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25th October Sec 1 Childhood Games (Post-Exam Activities)

In October 2021, the Secondary 1 cohort partook in a series of five childhood games as part of their Post-Examination Activities. The series of games included Eraser Flip, Table Tic-Tac-Toe, Pickup Sticks, modified Marble game and a Hopscotch race. The games were conducted in a tournament elimination style where players who won each game advanced to the next round. This gave the students an opportunity to practice their strategic thinking in a competitive setting, while allowing them to revisit games that they might have played at a younger age. As a class, this gave the students a platform to foster stronger bonds with one another by showing their support to their peers who were playing the games. 

The event started with the classic Eraser Flip game.

Students putting their accuracy to the test with Table Tic-Tac-Toe.

Steady hands were needed for Pickup Sticks.

Trying to outplay one another in the modified Marbles game.

05.pngSpeed, coordination and stamina were required for the Hopscotch race.

JWSS Annual Cross Country 2021 (Virtual Steps Challenge)

The PE Department organized its first ever JWSS Annual Cross Country (Virtual Steps Challenge) this year from 2nd to 8th August 2021. 

Throughout the week, staff and students used a mobile phone application to track their number of steps taken individually for the whole duration of the challenge. The aim for each participant was to complete 60,000 steps which was equivalent to around 40km or the distance from JWSS to Coney Island.

At the end of the challenge, the total number of steps recorded by all JWSS students and staff was 47,062,716, which is equivalent to a total distance of 31,373km!

Finishers’ medals were awarded to 158 students who completed 60,000 steps. Trophies were also given out to the top 3 classes in the team category. In the Staff Category, medals were given to the top 3 teams in the Male and Female Categories. 

This year, the use of a fitness tracker to measure the number of steps taking during the inaugural JWSS Steps Challenge encouraged everyone to stay motivated and physically active to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Results of JWSS Annual Cross Country 2021 (Virtual Steps Challenge)
1. Student’s Team Category

2. Staff Individual Category:
3. Staff Team Category
Steps Challenge 1.JPG
2E1 Female Students with their Finisher’s Medal

Steps Challenge 2.JPG
2E1 Male students with their Team Trophies

Steps Challenge 3.jpg
Savraj from 3N1 receiving his Finisher’s Medal

Steps Challenge 4.jpeg
Our Top Male Staff, Mr Murthy with 206222 Steps

Steps Challenge 5.jpeg
Our Vice-Principal, Mrs Lau, participated actively and contributed to her department’s steps

W3/West Zone Cluster JWSS Literature e-Symposium 2021

The W3/West Zone Cluster JWSS Literature e-Symposium was successfully conducted by the JWSS Literature Unit on the 16th of July 2021 for the 6th consecutive year. Similar to last year, this year’s Literature Symposium was conducted entirely online for the 130 student and teacher participants from 5 other schools in the West Cluster/West Zone. 

The aims of this Literature Symposium were to: 
a. provide a platform for Literature students in the West Zone to interact and collaborate, thus increasing their confidence and passion in Literature. 
b. allow greater collaboration among the Literature teachers in the West Zone by sharing effective teaching pedagogies and resources for Literature. 

The e-Symposium welcomed Ms Meenakshi Palaniappan (Assistant Director, English Language and Literature/Secondary, Lead Specialist, CPDD) who gave the Keynote Address on Literature being a journey of imagination and discovery. Our JWSS Literature Head, Ms Orry Zhang, gave an Opening Address on the place and importance of Literature in today’s society and world. 

Invited speakers for our the JWSS Literature e-Symposium 2021

The Student Workshops were conducted by 
Ms Madhu Sakhrani, Lead Teacher for Literature/CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh), on Understanding Poetry (Upper Secondary)
Ms Yin Mei Lendon, Subject Head of Literature and Drama/CHIJ Katong Convent, on Appreciation Drama and its Craft
Mr Ryan Goh, Literature and Art teacher/CHIJ Katong Convent, on Appreciation of Shakespearean Drama

The Teacher workshop was conducted by
Ms Tina Kishore Sajnani, Lead Teacher for Literature/Evergreen Secondary School, on Impressions beyond Character Traits

With overwhelmingly positive response and feedback given by both student and teacher participants of this event, it is certain that the teaching and the learning needs of the participants were met through this Literature e-Symposium.

