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November 2019

 jewel.PNG JWSS OH Banner 2019.jpg        
 JeWel Challenge 2019  JWSS Open House 2019        

September 2019

tchers day.png 3.png        
 Teachers' Day Celebrations Principal's List Awardees         

August 2019

midautumn.png ndp.PNG           
 Mid-Autumn Celebrations  National Day Celebrations          

July 2019

indranee.png alumni day.png crosscountry.png      
Visit by Ms Indranee Rajah
(2nd Minister for Finance and Education)
Alumni Day
 Annual Cross-Country      

May 2019

ecg.png sc leaders.png      
 ECG Day
SC Investiture and Student Leader Appointment

April 2019

sportsday.png speechday.png
 Sports Day  Speech Day  CCA Appreciation Tea          

March 2019

policetalk.png deer and den.png
Police Talk  Deer & Den ARTs Conversation    

February 2019

cny.png stafflohei19.png artsconvoroger.png
  Chinese New Year Celebrations Chinese New Year Staff Lohei Arts Conversation with Mr Roger Jenkins
artsassembly.png classcomm.png scpres.png  
Arts Assembly - The Y Quartet Class Committee Appointment Ceremony SC Presidential Panel  

January 2019

orientationcamp.png O-Level-Release-19.jpg Sec2_streaming.jpg  
Secondary One Orientation Camp The release of the 2018 O-Level Results Secondary 2 Streaming Briefing  
CCA Open House


December 2018

Release of N-Level Results 

November 2018

PSG_Appreciation_18.jpg eco_fun_day_18.jpg prom_night_18.jpg  
PSG Appreciation Day ECO Fun Day  Prom Night  
Open House

September 2018

Mid-Autumn_18.jpg 4nant_grad_18.jpg    
 Mid-Autumn Family Festival  4N Graduation Day    

August 2018

National_Day_18.jpg teachers_day_18.jpg    
 National Day  Teachers' Day Celebration    

July 2018

RHD_18.jpg x-country_18.jpg    
 Racial Harmony Day  Cross Country    

June 2018

P-list-sem1_18.jpg lit_symposium_18.jpg alumni_day_18.jpg  
 Principal's List Award Winners for
Semester One
 Literature Symposium  Alumni Day  

May 2018

Sec 2 Potato Pirates Coding Activity Belinda_Lee_MYPEA_18.PNG ECG Day 2018  
 Post Exam Activity: Potato Pirates
(Applied Learning)
Post Exam Activity: News Casting with
Belinda Lee (English Language)
Post Exam Activity: ECG Day  
SL_Investiture_18.PNG PEA_Debates.PNG    
 Student Leaders' Investiture Post Exam Activity: Sec 3 Debate Finals    

April 2018

CCA Appreciation Tea      

March 2018

OpenMic.jpg Xinyao Concert.jpg FrisbeeCarnival.jpg  
Open Mic Competition  Mother Tongue Fortnight - 新谣 Concert  Frisbee Carnival  
Sports Day.jpg SpeechDay.jpg    
Sports Day   Speech Day    

February 2018

StudentCouPreElect.jpg CNY2018.jpg StaffLohei2018.jpg
Student Council Presidential Panel and Elections  Chinese New Year Celebrations  Staff 'Lohei'  
Oathtaking2018.jpg ArtsConNUSDJ.jpg    
Oath Taking for NSG Athletes            Arts Conversation with NUS DJs

January 2018
sec1orient_1_thumb.PNG CCAOpenHouse2018.jpg  
 Secondary One Registration Secondary One Orientation Camp CCA Open House  
OGLAppreciation2018.jpg 2017OLEVELRESULTSRelease.jpg                                                      
Orientation Group Leaders'
Appreciation Ceremony
The release of the 2017 O-Level Results


  November 2017        
 Open House        
  October 2017        
 4E & 5N Graduation Day        
 August 2017        
NDP2017.bmp  JWSS Alumni Day 2017.jpg  TeachersDay2017.jpg    
 National Day Celebrations  Alumni Day  Teachers' Day Celebration     
 July 2017        


 Combined UG Award Winners  Peacemaker Conference Presentation  Cross Country    
 June 2017        
 Literature Symposium        
May 2017        
 ECGDAY2017.jpg  abbottdiscovery2017.jpg      
 ECG Day  ABBOTT Operation Discovery      

April 2017

CCA Appreciation Tea_FrontAlbum.jpg
 SpeechDayFrontAlbum.jpg  StaffVIAFrontAlbum.jpg    
 CCA Appreciation Tea and Uniformed  Groups Passing Out Parade

   Speech Day  Staff VIA @ NTUC Nursing Home
 (Jurong West)

March 2017



 SCPresDisc2017AlbumFront.jpg  SportsDay2017AlbumFront.jpg  FrisbeeCarnivalAlbumFront.jpg  
   Arts Conversation with Eden Ang Panel Discussion on the Student Council Executive Committee Election     Sports Day   Frisbee Carnival  

February 2017

TDD2017AlbumFront.jpg TDD2017AlbumFront.jpg  Sec45PMS2017AlbumFront.jpg  
Chinese New Year Celebration - 'Lo Hei' with Staff  Secondary Two Streaming Briefing Total Defence Day Assembly Programme Secondary Four and Five Meeting Parents Session  

 January 2017



 Sec1OrientationCamp2017AlbumFront.jpg  CCAOpenHouse2017AlbumFront.jpg CNYCelebration2017AlbumFront.jpg
Secondary One Registration  Secondary One Orientation Camp  Co-Curricular Activities Open House Chinese New Year Celebration Assembly Programme