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2 – 3 November: MOE-OBS Challenge (MOC) Programme

The MOE-OBS Challenge (MOC) Residential Programme 2022 for our Secondary 3 Students was held on 2 – 3 November 22. Through the programme, JWSS students learnt to build camaraderie with their schoolmates through Outdoor Adventure Learning (OAL) experiences where they worked together in unfamiliar and authentic situations, learning to navigate and “brave the new” together. This sense of togetherness is very important to enhance their overall health and well-being.

The OBS experience aimed to reinforce the learning outcomes of resilience, empathy for others and maintain a positive attitude when faced with adversity. Through overcoming challenging obstacles with their peers, JWSS students learnt that it was possible to be innovative and to adapt despite the constraints posed during the camp. Such authentic and lived experiences are essential for triggering deeper reflection on one’s contribution to the greater good. In addition, it also served as a reminder for students to show empathy and to be socially responsible.

Our students experienced at least one land-based and one water-based activity during the 2D1N MOC Programme. They had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through planning and executing their expedition. They were also educated on various ecological issues brought about by unsustainable practices and the detrimental effects of human activities.

Our students excited and ready for OBS!

Our students planning and executing their Land Expedition.

Our students planning and executing their Sea Expedition.

Building of outdoor tents and food preparation for the two days.

Participation in different confidence-building activities.

Our students completing the MOC Programme with a bright smile!

UG Challenge 2022

This year, we organised the “UG Challenge 2022”, an inter-UG programme where our cadets get to compete in 3 UG-related challenges: Foot Drill Challenge, Skills Sharing and UG Workshop. The programme aims to provide UG members the opportunities to:

challenge themselves to grow towards their potential and bring out the best in each other
apply their knowledge and skills in real-life settings 
forge bond as one UG fraternity and take pride in their CCA

The first challenge “Inter-UG Foot Drill Challenge” was held on 31st August. It is a foot drill competition where our cadets compete to see which team is more proficient in their drills. Each team had to perform foot drill for 13 commands according to a pre-determined sequence. Eventually, NCC emerged as the winner! They were praised for being the most synchronised and displayed great teamwork.



The second challenge, “Skills Sharing” is one where we wanted our cadets to share the skills and knowledge they have acquired in UG through pictures and texts. It was a way for cadets to conclude their learning and to share it with the other UG members.


The third challenge, “UG Workshop” took place on 19 October. Our cadets had to plan and organise a 30 minutes workshop where they teach cadets from other UG skills or knowledge unique to or related to their UG. The purpose of this challenge is to test cadets on their ability to teach and lead others, as UG traditionally have a strong culture of mentorship and guidance from senior to junior cadets. 




We accumulated the points each UG attained across all 3 challenges. The eventual winner was NCC! During the prize giving, our Principal, Ms Tan also gave out the token of appreciation and prizes to the winner of each challenge. 



Graduation Day 2022  

JWSS held its Graduation Day, ‘Dare to Soar’ for its Sec 4 and 5 students on 28 September. It was a great feeling for everyone to be able to gather as a cohort in the school hall in comparison to the previous years having to tackle with safety management measures. The event started with our teachers forming a guard-of-honor to welcome our graduating cohort into the school hall. This was followed by an address from our school Principal followed by our various student representative from each stream to share about their fond memories in school. This year was also a special year for the graduation cohort as they receive a new award by JWSS called the Most Improved Award for showing significant improvement in their Preliminary Exams. The graduating cohort was also treated with a special performance by their form teachers. The finale ended with a blast, where students loosened their school ties and release their tie into the air together to signify the students flying high for their aspirations.

Graduation gifts for Sec 4/5 graduating students 2022

Our Principal and student reps sharing their thoughts on Graduation Day 2022

Form teachers putting up a scintillating performance for the graduating cohort.
Our graduating students showing off their graduation gifts at the photobooth. 
It is not Graduation Day without our very own JWSS Choir leading our cohort to sing the school song one last time. 
Students releasing their ties into the skies to signify them flying high with their dreams and wishes!
The 2022 Secondary 4/5 Most Improved Award and Principal’s List recipient  

Youth Leaders Camp @ Ngee Ann Poly 5 & 6 September 2022  

Class Committee Workshop II was held for Secondary One to Three Class Committee Members on 26 August 2022. This is an annual workshop that is completely led by student leaders. The workshop was aimed at gathering class committee members from different classes to get to know each other and to tap on each other’s experiences so as to empower the members to know what they can do when faced with difficult situations. It also provided an opportunity for the students to get to know fellow class committee members across different levels that pl

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Youth Leaders Camp (YLC) is a signature event organized annually by the student leaders in NP. The programme is a 2-day leadership program that is specially developed for Secondary 2 and 3 student leaders. NP’s YLC is facilitated by experienced trainers and wholly conducted at NP. The programme aims to sharpen students’ leadership, project management and communication skills through a myriad of interactive sessions. 