Ms Meenakshi Palaniappan giving her Keynote Address on Literature being a journey of imagination and discovery

Participants’ responses to This Bridge by Shel Silverstein during Ms Meenakshi’s Keynote Address

Literature students listening attentively during the e-Symposium workshop

International Model United Nations Conference 2021

Four of our Secondary Three students participated in the virtual conference hosted by the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). Our students took on roles as delegates of UN member nations in the Disarmament and International Security Committee and discussed key regional and global issues such as protection of civilians in conflict zones with participants from various secondary schools. Our student participants gleaned insights on global challenges and all imminent & potential threats to peace that affect the international community.


Alumni Week 2021

The annual Alumni Week was held on 24 to 26 June 2021, and provided an opportunity for Members of the JWSS Alumni to reunite online.

For this year, Alumni Week included a breakthrough online activity called Music Hour where Alumni could enjoy music together and interact with each other. Similar to last year, Instagram Lives with teachers Mr Teo Eng Tong, Mr Seoh Soon Peng and Ms Anne Roseline received overwhelming support from the Alumni community, with more than 850 Instagram Live viewers.


Instagram Live with our three teachers

Other events included a popular Mobile Games competition where winners received prizes in the form of a specially designed Alumni Week 2021 mask. The specially designed mask was also the star in an Instagram giveaway which encouraged Alumni engagement on the social media platform.

The beautifully designed Alumni Week 2021 mask

Due to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures, the Alumni Club was unable to film Day In My Life vlogs featuring Alumni from different polytechnic courses. However, we successfully pivoted to using Instagram posts to pique interest among followers on what these courses are like.

Our alumni sharing about their experiences in polytechnic

Thanks to Alumni Week 2021, Members of the Alumni were able to reunite and feel the strong JWSS spirit even in these unprecedented and socially-distanced times. The Alumni Club looks forward to meeting Members of the Alumni with more engaging activities in Alumni Week 2022!

Alumni Week Infographic Report.jpg

Fitness Olympiad 2021

The JWSS Fitness Olympiad was held in March to provide an opportunity for students to take part in sporting competitions in school. A lively atmosphere was created at multiple venues as Form Teachers joined their classes to set new records in the games such as the Weighted Backpack throw, CrossFit Challenge and Softball Batting Challenge. The JWSS Spartan Race also made a return this year to test our students’ athletic abilities.

Students passing weighted backpack to one another during the 3x100m Race Form Teacher joining her class in the Medicine Ball Toss Relay Race 
3.jpg 4.jpg
The battle rope test in the CrossFit Challenge
Students going through a series of obstacles in the Spartan Race

22-23 & 25-26 March: MOE Outward Bound Singapore Challenge Programme

On the week of 22 March 2021, the Secondary 3 cohort participated in the 2-Day MOE-OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) Challenge Programme held at Pulau Ubin. The Normal Academic and Normal Technical Cohort had their camp from 22 to 23 March while the Express Cohort had their camp from 25 to 26 March.

During the Day Camp, our students took part in a series of fun and exciting activities such as kayaking, trekking, land and sea expeditions. These activities gave our students an opportunity to build develop self-confidence and resilience as they stepped outside their comfort zone. As a class, they were also able to use this opportunity to foster better class unity and strengthen their cohesiveness.

Our excited students check-in at OBS and meeting their course instructors.

Boarding of Ferry to Pulau Ubin.
 Planning of route for Trekking.
 4.jpeg 5.jpeg
Our adventurous students embarking on their Land Expedition.
Building up water confidence before Sea Expedition.

5 April 2021: Sec 4 & 5 CCA Appreciation Tea 2021

The 2021 Sec 4 & 5 CCA Appreciation Tea was held on 5 April 2021 (Monday). It was an extraordinary session where all 22 CCAs were connected live via Zoom in their allocated venues, in line with Safe Management Measures (SMM). Student representatives of the graduating cohort shared their memorable stories from their CCA journeys, while the Boys Basketball Team coach and English Language Drama and Debating instructor joined in the session to share their personal experiences while coaching #teamjurongwest. Over the years, our students had forged a deep connection with their CCAs and built many meaningful friendships with their peers. As the event drew to the close, the CCA Appreciation Tea marks the end of our students’ CCA journey in JWSS as they turn their focus onto the National Examinations. 

