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3 September : Teachers Day 2020

Organised by the 20th Student Council, Teachers' Day E-Concert took place on Thursday, 3rd September 2020 at their respective classrooms. The Class Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson took the lead during the quiz segment on 'Guess the Teachers' that was well liked by the students. Well-wishes and performances were all pre-recorded and were edited to perfection by the Student Council. Teachers were welcomed by the red carpet event at the foyer upon reaching school in the morning. The ongoing photo booth, well-wishes videos and an energetic team of the 20th Student Council Executive Committee members during the red carpet event has indeed created Teachers' Day 2020 a meaningful one.   


Welcoming Mr Michael, our Principal for the red carpet event.


Teachers dressed as frontliners.



Teachers’ Day E-concert held at their respective classrooms.

2 September : Teachers Day 2020

Our very own Principal, Mr Michael rewarded the team of Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) for the year 2020 with an exclusive annual personal treat on Wednesday, 2nd September 2020. The objective of the treat is for the school to express its appreciation to the OGLs and celebrate success of the Secondary 1 Orientation Camp. Sharing and affirmation of OGLs were done via Zoom platform at their respective classrooms. Well done, OGLs! 

01.jpgWords of affirmation to our OGLs by our Principal, Mr Michael.



Reminiscing Secondary 1 Orientation Camp 2020.

04.jpgEnjoying the treat at their respective classrooms.

28 August 2020 : JWSS Class Engagement Games

The 2020 JWSS Class Engagement Games were organised by the PE Department to provide students an opportunity to take part in a wide range of physical activities as a class. This year, the programme kicked off on a high this year with the Secondary 1 students taking part in Archery Tag on 28 August 2020. Next, the Secondary 2 students tried their hands on a series of carnival games while the highlight for the Secondary 3 classes were the Virtual Reality Games.

01.jpg 02.jpg
The secondary three students experienced cutting edge Virtual Reality technology in the form of video games.

05.jpg 06.jpg
07.jpg 08.jpg
The secondary two students challenged each other with different game booths that challenges both their physical and mental abilities.

09.jpg 10.jpg
11.jpg 12.jpg
The secondary one tested their accuracy and strategy planning in an exciting game of Archery Tag Tactical Gameplay. 

3 August : Student Leaders' Investiture

- The Student Leaders’ Investiture 2020 was a week-long event held from 3 August to 6 August. It aimed to celebrate the contributions of outgoing CCA student leaders, Student Ambassadors (SA) and Student Councillors (SC) to the school community. Additionally, it served as the platform where incoming student leaders were appointed and given due recognition by the school. This year, in accordance with Safe Management Measures, the ceremony was pre-recorded and screened in every class during Form Teacher Time over the week.

The Investiture started with a speech by the 19th Student Council President Guan Yimin from 4N2, who acknowledged his teachers for their guidance and his fellow student leaders for their cooperation and efforts in serving the school during his tenure. Next, the outgoing CCA student leaders, Student Ambassadors and Student Councillors presented symbolic items to their respective successors to represent the handover of the leadership reins. The newly appointed student leaders then took the Student Leaders’ Pledge and committed themselves to continuing the long tradition of exemplary student leadership demonstrated by their predecessors. The Investiture concluded with a speech by the 20th Student Council President Jeff Cheah from 3E3, who thanked his teachers and fellow schoolmates for granting him the opportunity to lead, serve and inspire the school community.


Newly appointed student leaders taking the Student Leaders’ Pledge in unison

02.png 03.jpg 04.png

Presentation of badges to student leaders by their respective Form Teachers


20 July : Peacemakers Conference 2020

JWSS has been an active participant for Peacemakers Conference (PMC) since 2017. PMC is an annual peer mediation training workshop that aims to empower youth to create a more peaceful world. This year, our students enjoyed a unique experience via Zoom Video Conferencing. We are glad that our students have learnt more about the various conflict resolution skills through this meaningful event!


18 January : Meet-the-parent session

The school organised a start of the year Meet-the-Parents Session (MPS) for our Secondary Two, Four and Five students and their parents/guardians.

The objectives of the Sec 2 MPS were to:

- provide an overview of the subject combinations for Secondary 3 in 2021 and share the prerequisites for offering certain subjects as well as the timeline for the Subject Combinations Allocation Exercise in 2020;
- share the latest information and updates on Post-Secondary Education options;
- provide an opportunity for parents and students to interact with HODs and teachers at Subject Booths to find out more information about the various subjects.

The objectives of the Sec 4/5 MPS were to: 

- provide parents/guardians with the latest information on Post-Secondary Education options and share with parents/guardians on the students key factors to consider for the various options;
- inform parents/guardians about the programmes and processes that the school has in place to guide and support graduating students;
- strengthen the partnership and communication between parents/guardians and Form Teachers to provide the best possible support for our students in their journey for the National Examinations.

Jan MPS Photo 1.jpg Jan MPS Photo 2.jpg Jan MPS Photo 3.jpg
The Sec 2 students and their parents/guardians visiting the subject booths 21 Form Teacher time with the Sec 4/5 students and their parents/guardians 

6 - 8 January: Secondary 2 Adventure Camp

This year’s Secondary 2 Camp was scheduled earlier in the year and 268 secondary 2 students attended the 3 day 2 night, Adventure Camp at the Sands Scout Camp in Jalan Bahtera from 6th January to 8th January 2020.

The purpose of the Adventure Camp was to have the Form Teachers and the respective class students bond together, leveraging on adventurous, outdoor activities. The students participated in a host of interesting activities on bridge building, water rafting, zip-line and abseiling, pioneering (catapulting), outdoor cooking, orienteering race, night amazing race, low element, and the fun and awesome Campfire.  

To experience spending one night in a tent together with their classmates, they learned to set up the 10 man tent together, experiencing self-reliance and independence, appreciating and tolerating one another, as well as caring for each other. Each student had the opportunity on a valuable lesson on roughing it out in a tent with their buddies under the starry sky.

The experienced facilitators were able to engaged our students and all of the secondary 2 cohort displayed camaraderie, esprit de corps and togetherness like never before on the night of the campfire. A perfect show of team bonding and identity seen in each of the classes by the end of the camp on the third day.  

sec 2 camp 1.jpg
Secondary 2 students coming together to cook lunch for each other
sec 2 camp 2.jpg
Secondary 2 students boosting their confidence level through river crossing exercises
sec 2 camp 3.JPG Students attempting to remove the tyre from the pole through innovative ways

6 - 8 January: Secondary 1 Orientation Camp

sec 1 orient 1.png

The Secondary 1 Orientation Camp 2020 was filled with fun and exciting activities to welcome the new additions (Secondary 1 students) to the JWSS family. The Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) organised thrilling station games and engaging cheers for the Secondary 1s to build camaraderie across the cohort. The Form Teachers also got to know the students better through icebreaker games and class bonding sessions. The campfire was indeed the highlight of the camp where each class put together a class performance that showed off their talent and teamwork. Well done Secondary 1!

sec 1 orient 2.png
The enthusiastic Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) for 3D1N

sec 1 orient 4.png
Eating together as a class after the Makan Cheer!

sec 1 orient 6.png
Our principal declaring the campfire open!

sec 1 orient 5.png
Enthusiastic Campers at the Campfire
sec 1 orient 3.png
Campers designing their class flag