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A strong parent-school partnership is key to developing our students to their full potential and enabling them to fulfil their aspirations. To this end, the school has a very dedicated and supportive JWSS Parent Support Group which works very closely and in partnership with the school. In JWSS, we also strongly believe in offering parents a variety of ways and multiple platforms to work in collaboration with the school to deliver a quality holistic education for the students.



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Mr Choy Chee PingHOD of Mother Tonguechoy_chee_ping@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Chloe TohJWSS PSG Chairpersonchloetcc@yahoo.com.sg
Mr Richard ChingJWSS PSG Vice-Chairpersonricvon1@gmail.com

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PSG Activities (2022)

24 September 2022: Mental Health Awareness Sharing
The school organised a face-to-face mental health awareness sharing for parents, conducted by the school counsellor. The sharing covered topics such as common mental health issues among teenagers in Singapore, identifying signs of stress and tips to boost a child’s mental well-being. Parents had the opportunity to share parenting tips and to hear from other parents about their experiences. 




1 April 2022: Speech Day

29 June 2022: Cross Country 

8 August 2022: National Day Celebration  

1 September 2022: Teachers’ Day Celebration
Our PSG EXCO were invited to a few school events such as Speech Day, Cross Country, National Day Celebration and Teachers’ Day Celebration. Our ever supportive and enthusiastic PSG EXCO even put up an energetic performance during Teachers’ Day Celebration. 






23 July 2022: School Leaders & SMC Engagement Session with Parents
The school organised a face-to-face engagement session with parents to provide them with some updates and to address any concerns they may have.






PSG Activities (2019)

27 July 2019: Fostering Resilience Motivation Workshop + Champions Eagles Talk

On 27th July 2019, Ms Josey Koh from Compass Life conducted the Fostering Resilience Motivation Workshop for our school to learn how to develop resilience to persevere and adapt positively in the face of challenges. Around 25 parents and students turned up and are empowered on ways to strengthen the child’s social and emotional skills, build positive belief, and improve their communication. Various deep breathing exercises were also taught to help them manage stress and parents had an opportunity to bond with their children through activities that they undertook together.

After the workshop we had the Champions Eagles Talk session where 2 of our alumni members, Glen and Nicole shared with us their fond memories during their time in the school, how the school helped them in building resilience and provided us the insight of the route taken by them upon their leaving from JWSS. The workshop ended with a Q&A session where we get to hear from the alumni some suggestions on how to build our resilience with parents and students.


PSG Activities (2019)

4 May 2019: Yoga Session

On 4 May 2019, a group of students from JWSS and their parents were given an introduction to a session of Yoga. This session was conducted by Ms Anupama, a mindfulness facilitator working with the Art of Living Foundation. The session included stretches, breath work and guided meditation with some sharing about how breathing techniques can help one to relax and rejuvenate. Participants agreed that they had a good time and benefitted from the session. 




30 March 2019: Drug Prevention Workshop + Engaging with Teenagers Talk

On 30 March 2019, about 20 parents attended a workshop conducted by a representative from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). The objectives of the workshop was to empower parents with the knowledge of the commonly abused drugs in Singapore. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for the parents to identify the tell-tale signs of drug abuse.

The representative shared with the group about the different terminologies that are being used for the different types of drugs. The parents were also taught to identify the various effects that the consumption of the abused drugs can have. With the visually impactful slides and video clips presented, the representative also shared with the parents how to engage with their teenagers in their conversations about the topic.



The second part of the session was a talk that revolved around engaging with teenagers. The talk was conducted by Ms Cynthia Khoo from Focus on the Family Singapore Limited. Ms Khoo introduced to the parents various techniques to ensure that there is an open and effective communication between the parents and their teenagers. Among others, the talk also gave an insight into the minds of the teenagers so that the parents are able to foster a better cooperation with their teenagers.The lively session also provided parents to share their own experiences to foster better communications with their teenagers. With this sharing of knowledge and in the presence of an expert in her field, the participants were able to equip themselves with the relevant tools to engage more effectively with their teenagers.