Students were given the opportunity to mingle and collaborate with student leaders from other schools. This allowed the students to forge new friendships and networks. Activities were conducted to encourage collaboration with other students while maintaining focus on the common goals that they share.

The first day of the camp focused on getting the students to understand the principles of leadership. Through a special segment, Dialogue in the Dark: Beyond My Eyes, a programme led by visually impaired facilitators, they also gained insights into the lives of the blind and developed an inclusive mindset. Student leaders were also introduced to a leadership profiling tool that allowed them to further understand their leadership preferences. 

Student leaders were introduced to a professionally recognized framework, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), in managing projects. This tool equips them with an understanding of how to manage tasks and projects that they are responsible for in school.

The leadership development segment ended with an implementation of what they have learnt to the projects that they are tasked with in school. This immediate application of knowledge allowed them to integrate and internalise the lessons faster.

The following 20 student leaders attended NP’s YLC.

Sim Jia Min2-Care
Delfia Iryani Binte Irwan3-E2
Ganesan Kaviyasri
Megan Lee Jia En3-E2
 Gayathri Rajavel2-Care Thashwi Raj3-E2
 Doris Ng Le En2-Innovation Lim Le Yao Gladys3-E3
 Sia Hui Xian Chloe2-Integrity Shanmugasundaram Anushree3-E3
 Geerthika D/o Loganathan2-Passion Ng Yee Lok Jerald3-E4
Nur Asyaqirin 2-Passion Kailasam Harshini3-N1
Emilda Syazira Binte Zainal 2-Respect Ajirah D/O Sharief3-N2
Sona Saji 2-Respect See Cheng Yi, Klarice3-N3
S.Vikashny  3-E1 Javin Yeo Xiang Le3-N3

Picture 1.1.jpegPicture 1.2.jpeg
Students presenting their proposal to their peers. 

Picture 2.1.jpgPicture 2.2.jpg
Group photo of the students that had attended NP’s YLC 2022.

26 August 2022: Class Committee Workshop II

Class Committee Workshop II was held for Secondary One to Three Class Committee Members on 26 August 2022. This is an annual workshop that is completely led by student leaders. The workshop was aimed at gathering class committee members from different classes to get to know each other and to tap on each other’s experiences so as to empower the members to know what they can do when faced with difficult situations. It also provided an opportunity for the students to get to know fellow class committee members across different levels that play the same role as themselves.

The workshop served as a platform for a dedicated group of class committee member volunteers from secondary 3 to sharpen their student leadership competencies through the organising and executing of this workshop.

It was helmed by 11 secondary three volunteers: Gurupreeth Purandara (3E1), Delfia Iryani (3E2), Rohini Terence (3E2), Megan Lee (3E2), Harshini Kailasam (3N1), Ho Zhen Bao (3N1), Krishmita Singh (3N1), Yu Pei Wen (3N1), Ethan Lau (3N1), Marsya Iman (3N1) and Michael Raj Ronibrite (3T1). The volunteers planned and facilitated the execution of three segments in which are the ice-breakers, case studies discussions as well as dialogue sessions.

Overall, it was no easy feat as it was being conducted face to face again after two years of conducting it on zoom but our student volunteers rose to the occasion to organise a fun and meaningful workshop for the 109 student leaders.

The secondary 3 facilitators started the workshop with ice-breaker games.
At the end of both games, the class committee members reflected as to what they have learnt. A student wrote “it is much easier to have one strong leadership to guide the blind man than a dozen shouting voices. In the absence of good communication, naught can be done.”

Class Committee member in their role specific breakout rooms discuss case studies and possible solutions to the issues faced in the classroom. 