Our enthusiastic event emcees, Kavya from Student Ambassador and Renee from Student Council.Sharing by Basketball coach, Mr Lee Kendy.Sharing by English Language Drama and Debating instructor, Mr Leuven.
Sharing by Nabil from Environmental Science Club and Alyssa from Netball.Our passionate Volleyball players and Concert Band members, cheering during the Zoom session. 24
2021 CCA Appreciation Tea opening address by Vice-Principal, Mrs Rosie Lau. 

1 April : 20th Speech and Prize Giving Day 2021

On 1 April 2021, Jurong West Secondary School commemorated 20 years of history-making ever since its establishment in 2001! This year, we were honoured to have Mr Patrick Tay, BBM, Member of Parliament, Pioneer Constituency, to join us in our 20th Anniversary Celebrations. This year’s Speech and Prize-Giving theme ‘Our Heart, Our Hope, Our JW’ sought to tie the school’s past, present and future together. As one JW, we honour our past endeavours, celebrate our present and build our future.

Image 1.JPG
Mr Patrick Tay (center) and the Welcome Party consisting of Principal, Mr Michael (4th from right), Vice Principals, Mrs Rosie Lau (2nd from right) and Mr Michael Chan (1st from right), SAC Chairperson, Mr Lee Kah Howe (3rd from right), PSG Representative, Mdm Chloe Toh (1st from left), Organising Committee IC, Ms Orry Zhang (2nd from left), President of Student Council, Jeff Cheah (4th from left) and Company Sergeant Major (Boys Brigade), Paul Lim (3rd from left)

The 20th Speech and Prize-Giving ceremony started memorably with Mr Tay greeted by NPCC’s salute and fanfare music played by Concert Band. Mr Tay was then invited to release 9 koi fishes from a holding tank custom-made by our D&T unit in the newly renovated Fish Pond. The number 9 represents continuity and longevity in the Chinese culture, and the release of the 9 koi fishes symbolises our hopes of everlasting happiness for JWSS!

Image 2.JPG

Mr Patrick Tay releasing 9 koi fishes in the newly-renovated Fish Pond 

JWSS NCC then dazzled the audience with their smart moves in the Precision and Free Style Drill Performance. Despite the event being scaled down to ensure adherence to safe management measures, our Modern Dance Club and Choir put up performances to bring the spirit to a high and to celebrate our successes. The performances reflected the million dreams that we have for JWSS and our hope that these dreams will take flight.

Image 3.JPGJWSS NCC’s Precision and Free Style Drill Performance at the Parade SquareImage 4.JPGMr Lee Kah Howe presenting the Top Academic Award for Sec 4 Express
Image 5.JPGMr Patrick Tay presenting the MOE Long Service award to
Mr Lee Jun Wei

Image 6.JPGSummer Goo of Class 2020, giving her Valedictory speech
Image 7.JPGJWSS Modern Dance Club, with their performance, A Dance that Took FlightImage 8.JPGJWSS Choir, with their finale performance, A Million Dreams

The audience was also treated to two mesmerising videos – one sand art performance detailing the JW Dream with a poem written by our JWSS teachers, and another video commemorating 20 years of the JW Story as compiled by our very own alumnus, Ervin Liyu.  Mr Tay was also presented with a token of appreciation titled Onward, a painting of the school’s façade in steeped in beautiful colours to represent the school’s vibrancy, which was done by our EAP student, Nur Dini of class 3N2.

Video 1 : The JW Dream
(link opens in a new window)

Video 2 : The JW Story
(link opens in a new window)

Image 9.JPG
Mr Patrick Tay, Nur Dini and Mr Michael with the token of appreciation for GOH, titled Onward

The school’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations ended on a symbolic note. The JWSS Time Capsule, which contains the school’s memories, joys and hopes, was sealed by Mr Tay. This Time Capsule is set to be reopened in the year 2036!

Image 10.JPG
Mr Patrick Tay and his well-wishes card for JWSS, before sealing the JWSS Time Capsule in the School Foyer

Image 11.JPGMr Patrick Tay talking to student emcees at the Foyer

Mr Patrick Tay also made a Facebook post to congratulate #teamJWSS for 20 wonderful years of achievements, accolades and memories! Please check out his post at

11 February : Chinese New Year Celebration 2021

On 11 Feb 2021 (Thursday), the MTL Department organised the annual Chinese New Year Celebration on New Year’s Eve.
This was indeed a unique experience for all JWSS staff and students. Even though we were not able to celebrate in the hall like previous years due to the pandemic, but it was still memorable as we were able to celebrate in class with meaningful classroom activities. Some of the activities that were done include: making of sky lantern, writing wishes for our COVID-19 frontliners, donating items for the hampers which were given to school cleaners and the elderly from the NTUC Health Senior Activity Centre (Taman Jurong).