23 February 2019: Parents Support Group Welcome Tea Session

On 23 February 2019, JWSS had the privilege to host the Welcome Tea Session for the secondary one parents. Mr Mohamed Affendi, the Vice Chairman of PSG, opened the session by welcoming the secondary one parents. He shared with the parents the activities the PSG were involved in the past years and some of the upcoming activities for 2019. Our Principal, Mr Michael Muhunthan shared the schools directions and programmes that the students go through in school so that they will be equipped with 21st Century Competencies and sound values. Parents were given opportunities to raise concerns that they experienced during their children transition from primary six to secondary one. Some of the PSG members shared their experiences and how they managed the concerns that were raised. The fruitful conversation closed with the traditional Lo-Hei session to mark the beginning of a strong partnership between parents and the school.

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PSG Activities (2018)

10 November 2018: Appreciation Session for Parent Support Group

On 10th November 2018, JWSS hosted an Appreciation Session for our Parent Support Group (PSG). The Appreciation Session started off with our Principal, Mr Michael, thanking the PSG for their continuous support for the year. The school has a very strong PSG who complements the school by aligning with the school’s vision and mission, supporting and strengthening the school’s programmes to improve our student’s well-being and learning. The PSG Chairperson, Mdm Gena also expressed her appreciation to the school for the effort in ensuring a holistic education for the students. The PSG were then treated to a buffet and the session ended off with some simple and fun team bonding games. 


:: Fostering Resilience Motivation Workshop + Champions Eagles Talk (7th July 2018)

On 7th July 2018, about 20 parents and children attended a workshop conducted by Ms Veronica Eng from Compass Life Singapore. The objective of the workshop was to equip parents with the necessary motivational and resilience tools to fully realise the potential of the children. At the same time, it also provided an opportunity for the parents to bond with their children through meaningful activities that they undertook together.

Ms Eng shared with the participants, various techniques to motivate their children as well as building resilience in dealing with stressful situations. She also shared with the group, various stress management techniques, that the children attempted alongside their parents.

One of the highlights of the workshop was when both the parents and the children were given the opportunity to build the tallest tower based on the materials that they were provided. This activity provided the platform for them to work together in overcoming challenges.

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The second part of the session saw 3 former students of JWSS shared with the group on the fond memories that they had during their time in the school. The sharing by Ariel Tan (Class of 2012), Sim Kim Soon (Class of 2012) and Ong Xiang Long (Class of 2017) also provided the participants to the insight of the route taken by these former students upon their leaving from JWSS.
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:: “I Can’t Live Without IT” by Ms Michelle Lee from Touch Cyber Wellness (14th April 2018)

I Cant Live Without IT Parents Workshop 2018 - 1.JPG
On 14 April 2018, over 30 parents attended the workshop organised jointly by Parents Support Group(PSG) and school due to concerns of the rising trend of youths being exposed to the internet and mobile technologies.

I Cant Live Without IT Parents Workshop 2018 - 2.JPG
We were engaged by Michelle's passion in advocating for cyber wellness and gained a better understanding of youths’ mobile habits (e.g. FOMO - Fear of Missing Out), some of the mobile technology concerns and how to connect with child more effectively in this digital age. Practical tips, rules and guidelines (e.g. parents good role modeling) to managing the child’s mobile usage were also shared and the workshop ended with a Q&A session to address any remaining concerns by parents. We greatly appreciate Michelle, PSG and parents for joining us on this fruitful day..

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:: Love Literature Talk - 5 Love Languages by Ms Shelen Ang (3rd March 2018)

On the 3rd of March, the Parents Support Group organised a talk for parents to understand about the 5 Love Languages, in order to help parents understand their children better. The 5 Love Languages concept comes from a book of the same title written by Gary Chapman, which talks about the five ways in which people express and experience love. So in the workshop, Ms Shelen Ang guided the parents through identifying their own love language and also some practical examples of how they can better communicate with their children with their love language.