A student led dialogue session by the Facilitators to hear more from the members on both their issues and pride in upholding their individual roles. 

At the end of the workshop, the class committee members were given certificate of completion, a keychain (designed be one of the facilitators Rohini Terence, 3E2) and heartwarming appreciation messages from their form teachers.

West Zone/W3 Cluster Literature e-Symposium 2022

The 7th West Zone/W3 Cluster Literature e-Symposium was successfully conducted by the JWSS Literature Unit for 130 student and teacher participants from 6 other schools (Bukit Batok Secondary, Evergreen Secondary, Juying Secondary, Outram Secondary, Westwood Secondary and St Hilda’s Secondary) on 1st July 2022.

The Literature Symposium achieved the aims of
a. providing a platform for Literature students to interact and collaborate, thus increasing their confidence and passion in Literature, and 
b. allowing greater collaboration among the Literature teachers by sharing effective teaching pedagogies and resources for Literature. 

The first segment of the Literature e-Symposium included: 
Welcome Address by Ms Tan Ming Ming, JWSS Principal
Keynote Address on Literature being a journey of imagination and discovery by Ms Meenakshi Palaniappan, Assistant Director, ELLS, Lead Specialist, CPDD, 
Guest-of-Honour Address on the beauty of words by Dr Anitha Devi Pillai, Senior Lecturer, NIE (ELL), Poet, Author
Opening Address on the importance of Literature in today’s society and world by Ms Orry Zhang, JWSS Literature Head

The second segment of the e-Symposium included the following concurrent students’ workshops:
Appreciation of Poetry by Mrs June Henry, Lead Teacher for English Literature, Maris Stella High School
Appreciation of Drama by Mr Ken Mizuzawa – Lecturer, NIE (ELL), Playwright 
Writing Insightful Responses Mrs Tina Kishore – Lead Teacher for English Literature, Evergreen Secondary School

The teachers’ workshop:
Analysing Drama by Mr Anand Vadiveloo, Senior Curriculum Specialist, ELLS, CPDD

Through this year’s Literature e-symposium, the participants appreciated and marvelled the wonder of words. With words, the participants strive to make this world a better world for others. 

Invited speakers for the 7th JWSS Literature Symposium 2022

Ms Meenakshi Palaniappan giving her keynote address on the power of words in Literature

Dr Anitha’s GOH address on the beauty of language in Literature

Students taking their learning online during the JWSS Literature e-symposium 2022

JWSS Annual Cross Country 2022

1. Pic A.jpg
Our Principal, Ms Tan, flagging off the Upper Secondary Boys race

The highly anticipated JWSS Annual Cross Country Meet made its long awaited return this year at a brand new venue in 2022 at the Singapore Sports Hub, which offered an opportunity for students and staff to visit a different part of Singapore. Held on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, JWSS students coursed through a 4km route for the boys and 3km route for the girls. Many stormed to the finishing line, challenging their personal best while basking in the ebullient atmosphere at the newly chosen venue for this year. Meanwhile, the teachers ran their race along 100Plus Promenade around Singapore’s National Stadium as they were cheered on by the students along the route.

2. Pic B.jpg
Students putting on their race bibs to get ready for their race at OCBC Square

3. Pic C.jpg
And the girls are off!

Notable Boys Results

Kumaraguru Gowtham (3E2) and Gavin Chua Zhen De (2 Passion) did themselves proud and emerged first in the Upper and Lower Secondary categories respectively. Savraj Singh (4N1) and Tan Jun Hau (2 Integrity) came in second place while Daven Toh Jun Xiang (4N1) and Denzel Bek Yu En (2 Curiosity) won third place. The team events were won by class 2 Curiosity for the lower secondary level and 4N1 for the upper secondary level.

4. Pic D.jpg
The Upper Sec boys giving their all to finish the race ahead of their peers

Notable Girls Results
Tan Yu Ing (3E2) and Gayathri Rajavel (2 Care) showed that they were in a class of their own by finishing way ahead of their competitors, winning the first prize in the Upper and Lower Secondary categories respectively. Sheryn Law Sok Lui (3E4) and Nur Amyzah (2 Passion) finished the race shortly behind, to take the second position. Keryn Law Sok Lun (3E3) and Yao Yanxi (1 Excellence) finished in third position. The team events were won by class 2 Care for the lower secondary level and 4E3 for upper secondary level.

5. Pic E.jpg
The girls powering through the course

Overall Challenge Shield Results (Upper Sec & Lower Sec)
As a collective effort for their class achievements, 2 Care clinched the Overall Challenge Shield for the lower secondary level. The upper secondary shield was won by 4N1.

Teacher’s Race
Our teachers and staff also participated in the 800m Teachers’ Relay Race around 100Plus Promenade at the Singapore’s National Stadium. The teachers received their medals to thunderous cheers from their army of student supporters.

In the individual category, Mr Lim Kiang Wee stormed ahead of the pack and came in first in the male category. Mr Seoh Soon Peng finished closely behind in second while Mr Nar Soon Keong came in third. Ms Nur Yasmin topped the female category while Ms Ang Geok Xing and Ms Tay Shi Ying came in second and third respectively.

In the team category, The Mathematics Department clinched the coveted first place, led by Mr Lim Kiang Wee, Mr Seoh Soon Peng and Mr Chua Wang Zhi. The Science Department took second place led by Miss Ang Geok Xing, Mr Lim You Tian and Mr Huzaini while the Mother Tongue Department finished third in a team comprising of Ms Nur Yasmin, Mr Choy Chee Ping and Mr Muhammad Ilyas. 

6. Pic F.jpg
All smiles from teachers of JWSS and PSG members before their race

7. Pic G.jpg
Teachers of JWSS setting off for their race along 100Plus Promenade


Upper Secondary Boys Winners
Upper Secondary Boys Team Event
Upper Secondary Girls Winner
Upper Secondary Girls Team Event

Lower Secondary Boys Winners
Lower Secondary Boys Team Event
Lower Secondary Girls Winners
Lower Secondary Girls Team Event

20 – 22 June: Leadership Training Course (LTC)

The Leadership Training Course 2022 for our incoming CCA Student Leaders were held during the dates of 20 – 22 June. The purpose of LTC was to help our leaders discover and develop leadership competencies, for them to better build a sense of confidence and self-awareness to better communicate ideas effectively and for them to foster collaboration with one another to build a support network that they can rely on in their times of difficulties.

LTC consists of two parts, firstly, a 2-day program conducted by our external vendor, Pivotal Youth Pte Ltd. In the program, our CCA leaders learnt about the Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development where they went through different activities to gain a deeper understanding about the five different stages of how teams form up and function together as one to deliver results while resolving conflicts smoothly.

For the second part, our CCA leaders sat down with their CCA Teacher-in-charge and presented their CCA envisioning and action plan to them, sharing their aspirations for the year ahead. Following which, they had the opportunity to interact with the school management committee members to present their vision and goals and to seek support from them to improve their CCA experiences on behalf of their peers.

Program by Pivotal Youth Pte Ltd

Interaction with CCA Teacher-in-charge and School Management Committee

26 May : Student Leaders' Appointment and Student Council Investiture 2022

The Student Leaders’ Appointment and Student Council Investiture Ceremony 2022 was held on 26 May in the school hall, to celebrate the contributions of outgoing CCA student leaders, Student Ambassadors (SA) and Student Councillors (SC) to the school community. In addition, it served as a platform where incoming student leaders were appointed and given due recognition by the school. 

The Investiture started with a speech by our school principal, Ms Tan Ming Ming, who spoke about what a leader is and what leadership entails. In particular, she highlighted the importance of both “Personal Leadership” and “Positional Leadership”. Next, the incoming student leaders showcased their CCA groups through various presentations, while the outgoing CCA student leaders, SA and SC presented symbolic items to their respective successors to represent the handover of the leadership reins. The newly appointed student leaders then took the Student Leaders’ Pledge and committed themselves to continuing the long tradition of exemplary student leadership demonstrated by their predecessors. The Investiture concluded with a speech by the 22nd Student Council President Randilyn Liau from 3E2, who wished all incoming student leaders a wonderful learning journey ahead as they continue their transformation into leaders who aspire to serve and inspire the school community to the best of their abilities.