Our Principal, Mr Michael hanging the lantern to kick off the Chinese New Year Celebration! Our students enthusiastically posing for the camera during the Light Up Sky Lantern segment! 
3.jpg4.jpg 5.jpg 
4E1’s class representative handing over the class hamper to the school cleaner, Mdm The, who has served the school 20 years. 
 Presentation of hampers to the cleaners and to the elderly from the NTUC Health Senior Activity Centre (Taman Jurong).The elderly from the NTUC Health Senior Activity Centre (Taman Jurong) receiving hampers lovingly packed by the students of JWSS. 

06 February : Alumni Welcome Tea 2021

The Alumni Welcome Tea was held on 6 February 2021, and provided an opportunity for new Members and Partners of the Alumni Club to come together for a meal and some bonding activities. Safe management measures were followed strictly to ensure the safety and health of everyone. In fixed groups of 7, the 35 attendees spent a fun morning playing games and getting to know each other better. The attendees enjoyed playing some bonding games such as charades. Current Members of the Alumni Club were also able to reach out face-to-face with new Members and create new bonds. Through the different allocations of duties in Alumni Club, new Members were able to find out where their interests lay and where they could best contribute. The Alumni appreciated the opportunity to come back to their alma mater, with some returning 8 years after graduating back in 2012. We look forward to welcoming more members into Alumni Club next year!

 Attendees were asked to comply with safe management measures before entering the venue.Attendees having fun playing charades. Attendees took a trip down memory lane by eating delicious food from the canteen. Chatting with seniors and juniors alike! 

29 January: OGL Appreciation Day

Our Principal, Mr Michael rewarded the team of Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) with an exclusive annual personal treat on 29th January 2021. The objective of the treat is for the school to express its appreciation to the OGLs and celebrate success of the Secondary 1 Orientation Programme. The OGLs were able to enjoy the treat together and had fun sharing stories from the Orientation Programme!


Our Principal, Mr Michael affirming our OGLs for their good job done!  Enjoying the treat while watching appreciation videos from the Secondary 1 students! 

2021 e-CCA Open House

The 2021 e-CCA Open House was held on 22 Jan 2021 (Friday). This first ever e-CCA Open House was held via Zoom for Secondary 1 students and their parents. During the Zoom session, students and parents were given an informative overview on JWSS CCA Framework and Learning Outcomes. Next, the CCA Coordinators shared key highlights from each CCA in JWSS. Finally, our CCA Leaders presented their respective CCA videos to students and parents to help them understand what goes on during CCA session. 

Mr. Chua, our Uniformed Groups (UGs) CCA coordinator giving some key highlights on UGs in JWSS

Snippets of our various CCA videos prepared by our own CCA Leaders

Secondary 2 Adventure Camp 2021

The 2021 Secondary 2 Adventure Day Camp was scheduled conducted from Wednesday, 6th January to Friday, 8th January 2021. With adherence to the Safe Management Measure guidelines, the Camp was held at the Sands Scout Camp, Jalan Bahtera.

The purpose of the Adventure Camp was to provide opportunities for students and Form Teachers to gel and bond together through participation in teambuilding and outdoor activities. The students were exposed to a wide range of interesting and exciting activities like outdoor cooking, orienteering, nature trail, zipline, quick jump and rock wall climbing.

Students had the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons at the rustic campsite with their classmates and teachers cheering each other on. Students were also thrilled to see teachers joining in the activities on the rockwall and zipline.


Camp Development.jpeg
Intermediate Rope Course.jpeg
Outdoor Cooking.jpeg
Abseiling.jpeg Archery.jpeg
Rock Climbing.jpeg

4 - 8 January: Secondary 1 Orientation Programme 2021

The Secondary 1 Orientation Programme was successfully held from 4-8 January 2021! With the aim of helping our new JWSS additions familiarise themselves with the school and class, our Secondary 3 and 4 Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) planned and executed many fun activities and games. It was heartening to see the Secondary 1 students learn the importance of teamwork and were able to bond with each other!
02.jpg 03.jpg
07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg