the school Band, Choir, Dance and English Language Debate & Drama Society in the School Hall, a combined UG skit featuring the SG Secure Movement, as well as the UG Showcase held at the Parade Square during the Free & Easy segment of the programme. Parents and Secondary 1 students met with CCA teachers, Instructors, and CCA students to find out more about the prospective CCAs that they would be interested in.

School Choir serenading the audience with their beautiful voices

Students getting a hands-on practice at floorball

3.pngBoys trying an Archery Tag activity at the Boys Brigade booth

4.pngBoys from the National Cadet Corp showcasing their rifle drills

5.pngDance performance during the Free & Easy segment

6.pngParents and students visiting the CCA Booths

7.pngCCA Teachers and Instructors addressing questions that parents and students have

2 - 4 January 2019: Secondary One Orientation Camp and Appreciation Ceremony

Led by JWSS’ very own Student Leaders, the Secondary One Orientation Camp 2019 was successfully held from 2 to 4 January. The theme of the camp revolved around Marvel superheroes aiming to help the Secondary One students to unveil their superpower as they embarked on their journey in our school. The Secondary One students went through bonding activities like Class Flag-Making, Amazing Race and JWSS signature Mass Dance among others. The highlight of the camp was the Campfire performances on the second evening, which enabled the students to showcase their talents while strengthening their camaraderie with their peers. The camp ended on a high spirit with an award ceremony recognising participative campers as well as classes that demonstrated the school values through out the 3-Day-1-Night camp. Student Leaders were also rewarded with an exclusive annual personal treat from our very own Principal to affirm their effort in making the camp a success.

Taking a group shot to celebrate the success of the Sec 1 Orientation Camp 2019

Hyping up the crowd at the start of the camp

The school leader joining the campfire

Welcoming Secondary 1s at the school entrance

Planning programmes for the camp

Having fun at the campfire