CCA Group presentation by Student Leaders

Presentation of badges to Student Leaders by School Leaders

Newly appointed Student Leaders taking the Student Leaders’ Pledge

JWSS Student Leaders 2022

24 May : National Service Engagement Talk 

NS Talk A.pngNS Talk B.jpg

The annual National Service Engagement Talk was successfully held on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at the school hall. This time round we have invited three alumni members to share their personal stories and first-hand experiences of serving the NS. Moreover, the engaged Upper Secondary audiences were able to gain useful insights about the rite of passage which many Singaporeans go through after their tertiary education. The interactive Q&A segment was indeed meaningful for many as they were able to answer questions that were sent through the QR code prior to the session. Thank you JWSS alumni members!

NS Talk C.jpgNS Talk D.jpg

Class Committee Workshop 2022

On 3rd March 2022, Secondary 1 to 5 class committee members went through a Class Committee Workshop to build foundational skills such as effective communication, working in teams, developing the capacity for self-awareness and planning necessary actions to serve others. The students get to familiarise all class committee members with the JWSS Leadership Competencies, equip all class committee members with leadership and management skills and co-create class committee repositories as a tool for leadership development.

Picture 1.jpeg
Class committee members sharing ideas to ensure termly plans and routines are being consistently put in place to create a conducive classroom environment for classmates to be in.
Picture 2.jpg
Class committee members were led through a series of scenario-based learning, poster drawing and discussions. The skills acquired in the workshop will help to proactively shape them as leaders, share and learn from various experiences within the program from their peers, as well as the opportunity to reflect on leadership practices in their classes. 
  Picture 3.jpg
A sticker pack for all class committee members to keep the love of serving others and leadership adventure alive.

22nd Student Council Presidential Elections 2022


The 22nd Student Council Presidential Election was conducted successfully from February to March 2022. The seven presidential candidates demonstrated strong communication skills and leadership competencies as they eloquently answered the common issues that were raised by both teachers and students during the panel discussion that was streamed live on Zoom.

Randilyn Liau Fang Xian, 3-E2 was eventually appointed as the President-Elect while Huda Inaiyah Binte Mohamed Nizzan, 3-E3 and Julian Tan Wei Heng, 3-E2 were appointed as the Vice-Presidents-Elect. 


We would like to thank both staff and students of JWSS for the unwavering support and motivation during the election process. 

4 April 2022: UG POP and CCA Appreciation Tea 2022

The 2021 Uniformed Groups (UG) Passing Out Parade (POP) and CCA Appreciation Tea was held on 4 April 2022 (Monday). It was a great sight to behold as all 22 CCAs were gathered at the parade square and school hall to celebrate this momentous occasion to mark the end of their CCA journey in JWSS. It had been a long time since our UG cadets were able to form up at the parade square to witness the POP Ceremony. The tossing of cadets’ berets was also symbolic of the completion of their UG life in secondary school. 

In the hall, students from each CCA group shared their challenging and exciting journeys as they made the best use of the learning opportunities despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic.  With grit #teamjurongwest students showed that they are ready to take on the future ahead of them. As the event drew to the close, the CCA Appreciation Tea marked the end of the students’ CCA journey as they turn their focus and efforts onto the National Examinations. 

All uniform groups ready for their Passing Out Parade ceremony

Our graduating cohort happy to be able to gather again to celebrate the end of their CCA journey

Sharing by Rui Ting from Netball and Syafiq from National Police Cadet Corps

Floorball students sharing their past CCA experiences over bento boxes

Ms Tan giving out the JWSS Colours Awards to the deserving students from CCAs.

JWSS 21st Speech and Prize-Giving Day

On 1 April 2022, Jurong West Secondary School celebrated its 21st Annual Speech and Prize Giving Day. This year, we were pleased to have Mr Michael Muhunthan, Principal of Peicai Secondary School, to join us as our Guest of Honour. The theme for this year’s event ‘Strength to Strength’ to commemorate the school’s journey to establish itself as a choice school in the west, and to continue shining and growing from Strength to Strength.

The event started with a welcome and sign-in ceremony where Mr Michael was received by members of the JWSS staff and students at the General Office. The Guest of Honour was given a warm welcome by the school leaders, Heads of Department and staff members from the General Office.

