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Resources for Parents

Secondary 1 Parents Engagement Session 2022

Dear Parents of Secondary 1 Students,

To view the Teaching and Learning Matters Briefing : Sec 1 PES Teaching and Learning 2022 
To view the Full Subject-based Banding Briefing : Sec 1 PES Full Subject Based Banding 2022 
To view the Home-based Learning Briefing : Sec 1 PES Home Based Learning 2022 
To view the Education and Career Guidance Briefing : Sec 1 PES Education and Career Guidance 2022 

Secondary 2 Parents Engagement Session 2021

Dear Parents of Secondary 2 Students,

To view the Principal's Address : Sec 2 PES Principals Address.pdf 
To view the Sec 2 Subject Combination Briefing : Sec 2 PES Subject Combination Briefing.pdf 
To view the Sec 2 Normal Academic / Normal Technical Out-of-Stream Subjects Briefing : Sec 2 PES 2NA_NT OOS Briefing.pdf 
To view the Post Secondary Options : Sec 2 PES Briefing on Post Secondary Options.pdf 

Academic Related

[4 January 2023] Home-Based Learning (HBL) Schedule for 2023 Semester 1

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As Home-Based Learning will be implemented into our school's curriculum,  please find below, the HBL schedule for semester 1 of 2023 for your advanced planning if necessary.

HBL Schedule 2023 Semester 1

Useful Reading

Useful reading and reference materials

Transitioning Back to School


With our students returning to school progressively from this week, it will be another period of readjustment for you and your children. As we continue with our Safe Management Measures in school, how can we support them to adopt and settle in this new normal while taking care of our own well-being?

Stay Strong With These 5 Parenting Tips




Helping your child stay safe online


Healthy Meals in School Programme


PSG Online Guide sharing by PSG Leaders

PSG Online Guide.JPG

The PSG Online Guide - “Parent Support Groups – A How-to Guide By Parents For Parents” – is a resource that provides useful tips and guidelines in setting up and sustaining good PSGs.  It was initiated and developed by 5 PSG leaders from 9th COMPASS (Community and Parents in Support of School) Council with the support of several PSG leaders.

The Guide was launched on 4 February 2017 by Assoc. Prof Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development at the 2017 School-Home Partnership Networking session at Maris Stella High School (Secondary). Over 400 Parent Support Group (PSG) Leaders and school staff were engaged in rich discussions on how to reach out to parents for better educational and learning outcomes for our children.

PSG Networking session - 5 Scenarios for Parents Outreach, Activity & Discussion.


Partnering the school for Values Education


Instilling positive values in our children begins at home and our schools reinforce it through daily activities and Character and Citizenship Education in schools. As parents, how can you do your part to raise your children with values like empathy, respect and compassion for others? Take some time to try any of the 4 tips to nurture your child to be a compassionate person. Click here to find out more about the tips.  You can also begin this conversation with your child using a series of videos MOE has produced on Learning Values. The series of 6 videos uses simple and everyday scenarios to depict the different values a child should learn – Care, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Resilience and Harmony. Parents can use these videos to engage your child and educate them on the importance of these positive values.

When sibling rivalry causes problematic behaviourwhen-sibling-rivalry-causes-problematic-behaviour.jpg

ICT in Schools: To Use or Not to Use?

Meet the Teachers: Conversation Starters for Parents
Meet the Parents.JPG

Debunking Assessment MythsDebunking_Assessment_Myths.JPG