In the talk, Ms Ang mentioned that by knowing their own love language and understanding love language of their children in turn, parents will know how to top up the love tank of their children. This is especially important in raising teenagers, as when their children’s love tank is full, it is easier to discipline and train them. Parents also shared their own experiences with their children in some of the scenarios posed by Ms Ang, thus gaining insights from the experience of others. In all, the parents gained valuable understanding of themselves and how they can better love and communicate love to their children.


:: Secondary One Parents Welcome Tea Session with the Principal (3rd February 2018)

It was definitely an honour for JWSS to be able to host almost 50 secondary 1 parents for the Welcome Tea Party on 3 February 2018. 

Mdm Gena Chen, Chairman of the PSG, opened the morning’s proceedings emphasizing that it is the role of the PSG to support the school as partners. She mentioned the importance for parents to trust the school and respect the teachers, as they carry out what they have been tasked and trained to do. Strengthening the relationship with the school is vital so that present and future cohorts of students can benefit from the PSG’s efforts. 

Mr Michael Muhunthan then commenced his session with an address to the parents highlighting the school’s directions and programmes and shared with parents about the exciting and holistic education their children will be experiencing in JWSS. Two-way communication between school and parents is important as the parents need information about what and how their child is learning, and the teacher needs important feedback from the parent about the child’s academic and social development.This memorable meeting between and school and Secondary One parents ended with a traditional Lo-Hei session to mark the beginning of a strong partnership between parents and the school.

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PSG Activities (2017)

:: PSG’s involvement in our School Events

Parents Participated actively in our School Events such as National Day Celebration, Staff VIA, Sports Day, Teachers’ Day Celebration and many more.




:: Secondary One Parents Welcome Tea Session with the Principal (11th February 2017)

On Saturday 11 February 2017, about fifty parents turned up for the Secondary 1 Parents Welcome Tea Session organised by the JWSS Parent Support Group (PSG). Our Principal, Mr Michael, commenced the session with an address to the parents highlighting the school’s directions and programmes and shared with parents about the exciting and holistic education their children will be experiencing in JWSS. This memorable meeting between and school and Secondary One parents, which also happened to fall on the last day of the Lunar Chinese New Year, saw the PSG leading the school leaders and parents, together with a God of Fortune mascot, for a traditional Lo-Hei. The morning ended with this joyous celebration and marked the beginning of a strong partnership between the parents and the school.



:: PSG Workshop: Navigating the Teen Years (4th March 2017)

On 4 March 2017, about 20 parents and their children attended the ‘Navigating the Teen Years’ three hour workshop organised by the Parent Support Group (PSG).  It was conducted by Mr Edwin Choy, a therapist and the co-founder of Centre of Fathering. The parents took away techniques and insights on how to connect with and support their teenage children. The workshop covered types of parenting styles and teen development. Under the parenting styles segment, participants watched videos on the four parenting styles – the indulgent, positive, neglectful and authoritarian. The parents were made aware of their own parenting styles. They were encouraged to adopt the positive parenting style where they will help their teenage children to grow, understand and learn to take responsibilities for their actions and behaviour.


:: Champion EAGLES Talk (8th July 2017)

JWSS PSG has conducted a Champion EAGLES Talk on 8 July 2017. The objective of the talk was to allow for students and parents to get up close and personal with 3 of the former students who have been successful in their academic pathway and have discovered their passion to pursue excellence in their chosen fields. The panel of speakers included Mr Kenneth Sng, a PSC scholar and President of Student Union in Washington University, Mr Jeryl Sik, who was also awarded Best All Round Performance Award in Jurong Junior College and Mr Byron Tan, who was previously in the Normal Technical course but is currently pursuing a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering in Singapore Polytechnic. 


:: Laughter Yoga Session for PSG (19th August 2017)

On 19 August 2017, a group of students from JWSS and their parents were given an introduction to a session of Laughter Yoga. The session was conducted by a Laughter Yoga practitioner, Mr Eddie Lim. In the space of 90 minutes, the participants were exposed to the various benefits that Laughter Yoga entails. This includes a combination of health benefits as well as improvement in the quality of life. Participants agreed that they had a good time and benefitted from the session. The bonding session was also meaningful for the parents to be able to share a laugh (or two!) with their children and further foster the bond between the families!


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