01.jpg Guest Of Honour Mr. Michael Muhunthan signing in the Guest Book as part of his welcome

This was followed by Parade Inspection where all four Uniformed Groups of the school were formed up for the first time in over 2 years. The parade commander for this year was Master Sergeant Muhammed Fazlur Rahuman bin Abdul Hamed from the National Cadet Corps. Mr Michael was invited to inspect the parade contingents where he took the opportunity to speak with student representatives from each Unit. The highlight of the parade segment was the march off by the Flag Party and the parade contingents to the loud applause and cheers from everyone present, in appreciation of the cadets’ hard work and sacrifices.
The UG Parade March Pass led by MSG Muhammed Fazlur Rahuman from the NCC unit

The concert segment kicked off with the school choir leading the school in the singing of the school song. This was another milestone for the CCAs as they performed to a live audience for the first time in two years. This was followed by a rendition of ‘The Climb’, a song by Miley Cyrus to remind audience to keep their eyes fixed on their dreams and overcome any obstacles along their journey to success.

A video montage commemorating the school’s efforts and showcasing the strength, resourcefulness and resilience of JWSS staff and teachers amidst the pandemic was shown next. This was followed with the Principal’s address delivered by Ms Tan Ming Ming as she reported on the school’s strong academic and CCA achievements garnered by JWSS students in 2021.
English Language & Drama Debating with their performance item entitled "The Lighthouse"

The second performance was put up by the school’s English Language, Drama & Debating, entitled ‘The Lighthouse’ which was a new script commissioned and produced by the CCA to highlight how Singapore grew from strength to strength on the shoulders of the diverse groups of people who came to live and grow on this beautiful island that we call home.

The Guest-of-Honour gave out the Academic Awards to the top students of the 2021 cohort. These include Yeo Yu Xuan Dazzel (4E1), Soh Yuan Sen (5N1), Enven Ho Jun Xiang, (4N1) and Chua Hong Xuan (4T1). Dazzel was also invited to give her valedictorian speech for the class of 2021 to encourage the Secondary Four and Five students to do their best as they strive for academic excellence.
Yeo Yu Xuan Dazzel receiving her academic award from the Guest of Honour

In recognition of the contributions made by our partners-in-education, Ms Tan gave out the Friends of JWSS Awards to members of the School Parent Support Group and School Alumni. Mr Michael was also presented with a Token of Appreciation, which was water colour painting drawn by Sherlyn Aw of 3N1,  depicting an eagle stretching its wings beyond Singapore to the corners of the world. 
Ms Tan presenting Mr Michael the Token of Appreciation drawn by Sherlyn Aw (3N1)

The finale of the event was performed by the JWSS Modern Dance Club in a high energy item titled ‘Perseverance’ as they showcased their resilience and commitment as a team. We wish JWSS continues to grow from Strength to Strength as we look forward to the 2023 JWSS Speech and Prize Giving Day!
  Finale item performed by the Modern Dance CCA

2022 CCA e-Open House

The 2022 CCA e-Open House was held on 21 Jan 2022 (Friday) via Zoom for all Secondary 1 students and parents to gain insights to the CCA learning outcomes and student development opportunities in JWSS. During the session, CCA Leaders shared with the audience how they had benefited and grown in CCAs across the years. Also, CCA Instructors from the Basketball Team and Hockey Team spoke to students about their journey as a Secondary 1 CCA player to returning to JWSS as a Coach. 

HOD PE & CCA sharing with students and parents the importance of CCAs
 JWSS Concert Band sharing with students the highlights of CCA
Sports CCA Instructors sharing with students and parents their insights and experiences


L.I.F.E. @ JW (Launch, Ignite, Flourish, Excellence) is the first ever multi-level programme held in Jurong West Secondary School (JWSS). The objective of the programme were catered to suit the needs and demands of each level to ensure students in JWSS start the year right through L.I.F.E.@JW. 

Level Objectives
Secondary One (Launch) Focus on getting to know each other, the school culture and secondary school life.
Secondary Two (Ignite)  Focus on self-management and peer relationships with the opportunity to work together in planning their V.I.A. project interacting and designing suitable games for the elderly
Secondary Three (Flourish) Focus on fostering new Form Class spirit through arts and sports activities, as well as workshops to enhance students' etiquette in various settings 
Secondary Four/Five (Excellence) Focus on preparing graduating students adequately for their future and post-secondary progression by equipping them with good time-management skills, and fostering Form Class spirit as part of improving students' mental well-being

The Secondary 1 Orientation Programme was successfully held from 4-7 January 2022! With the aim of helping our new additions to the JWSS family familiarise themselves with the school and their classes, our Secondary 3 and 4 Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) planned and executed many fun activities and games. It was heartening to see our Secondary 1 students bond with their peers and foster a sense of camaraderie. Through the programme, they also learnt about the importance of teamwork!

F1.jpgF1.jpg G.jpeg H.jpeg
Teamwork makes the dream work! From attending level assemblies, decorating the classrooms, participating in the class bonding activities, working together to come up with a class cheer and leveraging their personal learning device to plan for their VIA, our secondary 2 students are having a blast during L.I.F.E.@JW

L.jpeg J.jpeg K.jpeg
Secondary 3 students learning how to play (from left) Kinball, Fencing, Rollerblading and Archery and taking the opportunity to know their new and former classmates better. What fun! They also explored the art of batik painting and brought home their very own work of art. 

P.jpeg Q.jpeg O.jpg
The Sec 4/5 students started gearing up for their national examinations and post-sec education by learning how to write their very own Elevator Pitch for DSA-JC or EAE, and manage their time well using a planner! Learning was balanced with play and relaxation as well. The Sec 4/5 students learnt mindful breathing, and enjoyed their time with their form class playing traditional local games as well as competitive inter-class games

JWSS Annual Sports Day 2022

The 2022 edition of the JWSS Annual Sports Day was held in April to provide an opportunity for students to take part in sports and games within a competitive setting. Students competed against their peers during the races and sports to create a lively atmosphere at the school field. Form Teachers and other school staff joined in with the classes to cheer the participants in modified track and field events such as the 60m dash, hurdles wall ball toss. This year’s rendition of sports day also included the 2 versus 2 Inter-Class Games in Badminton, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball. 

Participants of the 60m Dash racing to the finish line.

Secondary 3 students using recycled materials to dress up their Class Mascots.

Students representing their form classes in the 2v2 basketball competition.

04.pngA fast and furious game of 2v2 Netball .

A calm and composed playing style was required for 2v2 modified volleyball.

OGL Appreciation Day

To thank our team of Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) for their hard work and efforts during Secondary 1 Orientation Programme, the school had a treat for them on 22th January 2022. The objective of this treat is for the school to express its appreciation to the OGLs. Specially designed gifts like the tote bag and the JWSS character card were gifted to the OGLs. They were able to enjoy the treat together and had fun sharing stories from the Orientation Programme! 

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

Lunar New Year Celebration 2022

The MTL Department organized the Lunar New Year Celebrations 2022 on 31st January, the eve of Lunar New Year. Students were able to view livestream of the event and participated in activities planned for the different levels. 

The Secondary 1 student wrote couplets and did paper cutting as part of the Secondary 1 Culture Booth. The Secondary 2 and 3 students played a game of Digital Escape Room as they learned more about the culture and custom of Lunar New Year. 

Lastly, the Secondary 4 students put their knowledge to the test and compete against each other on the Secondary 4 Quiz Show via Zoom. Prizes were also awarded to the classes who came up top on the Lunar New Year Lead-up activities, which required the class to come together and make crafts or videos related to Lunar New Year. 

The climax of the celebrations was when we got to do a singalong session led by Ms Amanda Lee and Mr Benjamin Low, whilst looking out for the Fortune God! Even though we were not able to gather at the hall and celebrate Lunar New Year like before, it was still a memorable day as students got to participate in meaningful activities while learning more about the cultural aspects of Lunar New Year. 

1.jpgOur Principal, Ms Tan and Vice Principal Mrs Lau and Mr Chan cutting the ribbon at the Opening Ceremony.

1.jpgThe balloon crackers were “set off” after the ribbon cutting.
1.jpgA Sec 1 student trying their hands on couplet writing at the Sec 1 Culture Booth led by student helpers.

1.jpgStudents also get to learn simple paper cutting at the booth!
1.jpgMr Alviw Liew and Mdm Letchimi leading the students in the Digital Escape Room.

1.jpgStudents viewing the livestream of the Opening Ceremony and Prize-giving Ceremony in their classroom.
1.jpg 1.jpg
   Students were presented with prizes for the lead-up activities.
1.jpg 1.jpg
   Mr Yaw who has dressed up as the Fortune God, surprising students in the classroom!